The Bond of Love Summary

The Bond of Love story captures the extraordinary bond between the writer’s wife and a sloth bear cub named Bruno, a testament to the profound connection that can transcend species and unite hearts in the most unexpected ways.

The Bond of Love Summary

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The Bond of Love is about the emotional bond which the author’s wife and her pet bear share between them. The author rescued the baby bear in an accident and gifted it to his wife. After that, they were bonding like he was their child and the author’s wife loves him a lot. We see that the family nourished him and helped him grow. As Bruno starts growing up, he bonded with everyone, from the children to the pet dogs. He had his own bed and would play around with the little-ones.all day.

However, in an accident, one day he ate poison which was to kill rats. After consuming poison, Bruno got paralysed and after proper treatment, they were able to save him. Soon, life became normal when in another incident; he drank up a whole gallon of old engine oil meant for termites. But, surprisingly, it did not affect Bruno. Thus, Bruno started growing in size but was equally sweet and playful. Upon growing, they changed his name to ‘Baba’ which meant ‘a small boy’ in the Hindi language. He picked up a few tricks growing up and entertained everyone. Nonetheless, his size was a problem and being an animal, he was a threat to the children.

Therefore, everyone except the wife was ready to send him to a zoo as he was not fit as a pet now. While she did not agree initially, she had to give in for everyone’s safety. After the official paperwork, he was ready for the Mysore Zoo. The wife missed him terribly and asked everyone to visit the zoo about his well-being. She learned that Baba was not eating well and remained sad all day. So, after three months, she decides to visit him herself. Although everyone told her that Baba would not recognize her, he surprised everyone by recognizing her in a jiffy.

After that, she petted and pampered him and spent a lot of time with him. However, she could not leave him so she decided to take him back. After the formalities, she finally brought him back home and made a special island for him with deep dry pit and his belongings. So, she finally reunited with Baba and spent her days petting him and making him sleep in her lap, sharing the true bond of love.


“The Bond of Love” stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, capable of bridging divides and fostering unexpected connections. It reminds us that love’s embrace is not confined by species, age, or background, but rather extends its warmth to all beings touched by its gentle spirit.