Dignity of Labour Summary

The concept of the “Dignity of Labor” is a fundamental and universal idea that highlights the importance and respect associated with all types of work. It emphasizes that no work is too menial or insignificant and that every job, from the most humble to the most prestigious, holds equal value.

Dignity of Labour Summary

Dignity of Labour Summary In English

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Once there lived a rich businessman. He had a lazy son. The father wanted him to learn the value of labour. So, one day the father calls his son arid says that today he should go out and earn or else he won’t get his food for the night. The lazy boy was not used to do any kind of work. He got scared and went crying to his mother. The mother’s heart melted on seeing his son crying. She gave him a gold coin. In the evening, the father asked what he had earned, the boy gaves him the coin. The father asked him to throw it in the well, he threw it.

The father was a wise man he guessed that the coin was given by his wife. So he sent her to her parents house. He again told his son to go out and earn. This time the sister give him a rupee coin. The boy shows his father the coin and he asked him to throw it into the well and he again did it. The father again realised that someone had given him the coin. So he sent his daughter now, to her in – law’s house. Once again he sent his son out to earn.

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This time there was no one to help the boy. He went to the market in search of work. A shopkeeper offered him two rupees for carrying his bag to his house. The boy carried his bag, sweating a lot, his feet trembling and his neck and back aching. He returned home and give the money to his father.

His father again asks him to throw the coin into the well again. The boy cried and told him that was his hard earned money and would not throw it in the well The businessman became very happy. The son promised never to be lazy. The father gave the keys of his shop to the son. The son had realised the value of hard work.


By understanding that every job, no matter how big or small, contributes to the betterment of society, young minds are prepared to approach their future endeavors with a sense of respect and fairness.