The Little Busy Bee Poem Summary

“The Little Busy Bee” is a classic children’s poem written by Isaac Watts. This delightful and instructive poem introduces readers to the industrious world of a diligent bee, teaching valuable lessons about the virtues of hard work, thriftiness, and the importance of making the most of one’s time. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

The Little Busy Bee Poem Summary

The Little Busy Bee Poem Summary in EnglishBusy Bee images
The bee is known for its work. Always it. works, so it is identified as a busy bee. It builds the hive very skillfully and stores sweet honey in it. The poet’s intention is, like the bee, we too must be busy and always do useful work.

How does the little busy bee work? It makes | good use of time. It starts work when the sun I rise i.e. in a shining hour. The worker bee starts j its work by collecting Honey from all the blooming flowers. All the bees collect nectar and carry it to the hive. The female worker bees are the only j bees that make nectar into honey.

The bees build their cell very skillfully, spread j their wax neatly and work hard to store honey in the cell. The poet speaks about himself and wants us to be like a busy bee in our work. We should! not be tempted to be idle or sit around doing | nothing. Satan in the poem refers to the devil, or some evil being who injures the idle person.

The poet wants to spend his boyhood day by reading good books, playing and doing some good and useful work. Every human being could be. busy like bee and do useful work. Bees build their hives skillfully. We too should do the work with our efficient skills.

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