DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

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My English Reader Class 7 DAV Solutions Unit 3 Attitude

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Unit 3 Attitude


I. Read the following cartoon strip from a newspaper.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 1

Form groups of four. Let each group split into the home team and the visiting team. Discuss in groups how you felt and share your feelings with other groups.
Home Team : We felt thrilled and excited, almost on top of the world. We had fun when the match came to a close time.
Visiting Team : We felt sad and depressed having almost won the match and eventually made to lose it only at the closing time. Oh! we had been lucky.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

II. Look at these photos:

Which of the people do you think are –

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 2

  • Compare your answers with your partner’s.
  • Do people show feelings in the same way in all the countries of the world?
  • Do we all smile when we are happy, and cry when we are sad?
  • Discuss with your partner.


  • Angry, frightened, surprised, happy, sad.
  • For self-attempt.
  • Yes, most of the people show feelings in the same way in all the countries of the world.
  • Yes, we all smile when we are happy. We look cheerful. We cry when we are sad.
  • For self-attempt.

III. Now read about Paul Ekman. Fill the gaps in the story.

Paul Ekman is an American scientist. He wanted to know the answer to this question: Do people show feelings in the same way everywhere in the world?

Ekman took photos of (1) _________ Some people looked happy, some looked sad, some looked angry, some looked surprised, and some looked frightened. He showed the photos to (2) _________ , and asked them to match the feelings with the faces. He found that everyone could do this quite easily: everyone agreed which people were happy, which were sad, which were angry, and so on.

Then Ekman went to (3) _________. In this village, people had no television, they saw no films, and they never saw people from other countries. So they didn’t know what people from other countries looked like. Ekman showed his photos to (4) _________, and asked them the same questions: Which people are happy? Which are sad? Which are angry? He found that even here they could answer the questions quite easily.

So Ekman’s conclusion was ……………..
What do you think Ekman’s conclusion was?
(1) people from 21 countries
(2) the people in this village
(3) a village in the USA
(4) a village in Papua, New Guinea
I think Ekman’s conclusion was that people show their feelings in the same way everywhere in the world.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

Along with your partner, prepare Paul Ekman’s report of his findings to be published in National Herald’s weekly column. The report will have the following columns.
Aim : _________
Process : _________
Conclusion : _________
Aim : To find if people feel in the same way everywhere in the world.

Process : He took photos of happy people from 21 countries who looked sad, angry, surprised and frightened. He showed the photos to the villagers and asked them to match the feelings with faces. He found that everyone did it easily and agreed as to who were happy, sad, angry and so on. Then Ekman went to a village in the USA, where people had no television, they saw no films and they never saw people from other countries. So they didn’t know how people from other countries looked like.

Ekman showed his photos to a village in Papua and asked them the same questions regarding their expressions. He found that even here they could easily answer the questions quite easily.

Conclusion : People show feelings in the same way everywhere in the world.



These are letters written by an orphan girl Judy to her trustee whom she recognizes as Daddy Long Legs. In the first letter, she tells her Daddy Long Legs that she knows he can’t do any harm to her. She informs him that Mrs. Lippett was dead and the Semples would not overlook her moral welfare. She said that she had grown up now. She closes the letter saying that she had to pack her trunk, kettles, dishes, sofa cushions and books.

In the second letter, Judy informs Daddy Long Legs that she had just arrived at Lock Willow Farms and she had not unpacked. She liked the farm very much, which seemed like a heavenly spot to her. The house was square, old with verandah on one side and porch in the front. There were maple and pine trees in the drive. It stood on a hill top with stretches of green meadows to another line of hills. The farm had been burnt by the lightning. Mr. and Mrs. Semple, a hired girl and two hired men were in the house.

The hired people ate in the kitchen while the others in the dining room. Her room was big square and empty with old fashioned furniture and windows with green shades. It was 8:30 then, she was going to bed. She woke up at five. She was excited and was going to be a good person to pay.

