DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

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My English Reader Class 8 DAV Solutions Unit 3 Enterprise

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Unit 3 Enterprise


Risking Summary

There were two seeds in the fertile soil. First seed said that it wanted to grow into soil. It also wanted that its sprouts should grow and wanted the arrival of spring to be announced by it. Second seed said that it was afraid to grow. It wanted to wait until all the dangers were ended. In the early spring a hen came and ate the second seed.

उपजाऊ भूमि में दो बीज थे। पहले बीज ने कहा कि वह बहुत बढ़ना चाहता है। वह चाहता है कि उसकी जड़ें अन्दर तक फैल जाएँ। उसकी कलियाँ वसन्त ऋतु के आगमन की घोषणा करें। परन्तु दूसरा बीज बोला कि वह बढ़ने से डरता है। वह सभी खतरों की समाप्ति तक प्रतीक्षा करना चाहता है। परन्तु वसन्त के आरम्भ में एक मुर्गी आयी तथा दूसरे बीज को खा गयी।


Beneath = under, below, नीचे, अंदर;
Sprout = to germinate – अंकुरित होना;
Thrust = push, blow – धक्का देना।

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

II. Use the adjectives given below to identify the qualities of the two seeds.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 2


DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 1

III. You are the first seed, which is now a plant. What advice would you give to another baby seed so as not to meet the second seed’s fate?

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 3

I think you should be determined and courageous so that you would get the real pleasure of life by adding lustre in the beauty of nature. Those who remain afraid can never achieve.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

A.1. Match the professions with the challenges.

Profession Challenge
(i) Doctor creating new and original designs.
(ii) Teacher evolving strategies to improve sales and profits.
(iii) Policeman dealing with life or death situations.
(iv) Businessman capturing harsh realities of life even at a risk to one’s life.
(v) Fashion Designer discovering new theories for the benefit of mankind.
(vi) Journalist imparting knowledge and inculcating right values,
(vii) Scientist tracing hard core enemies of the society.


Profession Challenge
(i) Doctor dealing with life or death situations.
(ii) Teacher imparting knowledge and inculcating right values.
(iii) Policeman tracing hard core enemies of the society.
(iv) Businessman evolving strategies to improve sales and profits.
(v) Fashion designer creating new and original designs.
(vi) Journalist capturing harsh realities of life even at a risk to one’s life.
(vii) Scientist discovering new theories for the benefit of mankind.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise


Legend Summary

There lived a blacksmith boy who was accompanied by a black dog and went out with a rifle. He was stopped by rivers, animals, branches etc. But nothing could stop him. He crossed mountains and the rocks rolled over him. A crow told him that he would die soon.

The day was ending. He lost his hat. His rifle got broken and the dog disappeared. But the boy kept moving. There was a rainbow standing on the mountain. He caught rainbow in his hands. Everyone saw him. He kept the rainbow on his shoulder and came back with it.

एक लुहार का बेटा था जो कुत्ते तथा बन्दूक हाथ में लेकर निकल पड़ा। उसे जानवरों, नदियों तथा टहनियों ने रोका । परन्तु उसे कोई भी नहीं रोक पाया। उसने पहाड़ पार किये। चट्टान उस पर लुढक कर आ रहीं थी । एक कौए ने उसे कहा कि वह जल्दी मर जाएगा। दिन खत्म हो रहा था। उसकी टोपी खो गयी । कुत्ता गायब हो गया और उसकी बन्दूक टूट गयी। परन्तु लड़का लगातार चलता रहा। पहाड़ पर इन्द्रधनुष खड़ा था। उसने इन्द्रधनुष को अपने हाथों में उठा लिया। हर किसी ने उसे देखा। कँधे पर इन्द्रधनुष रखकर वह लौट आया।

Word – Meanings:

Snatched = seized quickly – छीनना;
Paddocks = a small field where horses are kept – एक;
Swallow = to make food, drink etc. go down your throat to your stomach – खाद्य-पेय पदार्थों को निगलना;
Dodge = to move quickly in order to avoid somebody – कतरा
Barrel = the long metal part of a gun like a tube through which the bullets are fired – बंदूक की नाल ।

A.3. Pick lines from the poem or state points to justify the following statements.
(a) The blacksmith’s boy did not go alone. He had companions.
He went out with a rifle and a black dog running behind.

(b) He faced obstacles on the way.
He was stopped by the mountains.
Cobwebs snatched his feet and rivers stopped him, rocks fell upon him.

