A Triumph of Surgery Summary Analysis and Explanation

A Triumph of Surgery Summary Analysis and Explanation

About the Author
James Alfred Wight (3 October 1916 – 23 February 1995), known by the pen name James Herriot, was a British veterinary surgeon and writer, who used his many years of experiences as a veterinary surgeon to write a series of books each consisting of stories about animals and their owners. He is best known for these semi-autobiographical works, beginning with If Only They Could Talk in 1970, which spawned a series of movies and television series.

Poet Name James Herriot
Born 3 October 1916, Sunderland, United Kingdom
Died 23 February 1995, Thirlby, United Kingdom
Spouse: Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury (m. 1941–1995)
Movies All Creatures Great and Small, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet

A Triumph of Surgery Summary of the Lesson

James Herriot is the author of‘ A Triumph of Surgery’. He writes mainly about pets and their care.

Mr Pumphery was a rich and emotional lady who has a cute pet called Tricki. She loved him so much that she overfed him. Tricki had put on a lot of weight which made him lethargic. When doctor Herriot saw the fat dog like a bloated sausage he was shocked.

He made a plan and told Mrs Pumphrey that Tricki needed treatment for an ailment which was possible only in the hospital. The doctor knew that Mrs Pumphrey would not be able to keep the dog on a proper diet. The doctor took the dog to his house rather than a hospital.

When the greedy dog went to the author’s house. He had to remain hungry if he was slow to approach for food. He was given food at fixed intervals. Soon he shed off a lot of his body weight and became quite active.

When Tricki was at home he was pampered br Mrs Pumphrey. He had a luxurious life when he was served with cream cake, chocolate and Horlicks. But when he came to the doctor he became all right. When Mrs Pumphrey saw her active dog she thanked the doctor and felt that it was a triumph of surgery.

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