यह पत्र एक अनाथ लड़की जूडी ने अपने न्यासी को लिखा है जिसे वह डैडी लांग लैग्स के नाम से पहचानती है। पहले पत्र में वह अपने डैडी लांग – लैग्स को बताती है कि उसको पता है कि वह उसको कोई नुकसान नहीं पहुँचा सकता। वह उसे सूचना देती है कि श्रीमती लिपैट का देहान्त हो गया और सेम्पलिज उसकी भलाई को नजरअंदाज नहीं करेंगें। उसने कहा कि वह अब बड़ी हो गयी है। उसने पत्र लिखते हुए बन्द कर दिया क्योंकि उसे अपना सूटकेस, केतलियाँ, साबुनदानी, सोफे की गद्दियाँ सब लगानी थी। दूसरे पत्र में, जूड़ी अपने डैडी लांग – लैग्स को सूचित करती है कि वह अभी-अभी लाक विलो फार्म पर आई है और उसने अभी अपना सामान नहीं लगाया है।

उसको फार्म बहुत पसंद आया, जो उसे किसी स्वर्गिक स्थान जैसा प्रतीत हुआ। घर चौकोर एवं पुराना था, आगे की तरफ आँगन व उसके सामने एक ड्योढी थी। वहाँ पर मेपल व चिनार के पेड़ थे। घर पहाड़ी की चोटी पर था और हरे चारागाह नीचे फैले थे तथा दूसरी ओर पहाडियों की कतार थी। खेत बिजली की कड़क से जल गए थे। घर में श्रीमान व श्रीमती सेम्पल. एक नौकरानी व दो नौकर थे।

नौकर व नौकरानी रसोईघर में भोजन करते थे और बाकी सब खाने के कक्ष में। उसका कमरा बड़ा, चौकोर व खाली था। फर्नीचर पुराने जमाने का था व खिड़किया हरे रंग की झलक देती थी। रात के 8:30 बज रहे थे और वह सोने जा रही थी। वह सुबह 5:00 बजे उठी। वह उत्सुक थी और अपने न्यासी के लिए एक अच्छी लड़की बनने की कोशिश करेगी।

Word – Meanings:

Trustee = a person who holds property in trust for another – न्यासी;
Nominal = existing only on name – नाम मात्र का;
Concern = to affect or involve somebody – किसी से संबंधित होना;
Welfare = well being – कल्याण;
Heavenly = divine – स्वर्गिक;
Hemlock = a poisonous plant – एक जहरीला पौधा ;
Barns = a large building on a farm in which crops or animals are kept – खलियान;
Obstruct = to stop something from happening – रूकावट;
Hire = wages paid for services – पारिश्रमिक;
Entertain = to amuse – मनोरंजन करना;
Ignorance = lack of knowledge – अज्ञान;
Mahogany = a tree yielding reddish brown wood – महोगनी वृक्ष;
Explore = search – खोजना ।

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

A.3. On the basis of your understanding of the text, complete the following statements.

(a) Jerusha used to call her benefactor ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ because _________
Jerusha used to call her benefactor ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ because she only remembered him as a man having long legs.

(b) Jerusha was living in Lock Willow Farm with _________
Jerusha was living in Lock Willow Farm with Mr. and Mrs. Semple and a hired girl and two hired men.

(c) The special thing about the room marked with a cross in Lock Willow Farm was _________
The special thing about the room marked with a cross in Lock Willow Farm was that people thought that a murder was committed over there.

(d) ‘I have never been so entertained in my life.’ _________
_________ makes Judy’s life entertaining.
‘I have never been so entertained in my life.’ Everything she saw and heard in the countryside appeared to be funny and all this makes Judy’s life entertaining.

A.4. Judy Abbot is very excited on her visit to the farm. Pick out three sentences from the text which support this statement.
(a) I can’t wait to tell you how much I like farms.
(b) I have never been so entertaining in my life.
(c) Oh, Daddy, I’m so excited! I can’t wait till daylight to explore.

A.5. Judy’s letter to her foster father offers vivid descriptions of the farm, the people and the surroundings. Given below are a few details of such descriptions. Put a cross ( ) against those which are not true.