(c) The boy was full of self-confidence.
He was determined to purge all the obstacles.
He could break branches, cross rivers and climb mountains.

(d) Birds discouraged the blacksmith’s boy from moving ahead.
Crow told him that he would die soon.
The pigeon, magpie, dove began to cry.

(e) His friends deserted him.
The dog disappeard, his rifle got broken.

(f) He did not waste time in catching the rainbow.
The boy quickly jumped and caught the rainbow in his hands.

(g) He was applauded and appreciated for accomplishing his work.
Lizard and snake came to see him. The world said that he was the bravest and boldest in the world.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

A.4. On the basis of your reading, write T against the true sentences and F against the false ones.

(a) The poem is a story handed down from the past. ____

(b) The boy’s confidence was shaken by the challenges that came his way. ____

(c) It was night by the time he reached the mountain. ____

(d) The crow warned him of the dangerous consequences of his mission. ____

(e) The pigeon, magpie and dove were certain that the boy would be successful. ____

(f) The rainbow was bright and colourful but cold. ____

(g) There was nothing extraordinary about the boy’s feat. ____

(h) The poem proves that where there is a will, there is a way. ____

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

A.5. The poem presents several excellent examples of simile and personification.

A simile is used to compare one thing with another.
For example, He fought like a lion.
Personification means attributing human characteristics to non-living things.
For example, Rivers hindered him.

Pick out nouns which have been personified and examples of simile from the poem and write any four of them in the space provided.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 4


Personification Simile
River hindered him.

Thorn branches caught his eyes to make him blind.

Mountains jumped in his way.
Rocks rolled down on him.

Up came the night ready to swallow him.

Like the barrel of the gun.

Like an old black hat.

Like a black dog hungry to follow him.

He ran like a hare.

Like a bar of ice, like the column of a fountain.

Like a ring of gold.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise


Besides enterprise, many other qualities helped the boy gain success in his mission. Discuss with your partner and jot down the qualities in the space provided below.
The boy was courageous and nothing deterred him for reaching his mission. He went all alone with rifle and his dog to complete his task. He faced many obstacles on the way but he was full of self-confidence and extraordinary will power. He had set out on a mission to far away mountains to reach his ultimate goal – to touch the rainbow. The poem proves that where there is a will there is a way.

A.7. Life-Skills

‘Action is the key to all success.’ The boy’s continuous action despite all obstacles on the way brought him success. Recall any one such incident of your life where your indomitable spirit enabled you to achieve success and share it with your partner.
For Self-attempt.

A.8. Pick out verbs from the poem which have the following meanings.

(a) delayed the progress of ________

(b) seized quickly ________

(c) moved by turning over and over ________

(d) move quickly to one side so as to avoid a thing ________

(e) forecast ________

(f) gaze fixedly ________

(g) kill or wound with a missile from the gun ________

A.9. Write a letter to your friend sharing the incident you recalled in A-7. Make a mention of the problems you faced while accomplishing the task.
For Self-attempt.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

B.1. Read the following information about the world’s five most successful companies.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 5

See My English Reader, page 57.

B.2. Discuss with your partner the questions given below.

  • Which of these companies or their products exist in your country? Are they very successful?
  • What else do you know about these companies?
  • Can you think of three other successful companies?
  • State one common feature of the success of these enterprises.

For self-attempt.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise


Success Comes to Those Who Will and Dare Summary

The Chairman Mr. Kumar gives many reasons for his success such as wisdom; investment, confidence and creating opportunities. He provides suggestions, opinions for an ideal company. It tries to find out the best capable fellow out of its employees. It changes with times and produces best quality products.

According to him, Indians can also compete with foreign companies and their standards. All features can be found in India such as physical resources, talent, domestic market, technology etc.

To recruit a professional, Shri Kumar judges his sincerity towards work, commitment, communication skills and decision-making abilities. He gives a message to today’s youth. He asks them to have self-confidence, learning abilities, innovative ideas and a personality with good deeds. With all these traits they can be successful.

