Debate Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Debate Writing Class 11 Pdf

Debate Writing Class 11 Format:


  • Start with a captivating opening statement or quote related to the topic.
  • Clearly state the motion or proposition being debated.
  • Provide a brief overview of the arguments you will present.


  • Present your arguments in a logical and organized manner.
  • Each argument should be supported by evidence, facts, and examples.
  • Anticipate and refute potential counterarguments.


  • Address the opposing side’s arguments and counter them effectively.
  • Use persuasive language and evidence to weaken their stance.


  • Summarize your main points and restate your position.
  • End with a strong closing statement that leaves a lasting impact.

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Debate Writing Class 11 Examples:

Motion: “Should Animal Testing for Cosmetics be Banned?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we are gathered here to discuss a matter of utmost importance – whether animal testing for cosmetics should be banned. Our team firmly stands in support of the motion, advocating for a more ethical approach to cosmetic product development.”

Argument 1 – Ethical Considerations:
Animal testing involves subjecting innocent creatures to unnecessary suffering. As sentient beings, animals deserve respect and protection from harm. Banning animal testing will promote cruelty-free practices and encourage the cosmetics industry to adopt alternative, humane testing methods.

Argument 2 – Efficacy of Alternative Methods:
Advancements in science and technology have led to the development of innovative non-animal testing techniques. These alternatives, such as in vitro testing and computer modeling, have shown to be more accurate and reliable in predicting human reactions. Embracing such methods can lead to safer and more effective cosmetic products.

Some argue that animal testing is essential for ensuring consumer safety and regulatory compliance. However, it is crucial to note that several countries and companies have successfully transitioned to cruelty-free testing without compromising product safety. Additionally, regulatory agencies can update guidelines to accept alternative testing methods.

In conclusion, banning animal testing for cosmetics is not only an ethical imperative but also a practical step towards safer and cruelty-free product development. By supporting this motion, we can demonstrate our commitment to a more compassionate and progressive society.

Debate Writing Class 11 Examples

Debate Writing Class 11 Topics:

Should Junk Food Be Banned in Schools?
Is Social Media More Harmful or Beneficial?
Should Homework Be Abolished?
Is Online Learning as Effective as Traditional Classroom Learning?
Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?
Is Video Gaming a Waste of Time?
Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?
Is Climate Change Caused by Human Activity?
Should School Uniforms be Mandatory?
Is Nuclear Energy a Viable Solution to Energy Needs?

Debate Writing Class 11 Exercises:

Exercise 1: Choose a debate topic from the list above and outline arguments for both the affirmative and negative sides. Present your case as if you were arguing for each perspective.

Exercise 2: Watch a recorded debate online or read a transcript of a debate on a topic of your interest. Take notes on the main arguments presented by both sides and evaluate the effectiveness of their delivery.

Exercise 3: Engage in a mock debate with a friend or fellow student. Choose a topic and take turns arguing for and against the motion. This exercise will help improve your persuasive skills and ability to counter opposing arguments.

Exercise 4: Research a current social or environmental issue and prepare a debate speech outlining your position and supporting evidence. Focus on constructing a compelling narrative to sway the audience in favor of your viewpoint.

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Conclusion On Debate Writing Class 11:

Debate writing is an essential skill that helps individuals express their opinions effectively and critically analyze various perspectives on a topic. Engaging in debate exercises and participating in debates on diverse subjects will not only enhance your communication abilities but also broaden your understanding of the world around you. Remember, a well-structured debate is a powerful tool to sway opinions, spark meaningful discussions, and drive positive change. So, embrace the art of debate and let your voice be heard with clarity and conviction. Best of luck in your debating endeavors!