(i) house
a) square shaped
b) located in a valley
c) looks over miles of green meadows
d) almost hundred years old
b) located in a valley

(ii) neighbourhood/surroundings
a) maple trees
b) pine and hemlock
c) line of hills
d) barns
d) barns

(iii) people
a) Mr. and Mrs. Semple
b) a hired girl
c) lots of farmers
d) two hired men
c) lots of farmers

(iv) Judy’s room
a) small and tiny
b) has old fashioned furniture
c) green shades
d) a square mahogany table
a) small and tiny

(v) sights and sounds around
a) dancing peacocks
b) singing frogs
c) squealing pigs
d) the new moon
a) dancing peacocks

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude


Daddy-Long-Legs is a story of a young girl, Jerusha Abbot or Judy and her letters to the benefactor whom she has never seen. Given below is a list of certain words. Choose the words that describe Judy’s character and write them in the given space along with evidence from the text to support your choice.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 3


(a) Grateful You and the good lord gave me more than I deserve.
(b) Excited I can’t wait to tell you.
(c) Creative I will write a novel.
(d) Keen – observer The room with a cross is not where the murder took place.
(e) Confident Staying in the room where murder took place.
(f) Wordsmith Wrote a long letter to her benefactor.
(g) Nature lover You should see the new moon.

A.7. Life Skills

Judy had a great deal of conversation with the Semples in the dining room though she was not every well acquainted with them. Which skills/qualities do you think one should possess in order to carry forward effective communication with his/her friends?
One should be well read, have good observation skills, and should show interest in what the other person is saying giving his/her inputs as well.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

A.8. The letter offers an insight into many qualities and characteristics of the writer. Match the lines from the letter with the qualities of the writer which they reveal.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 4

(a) The house is square like this is good at observing and describing things
(b) … and a great deal of conversation likes to talk
(c) I’m going to spend the summer with my elbows spread on it writing a novel is fond of writing
(d) You and the Good Lord give me more than I deserve is humble and grateful
(e) You should see the new moon! is a natural lover

A.9. Look at the edited Thesaurus list of synonyms for the word ‘happiness’:
For self reading.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 14

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

A.10. Do You Know?

The Thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms. It is designed to help you find words with which to express yourself more clearly, more effectively and more precisely.

Think about as many synonyms as you can for the word ‘sad’. Look into a thesaurus and write them in the space given below:
Sad : unhappy, dejected, depressed, mournful, dismal, pathetic, lamentable, wretched, doleful.

A.11. Imagine that you paid a visit to the farm. However, you did not feel the same as Judy Abbot did. You felt (a) bored, (b) sad and lonely, (c) frightened. Using the same information as given in the text, write a similar letter to Daddy- Long-Legs. Give reasons why you had any of the above feelings.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 5


Saturday night.
Dearest Daddy-Long-Legs,

I am feeling very depressed and dejected. The old fashioned house and the furniture in my room give me a feeling of sadness. There are many members in the house. I crave for a true companion of my age with whom I could share my feelings. I hope, I would overcome this sadness and start feeling happy in this new environment.

Good night

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

B.1. See My English Reader, page 69.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 6

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

B.2. Read the following sentences. Each one of them describes a state of mind. Choose the right word from those given in the aid box to describe each feeling and use it appropriately to fill in the blanks. Use a dictionary, if required.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 7

(a) Ronit and Rohit were _________ when they saw the car move without a driver.

(b) Finish your work in time or you 11 _________ later.

(c) Repeated blank calls _________ Smita greatly.

(d) Tiny Tom heaved a sigh of _________ after being rescued from the kidnappers.

(e) Looking at the old photographs in the album, Mr. Chaturvedi felt _________

(f) I advise you not to watch this sad and gloomy film. It will _________ you.

(g) Sukriti was _________ on finding a letter of her dearest friend in the mailbox.

(h) We are _________ of his speedy recovery.

(i) Manohar buttoned his coat as he readied to go for the interview.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

B.3. Imagine that you are an eminent personality (a scientist, a leader, an artist, a dramatist, a dancer and so on). You have been invited by the Television news channel ‘Ab tak’ for an interview in the programme ‘What You Think’. Reply to the questions of the interviewer.
Interviewer: How will you define success for yourself?
Eminent Personality: Success cannot be defined. It is an ongoing process. You reach one goal and then set another one for yourself.
Interviewer: What high goals did you set for yourself?
Eminent Personality: I wanted fame and recognition. I wanted people to associate my name with classical dance.
Interviewer: Which personal qualities helped you in climbing the ladder of success?
Eminent Personality: Determination, hard work, will power and perseverance are the qualities that helped me a lot.
Interviewer: How did you manage to overcome the challenges that you faced during the initial years of your struggle ?
Eminent Personality: I was frustrated and depressed. In spite of my hard work I didn’t get the break which I wanted in my career. Interviewer: If someone is not able to reach their goal despite their best efforts, would you call them a loser ?
Eminent Personality: No, the amount of effort you put in are extremely important. Interviewer: Any special message for our audience ?
Eminent Personality: Keep on working hard, put in your best and leave the rest to God. Have faith in yourself.