एक निजी कम्पनी के चेयरमैन श्री कुमार अपनी सफलता का रहस्य बुद्धिमता, निवेश, आत्मविश्वास तथा सुअवसर को बताते हैं। वे एक आदर्श कम्पनी के लिए विचार व्यक्त करते हैं। उनका यह प्रयत्न रहता है कि कम्पनी हमेशा अपने कर्मचारियों का सर्वोच्च तरीके से प्रयोग कर सके। ऐसी कम्पनी हमेशा समय के साथ बदलती रहती है और उच्च गुणवत्ता के उत्पादों का निर्माण करती है।

उनके अनुसार, भारतीय भी वाह्य देशों की कम्पनियों के साथ प्रतिस्पर्धा में शामिल हो सकते हैं और उनके मानक प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। भारत में सभी विशेषतायें विद्यमान हैं जैसे- भौतिक संसाधन, मेधा, घरेलू बाजार और तकनीक इत्यादि ।

एक कर्मचारी को नियुक्त करने के पहले चेयरमैन उसमें योग्यता, आत्मविश्वास, काम के प्रति लगन, संप्रेषण कौशल तथा निर्णय लेने की क्षमता परखते हैं। वे आज के युवाओं को संदेश देते हैं । वे स्वयं में विश्वास, सीखने की योग्यता, नए विचारों तथा अच्छा काम करने के व्यक्तित्व के निर्माण की शिक्षा देते हैं। इन सभी विशेषताओं से वे सफलता प्राप्त कर सकते है।


Conventional = behaving in traditional way – पारम्परिक;
Excelling = becoming superior – सर्वश्रेष्ठ;
Calibre = capacity – क्षमता;
Congeniality = suitable or pleasing – सौहार्दपूर्ण

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

B.4. List at least four points under each heading as enumerated in the text.

(a) Factors responsible for the success of Mr. Kumar’s Company
Challenges that he faced
Confidence and competence
He took risk by investing in infrastructure
Making sound strategies and adequate planning

(b) Qualities of an ideal business company
It must reflect the urges of contemporary society.
It must be able to change according to time.
It must produce products with best quality.
It is able to utilize its employees in the best way.

(c) Reasons for India’s ability to complete in the global market
India has physical resources.
It has a big domestic market.
It has a full technological set up.
It has a great talent and employees.

(d) Quality traits of eligible professionals
He must have communication abilities.
Employees must be expert in their work.
Commitment towards work is must.
He must possess sincerity towards his work.

B.5. Tick (✓) the groups of words that best explain the given expressions.

(a) Challenging conventional wisdom
(i) obeying forefathers.
(ii) changing ideas and practices according to changing times.
(iii) generation gap.
(ii) changing ideas and practices according to changing times.

(b) Building sound strategies-
(i) evolving solid and substantial plans.
(ii) creating plans that appear big.
(iii) implementing plans.
(i) evolving solid and substantial plans.

(c) Investing in infrastructure-
(i) spending for providing basic facilities.
(ii) having a huge structure for company.
(iii) investing and saving in banks.
(i) spending for providing basic facilities.

(d) Reflects the urges of the contemporary society-
(i) serves the society by making new products.
(ii) portrays a picture of the society.
(iii) understands and serves the needs of the present society.
(iii) understands and serves the needs of the present society.

(e) A large domestic market-
(i) a market which provides products of domestic use.
(ii) a market to sell one’s products in one’s own country.
(iii) good marketing opportunities.
(ii) a market to sell one’s products in one’s own country.

(f) Multi-disciplinary skills-
(i) combining several usually separate branches at learning or fields of expectise
(ii) a disciplined person
(iii) a variety of skills making a person disciplined.
(ii) a disciplined person

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise


According to Mr Kumar, the youth of India can be successful if they adopt certain qualities of heat and heart. Pick those qualities out and fill them in the given spaces.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 8


DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 6

B.7. Life Skills

In the interview, Mr Kumar reveals the secret of his success as an entrepreneur. Which one quality do you value the most and would like to adopt in your life?
I like Mr. Akhil Kumar because of his self-confidence and enterprising quality. He manages to achieve the best out of his available resources. His qualities prove him the businessman of today.

B.8. You are a member of‘Young Group’, which has decided to start a business. Discuss the points given below.

(a) Decide on an interesting business to start. For example, a dance club, a health club, a music store or a hair salon.
(b) What do you have to do in order to succeed in that business? Use the questions given below to identify at least five different factors.

  • What are the most important things you need in order to run this business?
  • How important is the name of the business?
  • Do you think the location of the business is important?
  • How important is advertising or publicity plan?

