The Tsunami Summary

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The Tsunami Summary

The Tsunami Introduction

A natural calamity causes huge destruction and loss of life and property. Alongside the story of deep sorrow are reassuring details of courage, survival and resilience. The children can realize the importance of doing whatever possible to save human and animal life, to participate in relief work and to understand the concept of disaster management.
Summary of the Lesson

The Tsunami Part 1 Summary Of the lesson

There are various stories of the natural calamity from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. One of the stories is of Igneous, the manager of a cooperative society in Katchhall. His wife felt tremor and raised an alarm.

The waves swept away his wife and two children with their maternal uncle and grandfather. However, he survived along with three other children.

Another story of Sanjeev, a policeman saved a family but was swept away when he tried to save the drowning wife of a guest house cook.

Meghna was a lucky survivor of thirteen after struggling for two days on a log of wood, although she was not noticed by rescue helicopters eleven times.

Almas was a student of Carmel Convent School in Port Blair. She went to her mother’s home in Nan Cowry Island to celebrate Christmas. She lost her father and grandfather as the wave swept them over. Her father realized the impending disaster and tried to take them to a safer place.

Then struggle went on as her mother and aunt initially clinging to a coconut tree but that was uprooted by gush of water. Almas saved herself by adhering to a log of wood. She was taken to hospital then shifted to Port Blair. The impact still traumatized her.

The Tsunami Part 2 Summary Of the lesson

This part of the lesson discussed the story of Tilly Smith, a ten-year-old British schoolgirl. Smith’s family consisting of Tilly, her seven-year-old sister, Penny, and Colin Smith visited Southern Thailand to celebrate Christmas.

Penny Smith got panicked when she observed that after the earthquake, the beaches were covered with water. Tilly Smith had seen a geography video lesson where it was shown to them the reason and the impact of Tsunamis.

So she was aware of the situation and alerted everyone on the beach by screaming hysterically. They ran away to a safer place. Thus it saved the lives of many tourists. Tilly narrated the whole terrifying experience to her friends.

The Tsunami Part 3 Summary Of the lesson

This part of the lesson describes the sensibility and awareness amongst animals for a natural disaster. The lesson discussed the foresting quality of animals when the tsunami hit the shores of Sri Lanka.

Animals like elephant started screaming dogs refuse to go outdoors, other birds did the same. There are many beliefs that they could sense the danger because of their heaving or feeling the vibration.

The reports of less death of animals as compared to human lives confirmed that hypothesis. Whether it Was India or Sri Lanka carcasses of animals and birds were seen less even in zoological parks; however, tourists were reported to be missing from there in a great number.

A Sri Lankan reported that his dogs did not budge to go.