Listen to the audio CD titled Listen & Comprehend (Class-VII). After listening, answer the questions asked in the audio CD verbally. Listen to the tape script once again and attempt the given question. The tape script is given on page no. 86.

B.4. Listen to a poem entitled ‘State of Mind’ and discover who a winner is.

On the basis of your listening of the poem, say whether the following sentences are true or false. Put ‘T’ or ‘F’ in the space provided.

(i) Hard work alone leads to success. ________

(ii) One must set high targets. ________

(iii) The strongest man wins life’s battles. ________

(iv) It’s only a matter of chance that one wins. ________

(v) A strong will power spells success. ________

(vi) A positive attitude is very important in life. ________

(vii) Life is a bed of roses. ________

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

B.5. What is the final message of the poem? Discuss in pairs.
The message of the poem is that those who do not lose hope, become winner. The man who thinks he can win always wins.

B.6. In order to be a winner, one needs to inculcate certain qualities. Categorise the qualities given below. Match the qualities of a winner and a loser and write them down in the space provided.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 8


DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 9

B.7. Read the beginning of a story:

The alarm went off with a sharp twang. Kalpana briskly got out of the bed and began to get ready to go to school. Her mother handed her the tiffin and the water bottle. Giving her a peck on the cheek, Kalpana rushed to be in time for the school bus ………………..’

Now form groups of four. Let each group select a specific state of mind. Let them complete the story using the chosen state of mind as the undercurrent in the story.
As she was boarding the bus, an auto rickshaw driver hit her. She fell on the road and started bleeding profusely. She just fainted. When Kalpana opened her eyes, she found herself in the hospital. Her parents, teachers and friends were with her. She realised how dear she was to all of them. She forgot her pain, her sickness and thanked God for giving her good parents, teachers and friends in her life.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

C.1. We often plan things in advance and look forward to executing our plans. But many a time, things do not happen the way we want them to. Think of a day when everything went wrong. Give reasons about what spoilt the day.
Describe to your partner how you felt when the day was over.
(a) We were going for a picnic, but it started raining heavily and we had to cancel it.
(b) We hired a taxi to the railway station. There were only ten minutes to reach or we would miss the train to Jaipur. We just reached on time but the train was six hours late.
(c) We went to a party hoping to have feast, but felt dejected when we were served only soft drinks.
(d) We went to see a movie for the noon show. On reaching the theatre we came to know that our tickets were for the morning show, which was already over.

C.2. Read the following situations. Discuss in groups of four what you would do in such circumstances.
See My English Reader, page 74.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 10


  • A man walking on the road is hit on the back by a rashly driven car. I will immediately note down the number of the car and inform the police. I will provide him medical assistance.
  • A boy swimming in the pool screams for help. I will jump into the swimming pool to save him if I know swimming, or I will call somebody to seek his help.
  • A servant’s son swallows a coin by mistake. I would immediately take him to the nearby hospital.
  • A neighbour suffers a severe asthmatic attack. I will try to give him fresh air and call the doctor immediately.
  • A family member cuts his finger with a sharp knife and the finger is bleeding profusely. I would tie some cloth on the bleeding finger or if crepe bandage is in the house I will tie it on the bleeding finger and take the person immediately to the nearby hospital.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude


Courage Beyond Understanding Summary

This chapter ‘Courage Beyond Understanding is related to the earthquake of Gujarat in which a brave girl Krimali Joshi showed her courage to save the people.

At 17, she had completed her schooling in Bhuj sector on 26th January, 2001. She was going to attend an interview for job. Suddenly she heard a massive explosion, everything began crashing down. Soon it was over and people were crushed between massive concrete walls. Krimali and her family escaped serious injury but found difficulty to come out. Krimali decided to rescue her family first but when she heard a woman crying out from two storeys above to save her baby she told her to throw the baby down and pray to God. She would catch it safely.

The woman wrapped the baby in bed sheets and tossed her down. She saved the baby. She helped the child’s mother to get down through debris. Then she requested other man to come with her and help the others trapped in various apartments. Soon, she saved a pregnant lady and her two-year old daughter with the help of another person who lay buried under a slab. In this way, she saved two dozen men, women and children.

