The Selfish Giant Part 2 Summary

“The Selfish Giant Part 2” also introduces the new central theme of the story: the power of redemption. The Giant, who was once selfish and uncaring, has now learned to love and care for others. The story will now explore how the Giant can atone for his past sins and find true happiness.

The Selfish Giant Part 2 Summary

One morning, when the Giant was lying awake in bed, he heard some lovely music. It sounded very sweet to the Giant’s ears. A little linnet was singing outside his window. The Giant thought that the spring had come at last. The children had crept in through a little hole in the wall. They sat in the branches of the trees and the trees were so glad to have the children back again. In the farthest corner of the garden it was still winter. In that corner, a little boy was trying to reach up to the branches but he couldn’t as he was so small.

The Giant’s heart melted. He understood that he had been selfish. He was really sorry for what he had done. He went into the garden and the frightened children ran away and the garden became winter again. Only the little boy was there and the Giant put him gently up into the tree. The tree broke at once into blossom, the birds sang and the boy kissed him.

The other children saw that and came running back. With them the spring came. The Giant was no longer wicked. He took an axe and broke the wall. He started playing with them. In the evening, the Giant came to know that the little boy whom he put into the tree had gone away. Every afternoon, the children came and played with the Giant. But he never saw again the little boy who he loved.

The Giant had grown old and feeble. So, he sat there watching the children at their games. One winter morning, the Giant filled with wonder to see the little boy standing under a tree in the farthest comer of the garden. In great joy, the Giant ran downstairs out into the garden and went near to the child. His face grew red with anger when he saw the wounds on the boy’s hands and feet. The Giant cried that he would kill the person who had wounded the little boy. The child asked the Giant not to do that as those were the wounds of love. The little boy asked the Giant to come with him to his garden. The child climbed into the old Giant’s arms and they both walked into the garden of Paradise.


In conclusion, paragraph is an effective example of how to create a sense of closure in a story. The reader is left with a feeling of hope and optimism, knowing that the Giant has finally redeemed himself and that he and the children will live happily ever after.