Packing Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Packing Summary Analysis and Explanation

About the Poet Jerome K. Jerome
Jerome Klapka Jerome was an English writer and humourist, best known for the comic travelogue Three Men in a Boat. Other works include the essay collections Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow and Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow; Three Men on the Bummel, a sequel to Three Men in a Boat, and several other novels.

Jerome K. Jerome - Packing Summary Analysis and Explanation

Poet Name Jerome K. Jerome
Born 2 May 1859, Caldmore, United Kingdom
Died 14 June 1927, Northampton General Hospital, Northampton, United Kingdom
Full name Jerome Klapka Jerome
Education St Marylebone Grammar School
Books Three Men in a Boat, Three Men on the Bummel, Told After Supper

Packing Introduction

The lesson ‘Packing’ is an extract taken from Jerome K. Jerome’s novel Three Men in a Boat. It describes humorously the incident that takes place when the narrator and his two friends get engaged in packing their things before going on for a boating trip. It focuses on the fact that packing is an art and very few people are gifted with this art.

Packing Introduction

Packing Summary of the Lesson

Once the narrator and his two friends decided to go on a trip. The narrator felt that he knew packing better than his friends. So he told them to leave the job entirely at him. George and Harris accepted the offer and relaxed while the narrator was busy in packing the bag.

But the narrator was not happy to see both of his friends passing their time leisurely. What he actually intended was that being the best of them he would boss the job and his friends would do some unimportant things under his direction.

The narrator started packing. It took him a longer time than he had expected. He packed the bag but left the boots outside. So, he had to re-open the bag and put the boots in. No sooner had he packed the bag than he forgot whether he had packed his toothbrush.

He again opened the bag and made a frantic search for the toothbrush which he finally found inside a boot. When he had finished, George asked if the soap was in. The narrator got irritated and refused to re-open the bag. However, he had to open the bag once again when he found that he had packed his spectacles.

Now it was the turn of George and Harris to do the rest of the packing. They began in a light-hearted spirit to show the narrator that it was not a very difficult task. But they too proved themselves immature as they made a lot of mistakes while packing.

They started with breaking a cup. Then Harris packed the strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it. And then there was George who trod on the butter. In this way they messed up things and took a long time in packing.

The narrator’s dog Montmorency lingered the task of packing by creating nuisance. He came and sat on things, just when they were wanted to be packed. He put his leg into the jam and disturbed the teaspoons.

He pretended that the lemons were rats and got into the hamper to attack them. The packing was finished at midnight. All the three friends went to sleep as they had got tired. Also they had to wake up early.

Packing Summary

What is the summary of packing?

After that, we see that one more query arises for the soap by George. Consequently, this irritates Jerome so much that he does not pay heed to it and packs the bag anyway. However, to his mistake, he has to reopen it again due to his spectacles being locked inside the bag.

What is the moral of the story packing?

Answer: Explanation: the moral of the story is “one should keep his/her patients, to do some work , and one should not get too much over confident of what he is doing.

What is the theme of packing?

“Packing” is based on the theme that routine tasks are not as easy as they seem to be. The humorous account amuses the readers with the chaotic and confusing situations created by the clumsiness of three friends, all of whom consider packing to be child’s play.

What message do you get from packing?

The lesson Packing conveys the message, albeit humorously, that even a task as mundane as packing should not be taken lightly. It requires planning, concentration and deftness otherwise the results are disastrous as well as time-consuming.

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