Article Writing For Class 7 Format, Topics, Examples, Exercises

Article Writing For Class 7 With Answers

Articles are written to give information in a wide range of contexts for magazines or newspapers. They are a relatively long and sustained piece of writing. They give information on a variety of themes such as describing an event, person, someone’s life and actions, places, and experiences. They can also be an expression of the writer’s opinions on topics of social interest or arguments for or against a topic and they often offer suggestions.

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Article Writing Topics For Class 7 CBSE Format, Examples Pdf

Articles express the personal opinions of the writer. Input for an article/speech may be in the form of verbal/visual input. The output may be descriptive or argumentative.

Articles express the personal opinion of the writer and present information on a variety of themes.

Article Writing Format Pdf

  1. Write the HEADING/TITLE at the top.
  2. Write the name of the writer below it.
  3. Split your subject matter into 3 – 4 paragraphs.
    • a. Paragraph – 1: Introduction – briefly tell what the Article is about, giving some startling fact or quotation to arouse interest.
    • b. Paragraphs – 2 and 3: Highlight the cause and effect of the problem. Give Examples: to support your views. Compare and contrast.
    • c. Paragraph – 4: Conclusion. Briefly offer suggestions and solutions to improve the situation. Predictions and personal observations may be included.
  4. Systematic presentation of ideas is a must.
  5. Pay attention to grammatical accuracy and use good vocabulary.
  6. Use sentence linkers to ensure continuity – e.g. firstly, finally, moreover, etc.
  7. Remove irrelevant information and repetition.
  8. Follow the word limit. (150 – 200 words)

Write a good ending:
In an article, it’s better to give the readers something to think about, perhaps by asking them another question or giving them a call to action. Often, the best endings link back to the starting point in some way. Use of quotes, slogans, and couplets may be incorporated as per the requirement and relevance.

Article Writing Exercises For Class 7 With Answers

Sample: Cruelty to animals is growing day by day due to human greed. This is not good for the ecosystem. Animals too are a part of our life. You have been asked to write an article ‘Live and Let Live’ in order to create awareness. You are Rohit.

Live and Let Live                                                    —Rohit

God created their world, not for the benefit of mankind alone. No doubt man today is the master of the earth. He has tamed even tigers and elephants and King Cobras. But his brain superiority does not give him the right to hunt down all kinds and species of animals.
Animals normally live in forests. They don’t attack us unless we provoke them or encroach on their territory. They are as a rule afraid of us. They serve some useful purposes. So killing them for pleasure or for their skin and bones is a sin and a crime.
We need to learn to live together not only with our fellow beings but also with all the creatures created by God.’ In other words, we should live ourselves as well as let others also live in peace. War, hunting, and violence are against the will of God and the law of the land. Coexistence should be our motto.

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Article Writing Exercises for Class 7 CBSE

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle is the top priority for many people. In light of the above statement, write an article on ‘Keeping a healthy lifestyle’ in not more than 100¬150 words.
  2. Women walk long distances to fetch water in certain parts of the country. There is not only a scarcity of water but water in most places is also contaminated. Using the hints given below together with your own ideas, write an article in about 125 words on the scarcity of clean drinking water, suggesting ways to improve the situation.

Scarcity of clean drinking water

  • Women travel long distances in certain areas like Rajasthan and Gujarat to fetch water
  • Contamination of water
  • Linking rivers
  • Awareness of clean drinking water habits
  • Rainwater harvesting/water conservation