The whole Mangalam apartment had been damaged. 58 people died in the collapse of the apartment. Later, the family members of Krimali praised her for her adventure and courage.

यह पाठ गुजरात भूकंप से संबंधित है जिसमें एक बहादुर बालिका क्रिमाली जोशी ने अद्भूत साहस दिखाकर लोगों की जान बचाई।

17 वर्ष की उम्र में क्रिमाली जोशी की शिक्षा 26 जनवरी, 2001 को पूर्ण हो चुकी थी। वह नौकरी के लिए साक्षात्कार देने जा रही थी। अचानक उसे भयंकर विस्फोट की आवाज सुनायी दी। सब कुछ धमाके के साथ ही ध्वस्त होने लगा । शीघ्र ही यह समाप्त भी हुआ परन्तु सब कुछ खत्म हो चुका था। लोग बड़े-बड़े मलवे के ढेरों और सीमेंट के टुकड़ों के नीचे दब गए थे। क्रिमाली और उसके परिवार वाले किसी भी गहरी चोट से बच गये थे लेकिन उनका बाहर निकल पाना कठिन था। क्रिमाली ने पहले अपने परिवार वालों को बचाने का निश्चय किया । परन्तु दो मंजिली इमारत से एक औरत अपने बच्चे को बचाने के लिए चिल्ला रही थी। क्रिमाली ने उसको बच्चा नीचे फेंकने को कहा और ईश्वर से प्रार्थना की कि वह बच्चे को बचा ले।

उस औरत ने बच्चे को चादर में लपेट कर नीचे की ओर उछाल दिया। बच्चा बचा लिया गया। उसने बच्चे की माँ को नीचे उतारने और बच्चे तक पहुँचाने में मदद की। उसने लोगों से आग्रह किया कि अन्य अपार्टमेंट में फंसे लोगों को बचाने में उसकी मदद करें। शीघ्र ही उसने गर्भवती महिला और उसकी दो वर्षीय पुत्री को बचाया जो मलवे के नीचे दबी हुई थी। इस प्रकार उसने दो दर्जन लोगों जिसमें स्त्री, पुरुष और बच्चे भी शामिल थे उन्हें निकाल लिया ।

पूरा मंगलम अपार्टमेंट क्षतिग्रस्त हो गया था। 58 लोगों की जानें चली गयी। क्रिमाली के परिवार के सदस्यों ने उसकी वीरता और साहस की सराहना की ।

Word – Meanings:

Adore = to love and admire – स्नेह की भावना से देखना;
Brimming = full of something – भरा हुआ;
Explosive = likely to explode – ;
Concrete = pebble – विस्फोटक;
Deafend = unable to hear – बहरा होना;
Crash = a sudden loud noise made by something hitting – गिरने से उत्पन्न धमाका;
Fortune = luck – भाग्य;
Accomplish = succeed in doing or achieving – पूर्ण करना;
Mound = heap of earth – ढेर;
Laboured = worked hard – परिश्रम करना;
Unearth = to dig up – खोदकर निकालना;
Superficial – of or on the surface – ऊपरी;
Mission = special work – विशेष कार्य;
Credit = good name – प्रसिद्धि;
Collapse = to fall down into pieces – अचानक ढह जाना;
Courage = bravery – बहादुरी;
Hysterical = unable to control – खुद को रोकने में असमर्थता;
Coaching = instruction – प्रशिक्षित करना ।

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

C.4. On the basis of your understanding of the text, complete the following sentences.

(a) Krimali left the house to appear ________
for an interview for a sales girl’s position

(b) The only escape route was blocked by a ________
huge concrete slab which hung at 45° angle, completely detached on three sides

(c) Krimali managed to reach the ground level by ________

(d) She saved the baby’s life by ________
making a clean catch

(e) Krimali used the portion of the large door to create a ________
slinding board of sorts

(f) She had to dig to save the buried woman because ________
she was heavily pregnant and clutching her two year old daughter

(g) Krimali saved around ________
two dozen men, women and children

C.5. Give three points each to justify the given statements.
(a) The earthquake caused massive destruction.
(i) Then everything began crashing down
(ii) When it was over, the floors of the four storey building had crunched downwards, in some cases making massive concrete sandwiches that crushed the people caught inside.
(iii) Four to five metres below were uneven chunks of concrete, broken glasses and smashed furniture all edged with sharp spikes of iron rods.

