Ways of Learning Summary

“Ways of Learning” is a comprehensive concept that explores the various methods and approaches individuals use to acquire knowledge and skills. In a rapidly changing world, understanding how we learn is essential for effective education, personal growth, and professional development. This concept delves into the diverse strategies and techniques that cater to different learning styles, addressing the question of how people absorb and retain information. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

Ways of Learning Summary

Ways of learning Summary in English

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The given lesson ‘Ways of Learning’ is an extract from the holy epic ‘Mahabharatha’. Guru Dronachrya had taught the Pandavas and Kauravas the art of Archery as a part of military service that the princes in those days had to learn.

One day, Guru Dronachrya wanted to test his disciples, so, he asked them to assemble in the large open ground in the front of Hastinapura palace. He asked them to get their bows and arrows and be ready to show off their skills when he called each one of them. They vail agreed enthusiastically. The Guru had set up an artificial bird made of wood and grass on the top of a branch of a tree. The boys were to shoot the bird on the tree.

Guru Dronacharya asked the boys to observe the tree. He then asked one boy to tell him what he saw. The boy told him that he saw the tree, its trunk, branches, the sky over it, and the ground below it. He was sent back.

Then he called Yudhishtira, the eldest of Pandavas, and asked him the same question. Yudhistira replied that he could see the tree, the bird, his brothers, friends, and everything. Guru Drona told him that he could not shoot the target. Again, he called the other boys in turns ad asked them the same question. He was not satisfied with their answers.

Later, Drona called Arjuna and asked him if he could see the bird on the top of the tree. Arjuna replied that he could only see the neck and head of the bird. The Guru was pleased and he asked Arjuna to shoot an arrow at the bird. Arjuna aimed and hit the arrow at the artificial bird’s neck and it fell to the ground.

All the other boys, except the jealous Duryodhana, congratulated Arjuna. Guru Dronacharya blessed Arjuna and advised him that concentration and focus are the keys to success and that he had to be always focused. On another occasion, while Guru Drona was washing his feet in a stream, a crocodile grabbed his foot. He pretended to panic and shouted for the boys to save him. All the other boys who were standing on the bank were awestruck and confused.

And Arjuna bravely responded quickly. He shot an arrow at the crocodile’s mouth skillfully avoiding his guru’s leg and Drona away the crocodile. Thus saving his Guru from the Crocodile. Guru Drona lauded Arjuna for this feat and made an example of Arjuna’s dexterity, prompt and proper responsive action for others to follow. He pointed out that those qualities are the keys to achieve goals and success.


“Ways of Learning” promotes the idea that education is an evolving and multifaceted process. It emphasizes the need for adaptability and the importance of embracing new methods of learning in our rapidly changing world.