A Sonnet for my incomparable Mother Summary

“A Sonnet for my incomparable Mother” poem is a tribute to the poet’s mother, emphasizing her unparalleled virtues and the profound impact she had on his life. Wordsworth uses the sonnet form to express his admiration, love, and gratitude for his mother’s unwavering support and influence, which shaped his character and poetic sensibility. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

A Sonnet for my incomparable Mother Summary

A Sonnet for my incomparable Mother Summary in English

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The poem ‘A sonnet for my incomparable mother’ is penned by F. Joanna. F. Joanna is a professional writer in English. She has written poems and stories for children.

In the poem, the poet contemplates her childhood. She recalls the qualities her mother possessed when her mother brought her up. The poet is herself, a mother now. She is trying to incorporate all the qualities her mother possessed to bring up her own children. She admires and appreciates all the qualities her mother possessed and wants to follow her mother.

The poem is written in the form of a ‘Sonnet’. A Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of fixed rhyme scheme. Here the poet often thinks about her childhood and about her mother, the poet addresses her mother and tells her that she herself is a mother now.

Now that she is a mother, she now knows that motherhood is hard work mixed together with fun. like herself, her mother also learned this when she brought her up (the poet) during her (the poet’s) childhood.

The poet now, lovingly recalls all the things that her mother gave her. Her mother gave her all those things by sacrifice, devotion, love, and tears and her heart, her mind, her energy, and her soul. Her mother spent all these throughout the years when she looked after her and brought her up into adulthood. The poet’s mother sacrificed and devoted all her time and energy to raise her.

The poet reminiscences the love that her mother showered on her and it was a never-failing love. Her mother’s love for her never wavered or diminished.

Her mother’s love and care gave the poet the strength to face the world and also a reassuring sense of sweet security. Her mother protected her for all the sorrows of the world.

Although it is hard (difficult) for a mother to let go of her child to live their own lives separately, the poet’s mother did the hardest thing a mother would ever do, she willingly let her child (the poet) to freely pursue her own life without imposing any restrictions.

Hence the poet, tries her best, every day, to be a mother like her own mother was to her. The poet tries to acquire all the qualities her mother possessed and tries to follow her mother’s way of bringing up children.


The poem reminds us of the powerful and lasting influence of maternal love and support, and it continues to resonate with readers as a touching celebration of the unique and cherished role that mothers play in our lives.