Where There is Will, There is a Way Summary

“Where There is Will, There is a Way” is a popular saying that encapsulates the essence of determination and perseverance. This adage emphasizes that with strong willpower and a resolute mindset, individuals can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

Where There is Will, There is a Way Summary

Where There is Will, There is a Way Summary in English

The given lesson ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ is the story of two athletes who have achieved their best, in spite of their physical challenges.

No one is born great. One becomes great by his deeds. Will power, patience, and preservance make a person overcome his / her goal. The Olympics is one of the world’s biggest events. Many countries send their teams to the Olympics because it is an honour to participate in the Olympics. The players put in their best efforts to win and set new records. They are eager to show that they are champions in their own fields. A few competitors who are disabled also participate in the Olympics.

One such competitor was Wilma Rudolf of the U.S.A. She is famously known as the ‘Black Gazelle’ Wilma belongs to a large Negro family, being the fourteenth child, she was very weak at birth. She was afflicted by Polio at the age of four and was bedridden for two long years. The doctors recommended regular massages to get her limp leg back to normal. Every member of her family took turns to massage her leg. In course of time, she was able to walk but needed special shoes.

Despite her handicap, she grew up playing basketball for her school. She hoped to be a great basketball player one day. An athletics trainer happened to meet her one day. He saw that she had the potential to become a sprinter. He coached her and helped her to join the American Olympic team that went to Melbourne. At the next Olympics, she became a superstar by winning three gold medals. She used to joke that she could run fast because her family was large and she needed to reach the dinner table first.

Another such differently-abled champion was Rafer Johnson. His left leg was badly crushed in a machine when he was twelve years old. The tip of one of his toes was hanging as though it would fall off. The doctors feared that they would have to amputate his entire leg. But his prayers to God and his determination to survive saved his leg but did not heal properly.

In spite of a weak – leg, Rafer took a great interest in sports. He found it difficult and uncomfortable to wear spiked shoes but he never stopped the regular practice. He was selected for the Olympics. He won the gold medal for the decathlon and was declared the greatest all – found athlete of the world. Both, Wilma Rudolf and Rafer Johnson strived to make their dreams a reality and became famous athletes.


In conclusion, “Where There is Will, There is a Way” serves as a timeless reminder of the power of determination and resilience. It underscores that individuals who possess unwavering willpower can conquer adversity and find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

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