Descriptive Essay ICSE 2000

You have been on a flight recently. While going through a cloud the plane develops engine trouble. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2000 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2000

You have been on a flight recently. While going through a cloud the plane develops engine trouble. Describe what took place in the plane and how you were saved. (ICSE 2000)

When and why you had to make a plane journey

  • What happened during the flight
  • What followed when the captain made the announcement? (reactions of the co-passengers)
  • What happened there after

How were you saved

Last month I had to rush to Mumbai to see my seriously ill grandmother. Fortunately I was able to get a ticket on Flight No 8,14 going from Delhi to Mumbai I was very excited and also a little apprehensive, since this was the first time I was travelling by air. I made myself comfortable on the seat next to the window and fastened the seat belt as instructed by the airhostess.

Soon the plane sped on the runway ready to take off. As it got airborne I felt a strange sinking feeling, which made me hold my breath in fright. An old woman sitting beside me sensing my nervousness patted my hand. I felt a strange sensation like butterflies in my stomach, as the plane started gaining height. The view from the window was indeed breathtaking. Looking down I could see highways reduced to small black passages, flanked on either side by lush green fields. The morning sun shone through the clouds, as the plane made its way through it.

A little later the old woman beside me broke the ice, talking about her family and children. She vividly recalled her first experience of air travel, appreciating my courage of venturing out alone. Soon the airhostess served refreshments, As I placed the cup on the tray before me, there was a big jolt. It made the cup tumble, spilling the contents on the floor before me.

The public address system immediately cackled to life, “This is your captain speaking. The plane has entered into a thick cluster of clouds causing turbulence. One engine has developed a snag, which is being taken care of. Please do not panic, remain seated and fasten your safety belts immediately. We shall overcome this problem shortly.”

The panic button had inadvertently been pressed, for instead of inspiring confidence, it caused great apprehension. I looked around to see fear stalking everyone’s face. Some were whispering their doubt about the possibility of the plane running on a single engine, while others were busy tightening their belts, praying silently. The jolts and bumps increased and so did our trauma.

People clung desperately to their seats, praying loudly. The old woman beside me was a mental wreck. I found myself consoling and reassuring her. Suddenly the plane went into a spin and lost considerable height instantly which made me feel sick with nausea. In the tense and nerve racking scenario, the public address system again crackled to life, “This is your captain speaking, we have an emergency.

The second engine of the plane has also developed a snag. We are now preparing for an emergency landing at Santa Cruz airport Mumbai. Please do not panic. Follow all emergency instructions and you shall be safe”. The message was short, but the impact was stunning. Though he sounded optimistic, the lurking danger of death appeared imminent.

We instinctively obeyed. There was a loud thud as the plane landed on its belly after dragging for a long distance on the airstrip. As it came to a halt, all hell broke loose. People trampled over each other to jump out though the emergency hatch on the wings of the aircraft. I found myself pushed through the narrow passage, after which I lost consciousness.

On opening my eyes, I found myself in a hospital with my parents beside me. Luckily I had escaped unscratched, except for some minor bruises and was immediately discharged. The ordeal not only made me get over my fear of flying, but also made me more brave and self-confident.


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