The Quarrel Summary In English

This summary delves into the deep-rooted tensions, theological debates, and emotional conflicts that unfold as these friends grapple with the existential questions of faith, God’s presence, and the significance of human suffering in a world scarred by atrocity. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

The Quarrel Summary

The Quarrel Summary in English

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“The Quarrel” was the poem written by Eleanor Farjeon. This is a first-person narrative poem. The poet as a child quarreled with her brother. In childhood, the quarrel is common between brothers, sisters, and play-mates. Even they do not know why they were quarreling. During a quarrel both argued and it leads one thing to another. The quarrel started for small things, in the end, the reason was strong, both didn’t agree to compromise.

Her brother said he was right but the poet believed that he was wrong. Both hated one another. The afternoon was wasted it turned into black. After some time her brother patted on her back and said that he was wrong and gave up their quarrel. So the author felt that now he was right.


In conclusion, “The Quarrel” by Isaac Bashevis Singer is a compelling exploration of the profound complexities of human existence in the wake of tragedy. Through the intellectual and emotional struggle between Zanvil and Hersh, the story offers a powerful reflection on faith, friendship, and the enduring scars of history.