DAV Books Solutions Class 8 – DAV Solution Class 8 for All Subjects

DAV Books Solutions Class 8: Students who pass their class 7 DAV exam move on to class 8, which is an important stage for secondary exam preparation. Students can get help from the DAV Solution Class 8 while facing all the challenges in Class 8.

All subjects DAV Books Solutions Class 8 Pdf are furnished here for that perfect study plan and preparation. Access them & score good marks in exams.

This study resource by DAV Solutions offers illustrated questions and answers in easily understandable language. Students can freely download DAV Class 8 Solutions Subject-wise pdf files from the links below to aid in their preparation.

DAV Solutions Class 8 – DAV Class 8 Solutions for All Subjects

DAV Solutions Class 8 provided here are updated & explained by the experts according to the latest DAV Board-released syllabus. Here we have given all subjects DAV Books Solutions of Class 8 pdf links.

The subjects of class 8 DAV are Maths, Science, SST, English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Naitik Shiksha, and GK. Below links cover all Important Questions and Answers from all the subject concepts.

Simply click on the respective subject link and download all chapters of DAV Class 8 Textbook Solutions in PDF format. You can also download DAV Class 8 Notes for Science and Social Science subjects from here.

What Are The Textbooks Used To Explain DAV Solution Class 8?

The textbook named used to explain DAV Books Solutions Class 8 are as follows:

  • Secondary Mathematics (Maths),
  • The Living World (Science),
  • We and Our World (SST),
  • English (Literature),
  • Surbhi (Sanskrit),
  • Abhyas Sagar & Gyan Sagar (Hindi),
  • Dharam Shiksha, Moral Education MED (Naitik Shiksha), and
  • Kid Wiz (GK).

FAQs On Class 8 All Subjects DAV DAVCMC Solutions

1. Does DAV use NCERT Books for Class 8?
Yes, DAV uses the NCERT Book Curriculum for Class 8. Also, it uses DAVCAE books ie., their publication books.

2. Can I fail Class 8 DAV?
If you follow all study plans designed by yourself or teachers by using the valid & best study resources then there will be no chance to fail in Class 8 DAV exams.

3. What is the name of the DAV Class 8 science book?
The name of the DAV class 8 science book is The Living World book. It helps to improve your conceptual skills with its easy explanation of concepts.

4. What is the pass percentage of DAV Class 8?
The passing mark for all subjects of Class 8 DAV is 33%.

Final Outcomes

We hope the data provided on DAV Books Solutions Class 8 has shed some light on you while exam preparation. If you want to gain more knowledge on the subjects of class 8 DAV then stay connected with our site Learncram.com and get updated DAV study resources stuff regularly.