Results and Roses Summary

“Results and Roses” is a thought-provoking and beautifully crafted poem written by Edgar Albert Guest. This poem, with its timeless wisdom and evocative language, delves into the contrasting experiences of success and failure in life.

Results and Roses Summary

Results and Roses Summary In English

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The man who wants a beautiful garden of flowers with flowers blooming here and there must work hard whether it is a small or a big garden. It is very difficult to achieve things on earth be it very small or very big we have to work to gain.

The goal may be very simple but the secret of achievement is like this. Every week you have to work in the garden digging, weeding, watering, cutting to get more number of roses in the garden. The same formula is applicable to get good results of work.


Results and Roses poem encourages us to embrace both the results we achieve and the thorns we encounter along the way, for they collectively shape our character and experiences. Just as roses come with thorns, life’s achievements often come with challenges.