The Garden Within Summary in English

“The Garden Within” the human heart is a place of beauty, peace, and nourishment, just like a garden. The speaker also introduces the metaphor of the heart as a garden, which she will use throughout the poem to explore the different aspects of the human heart.

The Garden Within Summary

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The poetess finds that there is a garden in her heart. Like the gardener who lovingly tends his garden for the pleasures of bloom, the poetess nourishes the memories because they comfort her soul. In the garden of her heart beauty doesn’t grow continuously. She wants to give her smiles to others like the petals of the flowers in the garden of her heart. Then the others will respond in the same way and respect her feelings. There is a good hope in her and it results in good seeds to comfort her spirit. She wants to reach her goal with thankfulness and it will touch her soul. Here the soul of the poetess is compared with beautiful garden.


“The Garden Within” summarizes the speaker’s journey to self-discovery and her appreciation for the beauty and strength of her own heart. The speaker begins by acknowledging that she used to look for peace and innocence in the external world, but she eventually realized that these qualities are found within herself. She then compares her heart to a garden, a place of beauty, nourishment, and growth.