Gurajada – The Legend Summary

Gurajada’s work had a profound impact on Telugu literature and culture. He is credited with helping to modernize Telugu literature and making it more relevant to the needs of the modern world. His work continues to be read and admired by Telugu speakers around the world.

Gurajada – The Legend Summary

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Gurajada Apparao was a legendary personality among the Telugu people. He was a social reformer and a revolutionary poet and writer. He used the language of common people in his writings. He had a strong faith in spoken Telugu.

Gurajada woke up the readers to fight the social evils. He dreamt of a new social system. He fought for women’s education, social equality and widow re-marriages.

Being inspired by Gurajada’s literary work, The Bengal Literary Association invited him to attend a meeting at Calcutta. Syamendra Mohandas from Calcutta asked Gurajada to introduce a suitable style in the languages used by people in Bengali. In this connection, Gurajada met Rabindranath Tagore two times in 1912. Tagore wrote an article on the experiences and impression of his meeting with Gurajada.

Gurajada used noble, simple, clear and powerful words to express his straight forward ideals. Gurajada and Tagore were in constant touch with each other. They wrote letters each other. He passed away on 30th November 1915 leaving behind the legacy of immortal literature for future generations. No library is complete without the works of the legendary writer Gurajada.


Gurajada’s masterful use of the Telugu language, his pioneering adoption of colloquial Telugu, and his fearless exploration of social issues transformed the way Telugu literature was written and consumed. His works, such as the groundbreaking play “Kanyasulkam,” challenged societal norms, advocated for social reform, and inspired countless generations of Telugu writers and artists.