The Child Who Saved the Forest Summary

“The Child Who Saved the Forest” is a heartwarming and inspirational tale that underscores the significance of youthful environmental activism. This story encapsulates the power of a single child’s determination to make a difference by protecting the natural world

The Child Who Saved the Forest Summary

The Child Who Saved the Forest Summary In English

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The given lesson ‘The Child who Saved the Forest’ is about a boy Prem and his love for the forest near his village and how he saved the trees in the forest from being cut down.

Prem lived in a small village near Bandipur forest, with his parents. He had the good habit of walking in the forest every evening. He had become friendly with many animals and birds. One day he returned from school looking sad. He told his mother that he had heard that many trees in the forest would be cut down and that he was worried about the animals and birds in the forest.

His mother asked him to go to the forest with his friend Nasrin to find out the reason. Both Prem and Nasrin went to their favorite place in the forest and sat down on a rock. Heera, the deer came running to them. Nasrin asked Prem why the deer looked sad. Prem replied that the deer-might have heard that the trees in the forest would soon be cut down. Both sat there and worried about the animals.

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Then Prem asked Nasrin discussed among themselves how they could stop the trees from being cut down. Nasin suggested that they could approach the concerned authorities to stop it.

Both felt happy and returned to Prem is house. Prem informed his mother about their plan and asked her to tell them as to whom they should address the complaint. Prem’s mother asked them to complain to the President of Gramasabha. Later Prem wrote a complaint to the Gramasabha President and requested his parents and friends to sign the letter and sent it to the gram sabha office.

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The President of Gramsabha Mrs. Rukmini Ramaiah replied to the letter. The President had written to inform Prem that they were happy about the love he had for nature and that his request had been accepted. They had decided not to cut the trees and the trees, animals and birds would now be safe. Later that evening Prem informed the happy news to the whole village.


“The Child Who Saved the Forest” story highlights the resilience and determination of a child who inspired positive change through her actions, demonstrating the potential for even the youngest among us to make a significant difference in environmental conservation.