No Men are Foreign Poem Summary

“No Men Are Foreign” is a thought-provoking poem by James Kirkup that emphasizes the shared humanity among all people, regardless of their nationality or background. In this poem, the poet encourages us to see past national boundaries and acknowledge the universal bonds that connect us as a global community. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

No Men are Foreign Poem Summary

No Men are Foreign Poem Summary in EnglishNo man are foreign images

The authors intended to write this poem is universal brotherhood. According to him all men in the universe are the same and equal. So he is asking us to behave that nobody is stranger and no country is foreign because ail are alike. Though we all look different, we are all having same body. Similarly, the earth where we live and die is same. The Sun, air, and water are all same. We should live with peace it brings prosperity. War brings adversity, it means great suffering for long time. All hands are same and the lines in tire hands are also same. The labor is also not different.

We should remember that all are having same eyes with which we can sleep or awake. We can won all by love. All things should be possible by love. In every way life is common. That all can recognize and understand.

We should remember that whenever we are star hate our brothers, it is our fault. We have no right to condemn others. At the same time we have no right to look down upon anybody or discriminate, against anybody on any grounds. The poet makes a strong plea against the evils of war. By taking up arms, men violate the sanctity of the earth, polluting it with not only dust and smoke, but also hatred. Men must learn to develop a feeling of universal brotherhood. Men must learn that no man is stranger and no country is foreign.


In conclusion, “No Men Are Foreign” by James Kirkup is a powerful reminder of the common humanity that unites people across borders. The poem underscores the need for empathy, compassion, and solidarity in a world often divided by nationality and differences. Through its evocative verses, it calls for a more harmonious and interconnected world where no one is considered a stranger.

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