Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Summary in English and Hindi by TS Eliot

Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem is written by TS Eliot. has provided Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Objective Questions and Answers Pdf, Poem Ka Meaning in Hindi, Poem Analysis, Line by Line Explanation, Themes, Figures of Speech, Critical Appreciation, Central Idea, Poetic Devices.

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Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Summary in English and Hindi by TS Eliot

Macavity The Mystery Cat by TS Eliot About the Poet

Thomas Stearns TS Eliot

Thomas Stearns TS Eliot (1888-1965) was born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. but eventually settled in England. A classicist in literature, an Anglo-catholic in religion, and a royalist in politics, he rose to become one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Novel Prize for literature in 1948. His best known poems are The Waste Land, Ash Wednesday and Four Quartets.

Macavity The Mystery Cat Written by TS Eliot Introduction to the Poem

The present poem Macavity The Mystery Cat is from his collection called Old Possum’s book of practical cats, which was made into a very successful music on stage by the great composer Sir Andrew Loyd Weber. He was a great poet.

Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Summary in English

The poet Thomas Stearns Eliot TS Eliot has composed ‘Macavity’ ‘The Mystery Cat’ which is about his tame cat. He tells that his cat is very clever. It (cat) is very tall and thin. It is called hidden pass due to its smartness. Its powers of levitation would make a fakirstare. It always do crimes such as drinking milk, breaking glass. It goes everywhere within our approach.

The poet says that when it does crime it never remains there. It cheats everyone but never leaves anything back. It’s not like other cats. It is a smart cat and it does always mysterious things. It always did mistakes and crime but never be presented there. It attracts everybody. It attracts the poet from its personality. No other cat is like Macavity. It is a light poem composed in a satirical rhythm.

Macavity The Mystery Cat Poem Summary in Hindi

कवि थोमस स्टिर्नस ऐलियट जिन्होंने ‘रहस्यमयी बिल्ली’ की रचना की है और जो उनकी पालतू बिल्ली थी। उन्होंने अपनी बिल्ली को चालाक कहा है। उन्होंने उसे लंबा, बुद्धिमान और पतला कहा है। उसके पास ऐसी बुद्धि है जैसी किसी पवित्र आदमी के पास होती है। वह हमेशा ऐसे-ऐसे अपराध करती है जो एक साधारण बिल्ली नहीं कर सकती है। लेकिन वह ऐसे अपराध करके कभी घटनास्थल पर नहीं रूकती है।

कभी-कभी तो वो ऐसा काम करती है जो उसे नहीं करना चाहिए था लेकिन फिर भी वह करके वहाँ नहीं रूकती है। यह हमेशा दूसरों को ठमती है। वह हमेशा दूसरों को अपनी ओर आकर्षित करती है। कवि उसके व्यक्तित्व और चालाकी के कायल हैं इसलिए वह अपनी बिल्ली ‘मैकॉविटी’ को पसंद करते हैं। यह एक सुन्दर कविता है जो व्यंग्यात्मक शैली में मधुर स्वर में रचित है।