The Boss Who Cares Summary

“The Boss Who Cares” is a compelling narrative that illuminates the transformative influence of compassionate leadership in the workplace. This story explores the profound impact of a supervisor who values the well-being and personal growth of their employees.

The Boss Who Cares Summary

The Boss Who Cares Summary In English

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The given Lesson ‘The Boss Who Cares’ is about a boss who takes great care of his subordinates (those working under him) There were about seventy scientists working at Tumba space centre. (Thumba is a village near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala).

A space centre is a place where studies are conducted about outer space of the earth The scientists were involved in developing rockets which was a very daring task. They had to dedicate all there time to their profession. But they never thought of leaving their job, in spite of the hardship they faced.

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One day, one of the scientists working there came to his boss and requested him to allow him to leave the office at 5.30 pm in the evening. He had promised his children to take them to – an exhibition in the town, that day. His boss agreed, the scientist was happy and began to work enthusiastically and never even bothered to look at his watch. When he had completed his work he found that it was 8.30 pm in the evening.

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As his boss had already left, he left for home. He remembered his promise to his children and felt sad for disappointing them. He also did not know how he could pacify his wife.


In conclusion, “The Boss Who Cares” emphasizes the pivotal role of compassionate leadership in creating a positive and thriving workplace culture. It underscores that when bosses genuinely care for their employees, it not only enhances morale and job satisfaction but also fosters greater productivity and loyalty.