(b) The concrete slab was a big obstacle.
(i) The monstrous slab could drop without a second’s warning.
(ii) They laboured in the shadow of the slab to unearth the woman.
(iii) Krimali made countless rescue missions into the crumpled building, each time in the shadow of the great slab.

(c) Luck favoured Krimali.
(i) She landed in a crouch, her feet missing any sharp edge.
(ii) Krimali made a clean catch.
(iii) With no shoes on her feet, her legs bare, she climbed up and down the debris till she was just beneath the swaying concrete slab.

(d) Krimali led a successful rescue operation.
(i) Her fears had been lifted by what she had already accomplished.
(ii) Krimali made countless rescue missions into crumpled buildings.
(iii) In all, observers credit her with helping to save at least two dozen men, women and children.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude


Would Krimali have recognised her inner strength had the earthquake not occurred? Share your views with your partner.
No, she would not have recognised it. Generally people come face to face with their inner strength only in the face of adversity and not in normal circumstances.

C.7. Values

‘People live for themselves. Their dominant impulse is to secure their own comfort and happiness. But true happiness lies in making others happy.’ Discuss in groups of four.
Group Discussion
Std A: Today, the topic of our discussion is True Happiness.’
Std B: Well, true happiness lies in taking up a good job, earning a lot of money, having all comforts in life.
Std C: Yes, I want to study hard and taking up a well paying job so that my parents can be happy.
Std D: Do you think only money can make you happy?
Std A: Yes, that’s what precisely I wanted to ask.
Std B: What do you think makes us happy?
Std D: Helping others, bringing smile back to ciying and dejected human beings, giving charity, being benevolent makes us happy.
Std C: How?
Std A: Because, when you make others happy it brings contentment—and that makes us happy. Earning a lot of money is also importing but helping someone with love and charity also brings inner peace which our elders have advocated for centuries.

C.8. The episode reveals a number of qualities of Krimali. Match the qualities as given in the Aid box with the evidence picked up from the text.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 11


Quality Evidence
(a) Religious “I prayed to God, Please see that I catch her’.
(b) Decisive ‘People were screaming and didn’t know what to do.’ That’s when she decided to act.
(c) Proud ‘I’m just glad I was there and I did what I did’.
(d) Brave There wasn’t any good place to jump, so I just jumped’.
(e) Kind Krimali comforted them and walked them to safety.
(f) Intelligent By placing it on the rubble, tilted upwards, she created a sliding board of sorts.
(g) Persuasive Encouraged by her good fortune, she knew it was up to her to persuade others to follow.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude

C.9. The story presents many contradictory emotions, qualities and situations. Fill in the blanks with the antonyms of the words given below.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 12

(a) hope-despair
(b) cruel-kind
(c) happiness-sorrow
(d) construction-destruction
(e) cowardice-courageous
(f) self-possessed-hysterical
(g) humble-proud
(h) injured-unhurt
(i) death-life

C.10. You are Mr Arvind Shah, the President of the Mangalam Apartments. Three months after the earthquake, you hold a meeting of the surviving residents of the Apartments to honour Krimali. Prepare the speech to be given on the occasion and speak it out in the class.
Include the following points:
(i) Krimali as you know her,
(ii) The courage she displayed,
(iii) How you wish to honour her.
Dear residents of Mangalam Apartments!

As you know we have just been through the most devastating natural catastrophe, that is still fresh in our mind. But, we have gathered here today to honour the brave, courageous girl Krimali who saved the lives of several men, women and children of our apartment. The courage she displayed is inexplicable. She jumped through the debris with a big dangerous concrete slab hanging over her head, which could fall any moment. But, she courageously saved a little infant’s life and her mother, also the pregnant lady and her two year old daughter. I wish to honour her to take the chair of the presidency of Mangalam apartment and also give her a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees. Her courage must be respected.

Have a nice day.

C.11. To read only.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude 13

C.12. You are Pratibha Goswami, a correspondent of The Hindu. Write a report for the newspaper about a shop that caught fire. Three people have been killed in the fire and several injured. Property worth lakhs of rupees has been gutted.

