The Hack Driver Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Hack Driver Summary Analysis and Explanation By Harry Sinclair Lewis

About the Poet
Harry Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) was an American novelist, short- story writer and playwright. He is the first American writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Some of his famous novels are ‘Hike and the Aeroplane’, ‘The Job: An American Novel, Free Air etc.

Poet Name Harry Sinclair Lewis
Born 7 February 1885, Sauk Centre, Minnesota, United States
Died 10 January 1951, Rome, Italy
Movies Arrowsmith, Elmer Gantry, Dodsworth, Ann Vickers
Awards Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Nobel Prize in Literature
Harry Sinclair Lewis - the hack driver summary analysis and explanation class 10
Harry Sinclair Lewis

The Hack Driver Summary of the Lesson

Harry Sinclair Lewis was a physician and an American novelist, short story writer, and playwright. He became the first writer from the United States to receive the Nobel prize in literature which was awarded “for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new type of characters.” He is also respected for his strong characterization of modem working women.

The narrator of this story is a junior assistant clerk in a law firm. He used to prepare the legal brief and serve a summons. He had to go to the dirty comers of the city to serve summons to the victims. Sometimes he was beaten up by the strong persons.

Once he had to go New Mullion to serve a summon to Oliver Lutkins. He reached there with great hardships. There he found a man of about forty years old who was very friendly. The narrator asked him about Mr Oliver. He replied that he had seen Lutkins an hour ago.

The streets of the village were fuel of mud. So the narrator hired the hack from him to search Lutkins in two dollars an hour. The hack driver told him that his name was Bill and took him to Fritz, GustaflPs shop, Gray’s barber shop, and at pool room, one by one, but they could not find him.

At last they ate meal and after this one of Lutkins friends informed them that Lutkins had gone to his mother’s farm. They were welcomed there by a large woman with an iron of an old stove. A1 last, the narrator returned to his office.

Next day his boss rebuked him badly and sent him back with another guy who knew Lutkins very well. Now the man told him that Bill himself was Oliver Lutkins.

The Hack Driver Summary

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