A Girl Called Golden Poem Summary

“A Girl Called Golden” is a poignant and evocative poem that delves into the life and experiences of a young girl named Golden. Written by Mary O’Neill, this poem invites readers into the world of this remarkable girl and her unique attributes, symbolizing the beauty and potential within all individuals. Read MoreĀ Class 9 English Summaries.

A Girl Called Golden Poem Summary

A Girl Called Golden Poem Summary in English

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The poet writes about a golden runner by name Betty Cuthbert. She was an Australian runner or athlete. She was a great sprinter and had won three gold medals at the 1956 Olympic games in Melbourne. She also got another gold medal at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

The poet says that it is all due to her hard work and perseverance. She has the goal and the desire to achieve it.

Then the poet writes about as under. She ran when her classmates were walking. She ran fast when others were only running. Others were playing but she was training others. The poet wanted to know the secret of her success.

She had the fresh air, she listened to the words of her coach and others she made continuous efforts. She did not mind the physical problems. She did not pay any attention to bodily pain and aches because she had the only aim of reaching her goal. She possessed strong will power. She was encouraged by all. Due to her hard work, dedication, perseverance, listening capacity, patience and following ideals, she could succeed in her life. She got gold medals and left us a lesson that hard work always gives fruits. It never goes in vain.


A Girl Called Golden poem serves as a heartfelt reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and the celebration of one’s individuality, leaving a lasting message of hope, self-worth, and the richness found in the diversity of human experiences.

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