How do Bees Make Honey? Summary

Bees, renowned for their extraordinary teamwork and industry, create honey through a complex process. This remarkable transformation begins as bees collect nectar from flowers, which is then stored in their honey stomachs. Through a series of enzymatic actions and evaporation, the bees convert the nectar into honey, which is stored in the hive as a vital food source. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

How do Bees Make Honey? Summary

How do Bees Make Honey? Summary in English

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Honey is one of the oldest natural sweetener used by human beings since ancient times. Honey is made by Honey bees. It contains natural sugar proteins, iron, and calcium and can be easily digested. It is used as a medicine to cure cough and sure throat. It is also a good antiseptic as it kills bacteria.

Honey -making is a complex process. Honey bees collect nectar from flowers mostly during the spring season. They draw the nectar from the flowers through their long, tube-like tongues. The nectar mixes with proteins and enzymes in the honey bees stomach and is converted into honey. Later the bees store the honey in the beehive in hexagonal cells made of bee – wax called honeycombs.

To store the honey for the long term, the honey – bees use their wings as a fan to dry up the water content in the nectar. Nectar has 80% water and honey has only about 14 – 18% water. When one of the honeycombs gets filled up the bees close it with a bee cap and then move on to another cell (honeycomb). Therefore honey is nothing but nectar collected by the bees and regurgitated and dehydrated to enhance the nutritional properties of honey. There is an excellent example of the division of labour among honey bees. They divide themselves into house bees and field bees.

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Honey bees have a short life. They live only for a month. Around two – thousand bees die every day in a hive. The queen bee only work is to lay eggs and maintain the population of the been – hive. Honey bees are very hard workers.


In Conclusion, through the collection, digestion, and storage of nectar, followed by dehydration and enzymatic changes, bees create the sweet and nutritious substance we know as honey. This extraordinary process not only sustains the bee colony but also provides a valuable food source for humans.

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