(c) Now design a plan for your business. Consider these factors-

  • Name
  • Special features
  • Location
  • Type of advertising
  • Product or service
  • Slogan
  • Decor
  • Other considerations


Health Club

(a) I have decided to start a health club very soon. In it, I would like to provide latest facilities regarding health. Experienced professionals will be brought to provide training to the people who are the part of this club.


  • To run this business money, location, timing, devotion towards work etc. should be taken into account.
  • Name of the business is important. It must be attractive.
  • Location is one of the prime factors. For any business, there should be prime location.
  • To develop and expand the business, advertising or publicity plan is must.

In today’s world advertisement is one of the most important factors. It is only through advertisement that you can reach up to the people living even in remote areas.
Advertising also shows the worth of your product.


  • Name of the company must be catchy and attractive.
  • There should be prime location.
  • There must be some special features in your product or services which is not available in market till now.
  • Company must be decorated well so that it may snatch the attention of the customers.
  • Slogan must be catchy.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

C. 1. Given below are the names of some famous personalities. Match them with the fields these personalities excel in.

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Entertainment 7


1. Michelangelo art
2. Einstein physics
3. Leonardo De Vinci art
4. Shakespeare drama
5. Mozart music
6. William Wordsworth poetry
7. Graham Bell invention
8. Dhyan Chand hockey
9. Donald Bradman cricket
10. Alfred Nobel chemistry

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

C.2. Your presentation on a class project has won the ‘Best Project’ award. The award has triggered dreams and hopes for the future.

Discuss with your partner your plans about and hopes of winning more such awards in future.
I was thrilled when my project on ‘waste water treatment’ was adjudged the best project in our school exhibition. My principal and science teacher commended me highly for my efforts. I was awarded a trophy and a certificate for the best designed model. Actually my project was very innovative because it opened scope for treatment of waste water by us. The model was based on treating sludge and waste matter after separating it from water. Waste matter can be segregrated and made into a biogas, which can be used as domestic fuel and water which has been treated can again be used for domestic purposes.

C.3. Listen to an article on a science wizard called ‘Adm Ezra Cohen’ and find out what he is like.

Listen to an audio CD titled ‘Listen & Comprehend’ (Class-VIII). After listening, answer the questions asked in the audio CD orally. Listen to the tape script once again and attempt the given question. The tape script is also given on page no. 73.

Westinghouse Winner

Each year, the top high-school science students in the United States enter the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. This contest i the most prestigious of its kind, and it offers a $ 40,000 college scholarship as its top prize. In 2004, with 1,652 students entering, the top prize was won by Adam Ezra Cohen, a 17 year-old senior from New York city. Adam won for his invention of an electrochemical paintbrush. This ‘painbrush’ is an electronic circuit that prints tiny patterns on silicon surfaces – patterns so tiny that 50 words would fit within the width of a human hair. If further developed, the invention could be used to make powerful microchips for computers.

Impressive as this invention sounds, it’s only one among many for Adam. He already has 152 to his credit, including a computer cursor that users can move with their eyes.

Some people may have the idea that being a serious science student means being a serious person with no interests other than science. If so, they haven’t met Adam. He’s an Outgoing young man who, on winning the prize, jumped in the air and hugged a judge. And he’s got a multitude of other interests, including biking, ice-skating, soccer, reading, and last but not the least, collecting wild mushrooms. ‘He’s a delight,’ his father says. ‘The only thing we have to watch is what he puts in Our refrigerator bottles filled with blue stuff and dried-up rats.’

Yet science is obviously very important to Adam, and someday he may be important to science. He’s using his scholarship to study physics at Harvard and Speaks of plans of continuing on to a career as an inventor and researcher Five Westinghouse winners have gone on to win Nobel prizes. Perhaps one day Adam will.

On the basis of your listening to the passage, fill in the blanks in the sentences given below.

(a) The ________ school science students enter the Westinghouse Science Talent Search Contest.
top high

(b) The contest offers ________ college scholarship as its top prize.
$ 40,000

(c) Adam Ezra Cohen won this prize when he was ________ years old.

(d) He invented an ________ paintbrush.
electrochemical paintbrush

(e) At the age of 17, he had already made ________ inventions.

(f) Adam Ezra has other interests too, which include ________ and ________ (any two).
biking, ice skating

(g) He would like to become an ________ and ________ in future.
inventor, researcher

(h) He hopes to win the ________ in future.
Nobel prize

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise

C.4. Imagine that Adam Ezra has won the Nobel Prize for his extraordinary research work in Physics. Prepare an article on him for the newspaper about his success story. You are Kaushal Shinde, a newspaper journalist. Get more information from the Internet.

