Gratefulness Poem Summary

“Gratefulness” is a thought-provoking poem by George Herbert, a 17th-century metaphysical poet. This poem reflects on the concept of gratitude, urging readers to embrace a thankful attitude towards life and its blessings. With profound spiritual undertones, the poem invites contemplation on the importance of recognizing and appreciating the many gifts and moments of grace that life bestows upon us. Read MoreĀ Class 9 English Summaries.

Gratefulness Poem Summary

Gratefulness Poem Summary in English

Every human being is blessed with organs like eyes, ears, lip, hands, legs. Human beings have also a heart to love, a mind that gives them the ability to help others.

The poet is grateful to all these organs, because they are helpful to lead his life. First of all he is grateful to eyes that can see or witness the activities done by him. He expresses his gratefulness to ears that are helpful for him to hear sobbing of those who are in need of his help.

He expresses gratefulness for the lips that are helpful to speak words of consolation to those who seek relief in trouble. The poet is thankful for a mind that is helpful for him to know those who are in need of his help. Further he express his gratefulness for the hands that involve a lot of effort or energy to do simple task for the people. He is grateful for his ability, which he always pray to give him the strength and guidelines everyday of all these the poet is grateful for one thing that given a hear to that he may love everyone in his life.


In Conclusion, Gratefulness Poem rich, metaphorical language, Herbert underscores the importance of recognizing life’s blessings and embracing a thankful attitude. The poem serves as a reminder of the enduring relevance of gratitude in our lives, encouraging us to cherish the moments of grace and the myriad gifts that enrich our existence.

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