– Pratibha Goswami

10th August, New Delhi. A massive fire broke out in a chemical shop in the congested area of Tilak Bazar, at 7:00 a.m. yesterday, in which all the shops were gutted in the fire. The fire brigade authorities reached just in time, but the fire seemed uncontrollable. It took several hours, till the fire could be brought under control. Still three people were burnt alive. Several people were injured in the incident. Property worth lakhs of rupees was gutted. The Govt, has set up a committee to enquire into the incident and relief is being provided to sufferers.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Attitude


Chachi’s Funeral Summary

Though Chachi was a humble woman still she despised her ten year old nephew Sunil due to his intelligence. Her own child was not a bright boy. Sunil knew of his aunt’s jealousy and tried to annoy his aunt by his mischief. On 5th April, he entered the kitchen. He wanted to get the honey kept on the top shelf. But as he tried to reach it, he dropped it. No sooner had the pot dropped the Chachi entered the kitchen and started beating him with her slipper. After that, she sat down on the floor and started weeping. But Sunil did not weep, he went on the roof to the unused barsati, where he used to hide generally.

He thrust his knife into the window frame saying that he would kill Chachi. His 12 year old cousin, Madhu asked how he was going to kill her? Both the children were best friends. So without being angry, she helped Sunil. Both the children began to make plans to kill Chachi. Lastly, Madhu sketched her mother’s figure on a piece of paper and Sunil plunged his knife three times into Chachi’s heart. The paper was burnt then Madhu threw some ashes down the balcony. Sunil started weeping, as he regretted killing Chachi and came. He
began to repent. As soon as he saw Chachi, he clung to her and said Chachi I have killed you. I am very bad, but really I love you. He prayed her not to leave him and go. Seeing true love for her in his eyes, Chachi took him to the kitchen.

यद्यपि चाची एक नम्र महिला थी फिर भी वह अपने 10 वर्षीय भतीजे सुनील से उसकी बुद्धिमता के कारण घृणा करती थी । उसका अपना लड़का तेज नहीं था। सुनील यह बात जानता था इसलिए वह अपनी शरारतों से चाची को चिढ़ाया करता था। 5 अप्रैल को उसने रसोईघर में प्रवेश किया। वह ऊपर के खाने में रखे शहद को खाना चाहता था। उसने हाथ बढ़ाया परन्तु असफल रहा और शीशी नीचे गिर गई। चाची आकर उसे चप्पलों से पीटने लगी और फिर जमीन पर बैठकर रोने लगी। परन्तु सुनील नहीं रोया । वह छत पर चला गया, जहाँ वह अक्सर बेकार पड़ी बरसाती के पास छिपा रहता था।

उसने खिड़की में चाकू घोंपते हुए कहा कि वह चाची को मार देगा । उसकी 12 वर्षीय, चचेरी बहन मधु ने पूछा कि वह उन्हें कैसे मारने जा रहा है? दोनों बच्चे गहरे मित्र थे । इसलिए बिना नाराज हुए उसने उसकी मदद की। दोनों बच्चे चाची को मारने की योजना बनाने लगे। अंत में मधु ने कागज पर अपनी माँ की तस्वीर बनायी और सुनील ने तीन बार चाची की छाती में छुरा घोंप दिया। कागज को जलाया गया। मधु ने कुछ राख छज्जे के नीचे फेंक दी। सुनील रोने लगा और पछतावा व्यक्त करने लगा। चाची को देखते ही वह उनसे लिपट गया और उनसे कहने लगा कि वह उन्हें बहुत प्यार करता था और चाची उसे छोड़कर न जाए। चाची ने अपने लिए सुनील की आँखों में सच्चा प्यार देखा और उसे रसोईघर में ले गयी।

Word – Meanings:

Affection = love – प्यार;
Aided = helped – सहायता देना;
Ashes = burnt remaining – राख;
Aversion = hatred – घृणा;
Tolerant = patient – सहनशील;
Waddle = to walk with difficulty – कठिनाईपूर्वक चलना;
Pour = to flow – उड़ेलना;
Inclined = bent – झुका हुआ;
Resent = to feel bitter or angry about – बुरा मानना;
Grumble = to murmur – बुदबुदाना;
Plunged = immersed – डूब गया;
Cremate = to burn a dead body – लाश जलाना;
Drain = sewer – गंदी नाली ।