Descriptive Essay ICSE 2001

Imagine that your sister is going to get married. You have to shoulder the responsibilities for the wedding reception. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2001 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2001

Imagine that your sister is going to get married. You have to shoulder the responsibilities for the wedding reception. How would you handle the situation? (ICSE 2001)

Sudden announcement of the wedding

  • Short time left for preparing for the wedding
  • Delegating work to family members
  • Entrusted with responsibilities for wedding reception
  • Handling the situation with elaborate planning

Reception was a grand success.

“Marriages are made in heaven,” so it is said, but they are solemnised here on earth. It is an occasion that comes once in a lifetime and is therefore celebrated with great pomp and show all over the world. In our country it is a very solemn and pious occasion, accompanied by numerous customs and rituals, which make it more exciting and memorable. The wonderful mix of religious rituals, blended with modernity earn the admiration of even foreigners.

Yesterday on returning home, I found my parents very happy and excited. My mother hugged me telling me that my sister Rashmi’s wedding had been fixed for the 20th of March. I jumped with joy, for this was a great news which I had been waiting for the past one week. Glancing at the calandar, I gathered that we had only ten days to make all the arrangements. My father appreciating my apprehension patted me on my shoulder saying, “Well son the time is short, but the boy is to return to the states by this month end, hence we have to distribute work so that things work out smoothly.” We sat around the table as he set about assigning work to all the family members. While catering, lighting etc were retained by my parents, I was asked to shoulder the responsibilities for the wedding reception, which besides other things included the printing and distribution of invitation cards.

Fortunately for me the term exams had just got over and I had ample time at my disposal. I set about drafting the invitation card, taking broad hints from cards which I had safely kept for such an eventuality. By evening I had the draft ready, which after vetting by my parents rushed to the card shop and the printer in the nearby market. Later in the night, I along with my sister made a list of invitees, which besides our relatives included our friends. The next evening we set about writing the names and addresses on the cards. The next two days were very hectic, while my parents were busy shopping dresses and ornaments for the occasion I was busy delivering the cards to our relatives in town. I took the help of my close friend Ravi in this labourous exercise.

The distribution of cards over, I decided to share the workload with my friend Ravi. We made a list of all that was to be done to make the wedding reception a great success. I assigned Ravi the task of coordinating with the florist for decorating the house, guiding the electrician in lighting the house and the venue in the hotel. Other tasks I took upon myself, like booking the band and the orchestra. Also made arrangements for the transport and stay of the baratis and relatives in the nearby guest house.

All loose ends thus tied up, I waited anxiously for the great day. Since I had planned everything the reception was a grand success.