At The Vegetable Shop Summary

A vegetable market is a type of building or structure created and designed in various colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and styles with accurate and specific fruit and vegetables. Read More 6th Class English Summaries.

At The Vegetable Shop Summary

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Ramu went to a vegetable shop to buy vegetables. At the shop, all the vegetables wished to be bought by Ramu for their good qualities. Ramu wanted to buy all of them but he had only eighty rupees in hand. Meanwhile, he found a money purse among the pumpkins in the shop. He gave the purse to the vendor. The purse belonged to the vendor. The vendor felt happy and recognized Ramu’s honesty. So, he offered Ramu to take all the vegetables he needed free of cost. He offered a plastic bag to Ramu to carry the vegetables. But Ramu refused to use the plastic bag offered by the vendor. He used the jute bag brought by him.


My garden had become a veritable jungle by the time I came back from holiday. The normally sober menswear department is set to become a veritable kaleidoscope of colour this season.