Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Summary

“Ranji’s Wonderful Bat” story highlights the values of dedication, humility, and the pure love of the game of cricket. It shows that talent, when coupled with a sincere passion for what you do, can lead to remarkable success. “Ranji’s Wonderful Bat” is a heartwarming tale that encourages children to follow their dreams and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Read More Class 9 English Summaries.

Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Summary

Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Summary in English

Ranji’s Wonderful Bat

Ranji was eleven years old, schoolboy. A cricket match was going on between two teams. Suraj was the captain of his team. His team scored fifty-three for four wickets. His team needed another sixty runs to win. Suraj, the captain of the school team was out. After the captain was out, it was Ranji’s turn to bat.

He was ready to face the ball. The red ball came speeding towards him. The ball struck Ranji’s pad. The umpire raised his finger and said ‘out’. Ranji walked back slowly. The visiting team won the match. He felt sad on his way back to home, Kumar, the owner of sport’s materials shops called him and asked him why he looked sad. Ranji told him of his failure in batting.

He consoled him for his failure and assured that he would play well in the next matches. He gave him a bat that he had used to bat. He was the player of the state team and scored a century with his bat, that he gave to Ranji. Ranji felt happy. It was on Saturday the match was going to start.

Suraj won the toss and decided to bat first. The visiting team’s bowler bowled well. Two wickets of school team fell in one over. Now it was Ranji’s turn to bat. He played well and scored 58 runs. His school team won the match. In the other two matches, he scored forty and forty-five runs respectively. The coach and the captain of the school team and also Mr. Kumar pleased with his batting. From the maidan after winning the match Ranji caught the bus to go to his home when he was in the room, the bat was not there. He had left it on the bus. He felt very sad.

He went to Kumar’s shop and told him that he lost his bat. Kumar consoled him not to worry about it. He had no other bats in his shop to give him, but he told him that he had the confidence to play with any bat.

Ranji’s school team was playing the last and the important match of the cricket season on Saturday a public school team from Delhi.
The day Saturday came. The Match began. His school team lost the first wicket with only two runs. It was Ranji’s turn. He borrowed Suraja’s bat and went to the wicket. The first ball was very speed, Ranji stepped back and pulled it very hard on them to the boundary.

It was six. Everyone stood up and cheered. He hit the ball all over the field and scored. Seventy-five runs. But. the match was a draw. Ranji was the talk of the school. On his way back to home, he bought a dozen laddoos, Mr. Six for Kumar and Six for Koki.


In conclusion, “Ranji’s Wonderful Bat” is a heartwarming story that emphasizes the power of passion and humility in pursuing one’s dreams. Ranji’s magical bat teaches us that talent combined with a genuine love for the game can lead to remarkable success. It serves as an inspiring reminder to children and readers of all ages to follow their aspirations with dedication and joy.

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