On The Face of It Summary in English by Susan Hill

On The Face of It Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. On The Face of It is written by Susan Hill.

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On The Face of It Summary in English by Susan Hill

On The Face of It by Susan Hill About the Author

Susan Hill (born on 5 February 1942-) is an English author of fiction and non-fiction works. Her novels include The Woman in Black, The Mist in the Mirror and I’m the King of the Castle. She received the Somerset Maugham Award in 1971 for her novel I’m the King of the Castle. She was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2012 Birthday Honours for her services to literature. She is known to explore the inner fears and loneliness. Her works reflect honest suffering and optimism.

Author Name Susan Hill
Born 5 February 1942 (age 78 years), Scarborough, United Kingdom
Education King’s College London, Barr’s Hill School & Community College, Scarborough Convent School
Awards Somerset Maugham Award, Nestle Smarties Book Prize for 6 to 8 years, John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, Costa Novel Award
Movies The Woman in Black, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, Je Suis le seigneur du chateau
Susan Hill - on the face of it summary in english class 12
Susan Hill

On The Face of It Theme

The play On the Face of It depicts the fears of the handicapped of being isolated and discarded from the mainstream society. Both Mr. Lamb and Derek, suffer from physical disability. But their attitude to life is totally different. Mr. Lamb, in spite of having a tin-leg, keeps his doors and windows open and welcomes everyone. Derek, a young boy, who has one side of his face burnt, is angry and is hated by everyone. The play highlights the fact that the sense of rejection and alienation is more painful than physical impairment.

On The Face of It Theme

On The Face of It Summary in English

The play revolves around two characters, Derry, a small boy of fourteen years, and Mr. Lamb, an old man. Derry got his face burnt on one side due to spilling of acid and Mr. Lamb lost his leg in a bomb explosion during the war. Derry is repulsive and has a very negative attitude to life, whereas Mr. Lamb is optimistic.

One day Derry strolled inside Mr. Lamb’s garden and found him there. They both started talking. Mr. Lamb tried to comfort Derry and asked him not to fear anything. To this, Derry said that he was not afraid instead people were afraid of him due to his burnt face. They either ignored him or pitied him. They called him ugly and made fun of him. Mr. Lamb consoled Derry by giving his own example. He said children called him ‘Lamey Lamb’ but he didn’t feel bad about it. He asked Derry to face the harsh realities of life bravely.

Mr. Lamb tried to convince Derry that it is the inner beauty of a person that matters. But Derry didn’t agree. He said that even his mother kissed him on the other side of the face. He regretted the fact that he would spend all his life with half face. Mr. Lamb told him that his entire body was in perfect working condition. So he should not feel handicapped due to his half burnt face.

Mr. Lamb told Derry to look around for the so many interesting things. He gave his own example. In order to remain occupied, he looked at the buzzing bees and flowers in the garden. He listened to the sound of birds and insects and enjoyed sitting in the sun. To this, Derry said that he too wanted to have a big house with a big lawn. Mr. Lamb offered him to stay with him but Derry left as his mother was waiting. Before leaving, Derry promised to come back.

Derry went home and told his mother about Mr. Lamb. She warned him not to go to meet him. But Derry was determined to do so. In the meantime, Mr. Lamb climbed up a ladder to pluck crab apples from the tree. He fell down and died. When Derry returned to Mr. Lamb he found him lying dead on the ground. Though Derry lost his only friend, yet he became strong and positive to face the world.

On The Face of It Summary in English

Character Sketch of Derry in On The Face of It

Derry: Derry, is a fourteen years old boy who is disfigured and ugly because half of his face was burnt due to spilling of acid. He is conscious of the fact that his ugliness is revolting to others and so everybody wants to ignore him or pity him. He suffers from inferiority complex. He becomes too arrogant and avoids any social interaction. He hears people using nasty comments about him and so bears a grudge towards the society.

He suspects everyone and lacks trust. Derry started listening to Mr. Lamb because Mr. Lamb was also handicapped. It is only when Mr. Lamb bestowed on him love, trust and generosity that his mindset started changing. Due to the wise words of Mr. Lamb, Derry got transformed completely.

Character Sketch of Mr. Lamb in On The Face of It

Mr. Lamb: Mr. Lamb is an old man who lives alone in a big house with a big lawn. He is handicapped, having lost his leg in a bomb explosion during the war. He is very optimistic. His openness is reflected through the open doors and windows of his house. He makes toffees, jam and jelly to attract people. He grows crab apples. He is never perturbed at being called ‘Lamey Lamb’.

Mr. Lamb accepted his handicap in a very mature manner. He is a great motivator and encourages Derry to look at everything in a positive way. He is a patient listener and holds a positive attitude to life. He fills Derry with confidence. He has great love for life and believes that we should not fritter away our lives aimlessly. Mr. Lamb is instrumental in changing the attitude of Derry to his handicap and, finally, accepting it as part of life.

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