Diary Entry for Class 9 CBSE Format, Topics, Examples, Samples

Diary writing is the writing down of events, transactions and observations in a highly personalized manner. It is wrapped around creative thoughts and is basically the outpouring of what one feels or has experienced with regard to a particular stimulus. A diary can be written on a daily basis or at intervals, depending on the inclination of the writer.

Basic English Grammar rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 9 English Chapter wise.

Diary Entry Class 9 CBSE Format, Topics, Examples, Samples PDF

Some of the essential characteristics of a diary are:

  • It should be written in chronological order.
  • The day, date, place, and time of entry in the diary should be included.
  • A suitable descriptive heading or some hints about the topic written about may be included.
  • The main body of the diary should’be written in a comprehensive manner giving a precise yet complete description of an event, a place, or a person.
  • It should express the writer’s point of view and lay stress on feelings and emotions rather than on the event itself.
  • It should be personalised and written in the first person and maybe in the past tense.
  • The writing should be informative as it is a spontaneous piece of writing.
  • A signature at the end of the day’s diary entry can be given to authenticate it, and for future reference.

Diary Entry Exercise Solved Examples for Class 9 CBSE

Question 1.
Today when you were on your way to school, a man walking just in front of you dropped his wallet. He did not realize he had dropped it. What did you do? Write a diary entry about the incident.

day; date Tuesday, 20 June.
feelings I am really proud of what I did today!
incident I saw a man drop his wallet as he got into the car. The wallet was stuffed with cash. Tried to call out but he drove off. Got the contact number from the wallet and called up. Was Trappy to get his wallet back.
further action
follow up Praised me for my honesty.

Question 2.
You are going on a school picnic with your classmates and teachers. You are very excited. The night before the trip you sit down to write your diary. Describe what you have planned for the picnic and how you hope to enjoy yourself there. You are Ramesh. Write your dairy in 100-150 words.

Friday, 14 October 20XX
Dear Diary,

9 p.m.

A School Picnic

I am very excited tonight. I am going on a picnic tomorrow with my classmates. Some of our teachers will also accompany us. We have been planning for this trip ever since our Principal gave us permission a month ago.

We are going to Lodhi Park. It has a large ground where children can run and play freely. My mother has made a dozen sandwiches and a cake for me. My friends will also be bringing some food, and we shall all share, eat and play. For me, it’s like a dream come true as I had been longing to visit the park for a long. I am so much looking forward to it.

I feel I just cannot go to sleep tonight. I keep imagining all the fun that we ar& going to have tomorrow. But my mother warned me that if I do not go to sleep now, I might fall asleep at the picnic.

So, good night!

Question 3.
It was your first time traveling in a local train in Mumbai. Record the events you experienced in your diary in about 100-150 words.

7 p.m., FridayLocal trains in Mumbai are the worst.I had a very bad experience in one of the local trains in Mumbai. This is my third time in the city. Although the city is very nice, I don’t like public transport. The roads are small and the traffic in the train station itself is overwhelming. After catching the train I realised that it was very crowded and at one point in time, I was almost pushed off the train. It was quite dangerous. Hope I don’t have to catch a local train in Mumbai again.(your name)

Question 4.
You are Ashish living in Delhi. You had to attend a wedding ceremony in Mumbai. Your father took you there by airplane. You are very excited as it was your first journey by plane. Write a diary entry in 100-150 words sharing your experience.

Thursday, October 2, 20XX
Dear Diary

8:45 p.m.

I wish to share with you the excitement of my first flight to Mumbai. As it was my first experience, I was a bit nervous.

On Monday, we boarded the huge aircraft where an air hostess greeted us with a smile. I occupied the window seat to enjoy my flight. As our plane took off I felt relaxed. When I looked down everything appeared to be very small.

It was so picturesque that if I were a poet I would have composed a poem. I was enjoying every moment of my journey.

After about two hours, we landed at the Mumbai airport. Before landing at the airport, I looked down to see the largest slums of Asia, ‘Dharavi slums’ about which I had heard so often from my father. Mumbai airport really looked amazing. I along with family also bought a few chocolates from the shop. It was a great adventure in my life.


Diary Entry Format For Class 9 Diagnostic test 3

You had the most difficult test today but you knew everything on the paper. You answered all the questions and you are really happy with how things turned out. Write a diary entry about it. Start with the anxiety you felt before you saw the question paper.

(day, date)
I was (a) ………………………………….. . I couldn’t (b) ………………………………….. . I thought I would in this subject. I could believe (d) ………………………………….. . I actually knew (e) ………………………………….. . I could answer all the questions. I can’t wait (f) ……………………………………

(a) was really worried about the test today
(b) last night because I kept thinking about it
(c) definitely fail
(d) believe my eyes when I saw the question paper
(e) how to answer all the questions
(f) for the results to be announced

Score yourself for each diagnostic test:
5 – good
4 – satisfactory
3 or less – you need to develop writing skills through adequate practice

Diary Entry Practice Exercise for Class 9 CBSE

Question 1.
Have you ever disobeyed specific instructions given by your parents? If so, what did you do? What was the consequence of your disobedience? Write a diary entry about the time you disobeyed your parents leading to serious consequences.

Question 2.
Your Summative Assessment examinations are round the corner. The syllabus is vast and whenever you sit down to study you are unable to concentrate as you are very nervous. You feel you may let down your parents and your teachers who have a lot of expectations from you. Write a diary entry about your feelings in about 100-150 words.

Question 3.
Your friend wants your opinion on a new friend whom you do not approve of. Will you tell your friend your true feelings or what he/she would like to hear? Write a diary entry in about 100-150 words about your dilemma.

Question 4.
Write a diary entry that begins, “I wish I could forget the time I… because …” in about 100-150 words.

Question 5.
You saw a 3D film. Write a diary entry in about 100-150 words about the experience.

Question 6.
You are Hritik/Ritika. One of your classmates has decided to skip school without informing the teachers. Write a diary entry about what you did and what happened? Give an account of the events in the form of a diary entry in not more than 150 words.