The Cow Summary

A cow is one of the most loving and gentle animals, and is also a favourite when it comes to domestic animals across the world! The cow has more than 1000 breeds, and can be seen in various shapes, sizes, and colours.

The Cow Summary

The Cow Summary In English

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The poem ‘The cow’ is written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a very thought-provoking poem which makes us realize how useful, the cow is to mankind. The poet aptly considers the cow as a friend of Man. He loves this friendly cow which is all red and white, with all his heart. The cow gives a lot of cream (milk). The poet eats apple – tart (an apple cake) while drinking its delicious and nourishing milk.

This cow, wanders here and there lowing even though she wanders, in the pleasant open-air and the pleasant light of the day. The Poets cow happily grazes in the fields even if strong winds blow or even if she is thoroughly wet in the rain. She walks and grazes among the meadows of the village and eats the grass and flowers growing in the meadows.


The Cow is a very useful pet animal. A successful domestic animal kept by people at home for many purposes. It is a four-footed female animal having a large body, two horns, two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, one head, a big back, and also a stomach.