Martha Poem Summary Line by Line Explanation by Walter De La Mare

Martha Poem Summary in English and Hindi. Martha Poem is Written by Walter De La Mare. has provided Martha Poem Objective Questions and Answers, Poem Analysis, Meaning in Hindi, Line by Line Explanation, Themes, Figures of Speech, Critical Appreciation, Central Idea, Poetic Devices.

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Martha Poem Summary in English and Hindi by Walter De La Mare

Martha Poem Written by Walter De La Mare About the Poet

The poet Walter De la Mare was born at Charlton in Kent on the 25th April, 1873, He received education in St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School. He was granted a pension by the government, which enabled him to devote his time exclusively to literature.

Walter De La Mare

Poet Name Walter De La Mare
Born 25 April 1873, Charlton, London, United Kingdom
Died 22 June 1956, Twickenham, United Kingdom
Children Richard Herbert Ingpen de la Mare, Florence de la Mare, Jinnie de la Mare, Colin de la Mare
Parents James Edward de la Mare, Lucy Sophia Browning
Awards Carnegie Medal

He was a poet, novelist, short story writer, dramatist and critic. He has turned out a large volume of literature in course of his long literary career. Walter De la Mare is the author of many poems in which dreams, reality, fairies and humble rural characters are blended. He possesses the power of bridging the boarder between reality and fantasy. With a most admirable invention.

Martha Poem Summary in English

The poet goes back to his childhood and remembers how he along with other children listen to the stories of older days narrated by a young lady called Martha. Martha used to narrate stories in the hazel wood, in its leafy green dim light.

She was a lovely lady with clear Grey eyes, slim hands, a narrow chin, and a grave small lovely head. She began her story ‘once upon a time’. There was such an enchantment in her eves that everyone was dreamt whosoever was present there. While revealing the story, she usually sits with her two beautiful and slim hands clasping her banded knee.

Her impressive features and the melody of her voice contributed a lot to the effect of the story narrated by her. The children felt as if fairies and gnomes had quietly stepped into the hazal glean.

The voice of Martha continued to ring in the ears of the children and they become so engrossed in it that they forgot everything else. They forgot the story teller, the hazel glen and the fading summer sun and remembered only the story.

Martha Poem Summary in Hindi

प्रस्तुत कविता में कवि अपनी बाल्यावस्था को याद करता है जब वह अपने अन्य साथियों के साथ hazel (हैजेल) की झाड़ी से भरी तलहटी के शांत और एकान्त वातावरण में उसके पत्तों से छनकर आते हुए मंद हरे प्रकाश में मार्था नामक एक युवती द्वारा कहानियाँ सुना करता था। मार्था hazel की झाड़ी में बैठ कहानी कहती थी। वह एक सुन्दर लड़की थी।

उसकी आँखें भूरी, बाँह पतली थीं, हड्डी नुकीली और सिर छोटा सुन्दर और गम्भीर था। वह अपनी कहानी ‘एक समय की बात है’ से आरम्भ करती थी। उसकी आँखों में ऐसा सम्मोहन था कि सुनने वाले पूर्णतया मोहित हो जाते और उस अवस्था में उसके द्वारा कही गयी कहानियाँ उनके हृदय में स्वप्न के समान चुपके से प्रवेश कर जाती थी।

मार्था अपनी पतली बाहों से घेर कर घुटने पकड़ बैठ जाती थी और बच्चे जमीन पर लेटकर अपली पतनी बाहों से घेर कर घुटने पकड़ बैठ जाते थे। उसकी प्रभावोत्पादक आकृति और उसकी आवाज के सुरीलेपन से ही कहानियाँ और भी प्रभावोत्पादक हो जाती थीं। बच्चे ऐसा महसूस करते कि परियाँ और प्रेत चुपचाप उस हेजेल की घाटी में चले आये हैं।

मार्था की आवाज बच्चों के कानों में गूंजती रहती और वे इसमें इस प्रकार मग्न रहते कि वे अन्य सभी वस्तुओं को भूल जाते थे। वे कहानी कहने वाली को भी भूल जाते। हेजेल की घाटी और अस्त होते हुए ग्रीष्मकालीन सूर्य और केवल कहानी को याद रखते।