Kaushal Shinde

26th July, 20XX

The news that an American Adam Ezra bagged the Nobel prize in the stream of physics astonished everyone. Firstly he won $ 40,000 college scholarship at the age of 17 inventing electrochemical paintbrush. That year about 1,652 students participated. At the age of 17, he had already made 152 inventions. He developed cursor which the users can move with their eyes. ‘He’s a delight.’ He used the prize money to study physics at Harvard. He became an inventor and also a researcher. The U.S.A. hopes for big achievements from him.


The Verger Summary

Mr. Foreman has ten shops of cigars, cigarettes etc. But his parents were too poor to send him to school so he started working at the age of 10 as a servant in the house of a rich family. Albert got married at the age of 22. He continued to work in the same house sincerely. But soon he became the Verger of St. Peters church which was situated at the centre of rich part of London. He did everything at the church.

People were happy with his work. But when he grew old, a new person was appointed at his place in the church. Albert had to change himself according to the new vicar. He was told to learn, read and write. But Albert was too old to do this. He decided to leave the place.

But it was a matter of worry to get a new job in this old age. He was thinking about a new job. He began to look for a cigarette shop. But he could not find it. He reached home and informed his wife that he had left the job. Now he opened a new shop, selling cigar, cigarette, tobacco and pipes. After ten years, he had ten shops of cigarettes. One day the bank manger called him and said that he had a lot of money. He suggested him to buy shares. Albert just marked the documents. The manager was surprised to know that he was illiterate. He told if he was educated he could have been a millionaire. Albert just passed a remark if he were educated he would have remained the Verger at the church for ever.

श्री फोरमेन की लंदन में दस दुकाने थीं जिसमें सिगार, पाइप तथा सिगरेट बेची जाती थी। पहले वे बहुत गरीब थे। दस वर्ष की आयु में उन्हें काम करने के लिए एक अमीर परिवार में भेज दिया गया। बाइस वर्ष की आयु में उसका विवाह हुआ। वह लगातार उसी घर में निष्ठापूर्वक कार्य करता रहा। उसके बाद वे चर्च के पादरी के सहायक बन गये । चर्च अमीर व्यक्तियों के घरों के बीच में था। उसने चर्च में सभी तरह के काम किये।

एलबर्ट के काम से सभी खुश थे। समय के साथ पादरो किया गया। एलवर्ट उसकी हर बात को मानता। जब पादरी (Vicar ) बूढ़े हो गये। उनकी जगह नए पादरी को नियुक्त (Vicar) को पता चला कि एलबर्ट पढ़ना, लिखना नहीं जानते तो उन्होंने एलबर्ट को पढ़ाई करने के लिए कहा लेकिन एलबर्ट के लिए इस उम्र में यह काम संभव नहीं था। अतः उन्होंने चर्च छोड़ने का निश्चय किया।
लेकिन इस उम्र में नई नौकरी मिलना काफी कठिन था। वह एक सिगरेट की दुकान के बारे में सोचने लगा। लेकिन उसे नहीं मिली। घर पहुँचकर उसने अपनी पत्नी को बताया कि वे काम छोड़ चुके हैं।

उन्होंने अब सिगरेट की एक दुकान खोली। धीरे-धीरे दस वर्ष में उनकी दस दुकानें हो गयी। एक दिन बैंक के मैनेजर ने बताया कि उनके पास बहुत धन हो गया है। अतः उन्हें अपने धन को शेयर खरीदने में लगाना चाहिए। एलबर्ट मान गये और उन्होंने खाली दस्तावेज पर केवल चिन्ह लगाए । मैनेजर ने पूछा तो उन्होंने बताया कि वे अनपढ़ हैं। मैनेजर ने कहा कि यदि वे पढ़े लिखे होते तो अरबपति होते। एलबर्ट ने कहा, नहीं यदि वे पढ़े लिखे होते तो हमेशा के लिए चर्च के पादरी के सहायक ही रहते।

DAV Class 8 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Enterprise


Verger = helper of priest – चर्च के पादरी का सहायक;
Robe = a long gown like dress – लबादा, ढ़ीली पोशाक;
Vicar = a priest – पादरी;
Parish = an area or a district which has its own church – क्षेत्र या जिला जिसका अपना चर्च हो;
Pleased = happy – खुश