Evans Tries An O-Level Summary in English by Colin Dexter

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. Evans Tries An O-Level is written by Colin Dexter.

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Evans Tries An O-Level Summary in English by Colin Dexter

Evans Tries An O-Level by Colin Dexter About the Author

Colin Dexter (29 September 1930 – 21 March 2017) is a British crime writer who is known for ‘Inspector Endeavour Morse’ who appears in detective novels authored by him. These novels written between 1975 and 1999 were adopted as a television series from 1987 to 2000. Dexter has received many awards and accolades, including two Silver Draggers, two ‘Gold Draggers’ and a ‘Cartier Diamond Dragger’ for lifetime achievement in 1997. He was conferred with the 1996 Macavity Award for his story ‘Evans Tries an O-level’. In the year 2000, he was appointed an ‘Officer of the Order of British Empire’ for his services to literature.

Author Name Colin Dexter
Born 29 September 1930, Stamford, United Kingdom
Died 21 March 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom
Spouse Dorothy Cooper (m. 1956–2017)
Movies and TV shows Inspector Lewis, Endeavour, Inspector Morse, Inspector Morse: Service of All the Dead
Nationality British
Colin Dexter - evans tries an o-level summary in english class 12
Colin Dexter

Evans Tries An O-Level Theme

This is’ a detective fiction dealing with the account of the jailbreak by Evans, a criminal, who was an expert in escaping from prison. The story deals with his smartness, foresight and planning his escape. With his meticulous planning and keen observation, Evans outsmarts the prison authorities. The story deals with the clever escape of Evans and the Governor’s pursuit to catch him. Evans, with his ready wit and charm, proves at the end that ‘things are not what they seem to be’ and we should not jump to the conclusions hastily.

Evans Tries An O-Level

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary in English

The story begins in the Oxford Prison where the Governor contacts the Secretary of Examination Board on the telephone. Evans, one of the prisoners, wanted to appear for the O-Level German exam. He was already taking private tuitions. The Governor, when asked by the board, confirmed that Evans was not violent but a congenital kleptomaniac. It was decided that he would appear for the exam in the cell; a parson from St. Mary’s Church would invigilate and Evans should remain ‘incommunicado’.

All the preparations for Evans’s examination were made. He had escaped from the jail three times earlier and was supposed to be shifted to another house later. The Governor was very irritated by Evans and did not want to take any chance.

On June 7, at 8:30 p.m., the German tutor, who was giving private tuitions to Evans, wished him ‘Good luck’ as he had his exam the next day. On 8th June, Mr. Jackson and Stephens, the two jail officers, entered Evans’ room and took all the precautionary steps. They took away his razor after he shaved along with his nail scissors and nailfile. They asked Evans to take off his untidy white and red hat but Evans requested them to let it remain with him as it was his lucky cap. At 8:45, Reverend McLeery left his flat and reached the prison. He had a small brown briefcase containing a sealed question paper, a yellow immigration form, a special ID card, a paper knife, the Bible and a newspaper.

The exam was to be held at 9:15 in Evans’ cell. At 9:10, the Governor switched on the receiver. Evans’ cell was locked and prison officers were on alert. The examination started with the paper no. 0251 and Index no. 313 and centre no. 271. At 9:40, the Governor got a call from the Examination Board that a correction slip was left behind and so the Governor allowed the correction slip with the spelling of ‘Golden Lion’. The Examination continued and Stephens kept a watch on the cell. At 10:50 Evans requested for permission to wrap a blanket around him. At 11:25, the exam got over. Stephens personally escorted McLeery to the prison gate. He was looking slimmer and his Scots accent was more prominent. Everything went off well. Stephens thought of having a last look at Evans before getting relieved and was shocked to find a man lying in Evans’ chair, covered with blood.

It was McLeery. Evans was reported to have escaped. Police and ambulance were called. McLeery showed the question paper and said that he knew where Evans was. The Governor instructed McLeery to be taken to hospital. He was shown a photocopied sheet. Detritus Carter arrived and took McLeery along with him to provide medical assistance to him on the Elsfield Way where Evans could be found as this was the message written on the question paper.

After some time, Carter reported that Evans could not be traced and he had left McLeery at Radcliffe hospital. The Governor called at the hospital and found that there was no McLeery. Later it was discovered that the real McLeery was found gagged and bound in his house. Now the fact came to the notice that it was Evans who had stayed as McLeery in the cell.

Meanwhile Evans was enjoying his freedom at a luxurious hotel. But he was surprised and shocked to find the Governor in his room. Evans felt defeated and confessed that there was no mistake in the spelling of Golden Lion but it had been done, since the hotel had not been fixed. Correction slip was used to convey the name of the hotel and know what time the exam had started. The Governor told Evans that when he put 313/217 he knew that it referred to the middle of Chipping Norton. McLeery had worn two collars, two black fronts, etc. and Evans had changed all this get-up under the blanket. The governor was keen to know from where did he get blood to pour on his face. Evans admitted that it was pig’s blood in the rubber ring that McLeery had brought.

Now Evans is handcuffed and ushered into the prison van. The van left and it turned right from Chipping Norton. The prison officers unlocked the handcuffs and asked Evans where he would like to go.

In fact, they were Evans’ friends. Evans had once again outsmarted the Governor.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary in English

Character Sketch of Evans in Evans Tries An O-Level

Evans: Evans is a ‘congenital kleptomanic’ and is known as ‘Evans the Break’. He is a genius in planning and is an excellent manipulator. His entire plan is well thought-out and each step is calculated. Apart from being clever, Evans is a keen observer. It is due to his intelligence, presence of mind and cleverness that he is taken out of the prison house by Carter himself. He is unware of the fact that the man who he is taking out is not the parson but Evans himself. Evans is an excellent actor and understands human psychology very well. He knew that the jail authorities will never think that it was Evans who stayed back and it is McLeery who ran away. He acted so well that nobody doubted him. He was a genius as finally, in spite of being arrested by the Governor, he was able to escape because of his friends disguised as police officers.

Character Sketch of Governor in Evans Tries An O-Level

The Governor: The Governor of H.M. Prison is a very intelligent and vigilant person but at times he overestimates himself. He is overcautious in Evans’ case but is too much dependent on his staff and makes hasty conclusions. He is full of ideas and many a time his hunches prove true but he never investigates them. Though he is always conscious of Evans’ cleverness, he fails to understand Evans’ psyche.
His conjectures help Evans in his plans. He does not cross-examine the identity of the wounded man and is led on. However, he is intelligent and analytical. He is able to put two and two together and locate the Golden Lion hotel and reach Evans. But as usual, in his zeal to look efficient, he does’not check the identify of the prison officers. This results in the escape of Evans.

Character Sketch of Jackson in Evans Tries An O-Level

Jackson: Jackson is a young and alert prison officer. Like the H. M. Prison governor, he is very alert and enthusiastic about his duty. He is very keen and serious and being senior is good at giving instructions and orders to his subordinate Stephens. Though he looks stern, he is soft at heart and is gullible. He allows Evans to keep his cap on and doesn’t doubt him. He is so excited that he fails to notice small but important details. He is careless not to check McLeery thoroughly and so failed to note two cloaks, two beards and two collars that McLeery was wearing. He was so casual about his duty that didn’t even bother to go and check Evans after the exam was over.

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