A Question of Trust Summary Analysis and Explanation

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A Question of Trust Summary Analysis and Explanation By Victor Canning

About the Author
Victor Canning (16 June 1911 – 21 February 1986) was a prolific British writer of novels and thrillers who flourished in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. He was personally reticent, writing no memoirs and giving relatively few newspaper interviews.

Author Name Victor Canning
Born 16 June 1911, Plymouth, United Kingdom
Died 21 February 1986, Cirencester, United Kingdom
Spouse Adria Irving-Bell (m. 1976–1986), Diana Bird (m. 1974–1976), Phyllis McEwen (m. 1935–1973)
Movies Venetian Bird, Golden Salamander, Shark
Victor Canning - a question of trust summary class 10
Victor Canning

A Question of Trust Summary of the Lesson

‘A Question of Trust’ is a very thrilling and interesting story written by the author Victor Canning. The story is full of paradoxes. Horace Danby had a good reputation in the society. He was about fifty and unmarried.

He made locks and had two helpers. He loved rare and expensive books. Horace robbed a safe every year. He was now out on committing a robbery.

For two weeks Horace had studied the house of Shotover Grange. He had to burgle this house. Horace Danby entered the house. Horace had allergy from flower; he started sneezing. Then he heard a voice. The voice told him that he could cure the sneeze. It was the voice of a woman.

She stood in the doorway. She was young and pretty. His first thought was to run. The lady told him that she would telephone the police. She would tell them about him. Horace Danby told her to let him go and forget she ever saw him. The lady put one condition for letting Horace go.

She told him that she promised her husband to take her jewel to the bank. She had, however, left jewels in the safe. She told him that she wanted to wear the jewels in a party that night. She came down to get them. But she had forgotten the numbers to open the safe.

So she needed his help and Horace opened the safe for her. After two days a policeman has arrested him for the jewel robbery at Shotover Grange. Danby’s fingerprint were found all over the room. He had opened the safe without gloves.

He said to the police that the landlady of the house asked him to open the safe. But the lady was 60 years old woman. She said Danby’s story was a nonsense.

Horace is now in prison. He often thinks of the charming and clever young lady. She was in the same profession. She had simply tricked him. Danby gets angry when anyone talks about “honour among thieves”.

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