Happy Cure Summary

“Happy Cure Summary” a foolish king lay dying of boredom, despite being healthy. Physicians and surgeons could find no physical ailment, so he summoned ordinary doctors. One young boy diagnosed his illness as a lack of purpose and prescribed a simple but profound cure: “Be good, rule wisely, and help your people.” The king followed the boy’s advice and was cured of his boredom, living a long and happy life. Read More Class 9 English Summaries.

Happy Cure Summary

Happy Cure Summary in English

Once a foolish King lay dying. He said he was at death’s door. But the real fact, that he felt was suffering from having nothing to do. That was the cause he was being bored to death. He suffered pain in every muscle, and bones in his body. Physicians and surgeons came from far and wide. They examined him thoroughly but they could not find anything wrong.

The King thought they were stupid persons and sent for ordinary doctors. The ordinary doctors came and they checked his body thoroughly. But the ordinary doctors also found nothing wrong. The King called them idiots. Still, he sent for other doctors. They also said the same thing, what the previous doctors had told before.

Finally, a simple old woman was brought to the royal bedchamber. She peered into King’s face for a long time and told him that he was suffering from a strange and rare disease. To avoid this disease, he needed sleep but one night in the shirt of a happy man.

Thus the old woman advised him on her advice, the King immediately sent his captains, the bravest soldiers, the best couriers and messengers throughout the Kingdom. They tried to find out the shirt of a happy man, but they could not when all the men of the King did not find the shirt of happy man, they sent long reports to the King. The reports were read so.
1. The people in the east were not happy because he (the king) had taxed them heavily.
2. The people in the west were not happy, because they had to work hard for a long time. So they did not have a little time to enjoy singing and dancing.
3. The people in the north were not happy because at least, they hadn’t seen the King and felt he was interested in them.
4. People in the south were not happy because he hadn’t noticed their industry and faithfulness and not rewarded them for that.

Thus the reports came to the King and he read them carefully, but the messengers did not return to the King. One day a messenger saw a stable boy who was singing happily. He enquired the boy what made him singing so merrily.

He replied that he loved his fellow man and he owned a little but wanted less, Therefore he was a happy man and liked to sing. The messenger exclaimed that there he found the happy man. He told the boy that the king was ill and he needed to sleep one night in the shirt of a happy man.

He ordered him to give his shirt, but the boy instead of giving his coat ran away to the palace and went right into the royal bedchamber. The king asked him what work he had there to come in. The boy told him that the cure for his ill was right, therefore, all the time, right at hand, right on the palace ground.

He said he loved his fellowman, owned but little and wanted less, but he didn’t possess a shirt. On hearing the boy, the king hung his head ashamed. He agreed that the cure had been here and could cure his own folly. He decided then and there to be good king, to rule wisely and well. He never fancied himself ill. He became too busy for such folly. So he lived to ripe old age.

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