A Lesson For All Summary

The Lesson Summary is a learning report which you can fill in during each lesson to give structured feedback to your students such as error correction, new vocabulary, and grammar, as well as homework and objectives for the next lesson. Its main purpose is to consolidate the learning objectives. Read More 6th Class English Summaries.

A Lesson For All Summary

Mr. Vamsi was waiting for the newspaper. Mrs. Rupa and others were waiting for their milkman. They did not understand why the paper boy and the milkman were late. Meanwhile, they found a lot of litter and garbage on their street. At the same time, Mrs. Geetha’s daughter Kalyani got injured because of a broken glass bottle. Dr. Swathi dressed the wound and Kalyani was fine. By that time, the newspaper boy, the milkman, the hawker and bus driver arrived at the place on their foot as there was a lot of garbage on the road. They thought that it was not safe for them. They informed the mayor of the town.

The mayor came and was shocked to see the litter on the road. Suddenly the animals entered the scene and told them that they were responsible for spreading the garbage all over the town. The animals said that human beings spoiled the forests which were their dwelling places. So they decided to give all the rubbish back to human beings.


A Lesson For All’ is a short that brings out a message with its plethora of characters. Set in the early hours of the morning in a city street, the short play brings out the issue of environmental degradation.