The Wondrous Women Summary

“The Wondrous Women” is a testament to the power of women to overcome adversity, challenge the status quo, and leave an indelible mark on the world. By celebrating their achievements, we are not only honoring their legacy but also inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact. Read More 5th Class English Summaries.

The Wondrous Women Summary

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The lesson ‘The Wondrous Women’ is the collection of experiences of some wonderful women. Ameena is a school student. The preparations were going on for celebrating her school day. The entire school was very busy in arrangements. The head master of the school invited Ameena’s parents to attend the celebrations.

After a long time, Ameena was going to meet her friends. She was sitting in the front row. She was watching the programmes carefully. Her friends were performing and showing their talents of all the programmes, Ameena liked the Wondrous Women most. Now she narrates the programme to us.

Mother Teresa dedicaed her life to serving the needy. She believed, “Helping hands are better than paying lips”. Sravani acted as Mother Teresa. Kalapana Chawla was the first Indian woman to travel in space. Revathi acted as Kalpana Chawla.

Shakuntala Devi was a mathematician. She loved to play with numbers. She was known as human computer. Alekhya played the role of Shakunthala Devi. M.S. Subbu Lakshmi believed that: ‘Practice makes man perfect! She says ‘music is magic’. Swapna took the role of Ms. Subbu Lakshmi. Yamini Krishna Murthy was a dancer. She excelled in Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi. Yamini’s character was taken by Kalyani.

Sarojini Naidu was a poet. Sarala took her role. Latha took the role of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, the Queen of Jhansi. Mary Kom was interested in Marshal Arts. Mounika took Mary Korn’s role.

Ameena’s Parents watched all the programmes. They realized . the importance of education. They promised Ameena that they would send her to school everyday.


From fearless warriors and groundbreaking scientists to compassionate activists and trailblazing artists, these women have defied stereotypes and shattered glass ceilings, proving that gender is not a barrier to success.