An Alien Hand Summary

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An Alien Hand Summary

An Alien Hand Introduction

The story is sci-fiction where life on mars presented. Viking Mission ventured out for the existence of life on Mars in 1976 – 77. The story is woven around this fact. The helplessness because of the extinction of natural resources led the people of Mars to remain underground with technical advancement.

An Alien Hand Summary of the Lesson

The opening conversation reveals the location of the Tillo’s father’s office. He went to his work station by passing through an underground passage. Tilloo and many others wanted to know about the passage. He was snubbed by his mother at such queries.

One day Tilloo’s father was relaxing at home. Tilloo got his security card and entered the forbidden passage, fie crossed the metal door by security card usually as his father.

It opened in a bright passage which took him to the surface of the planet. Tilloo was hopeful that he would see the sun or the stars. But his movements were detected.

His pictures were taken up and sent to the Central Bureau. He was brought back to his home by the security staff. His mother rebuked him but his father tried to brief him.

He said that an ordinary person couldn’t breathe on the surface as the air is too thin to breathe and secondly the temperature is freezing.

Tilloo inquired ‘how did he manage to survive’ Daddy replied that he wore a well equipped special suit with a reservoir of oxygen. His boots were specially designed to walk on the surface along with special training to survive.

He added that the hoarsening conditions pushed them to live underground and before that their forefathers lived on the surface. Sun, turned hostile, it no longer was supportive and upset the balance of nature.

Bird’s animals and fishes became extinct one by one. But humans, managed through artificial conditions. Those machines needed maintaining for proper functioning. Tilloo was trilled and asked his father if he could join him when he grows up.

On the next day, the control room was crowded around the TV screen. They discovered that a black dot that appeared on the screen was approaching towards them. It was a spacecraft.

From the archives at Central Bureau. Tilloo’s father had learned that their ancestors had a well-developed space program. They had searched the solar system with manned and unmanned spacecraft and found that they were alone.

But at this stage when they do not have enough energy they could not have any space program.

The conference room was full but the members of the Central Committee were quiet as they know that the president would make an announcement at any moment.

President asked for the views of the members about the approaching spacecraft. He declared that one was orbiting their planet and others were still far off. He asked for views of number one.

Who was in charge of defense, known for his courage and wisdom? He said that destroying the spacecraft with missiles won’t be a wiser idea. He offered that they should allow the spacecraft to land.

They could destroy from there easily and secondly these didn’t contain living beings.

President then moved to number two for his opinion. He advised non-interference and passive observation. He did not want to reveal their existence. Number three, a social scientist agreed with number two. President was then informed about the landing of the first spacecraft.

Then canoe a memorable day is Tilloo’s life. His father took him to the control room from where he could see the alien spacecraft on a TV screen. Tilloo enquired about the spacecraft to which he replied that they would observe the movements of it from a distance.

He pointed towards a panel of buttons and said that they would take action only if anything suspicious observed. Tilloo noticed a mechanical hand coming out of the spacecraft.

Its movement was watched eagerly when it bent to touch the soil. Then unexpectedly Tilloo pressed the red button and shrill voice came out of it. Everyone was shocked and his father tried to control the situation. But its impact was irreversible.

NASA held a press conference, a scientist reported that. The mechanical hand had developed a Malfunction during diggings out the Martian soul for examination and technicians were confident to sort the same.

Another press release from NASA that the mechanical hand had started functioning again. After soil testing, the possibility of life on Mars would be detected. However, the Viking mission ended in disappointment as Mars did not have any signs of life.

Expectations of life on Mars were expected as it were closest to earth and physical conditions were similar to the earth.