DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

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My English Reader Class 7 DAV Solutions Unit 2 Relationships

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Unit 2 Relationships


I. Read the following questions and tick (✓) the correct responses.

Question 1.
M and N are sisters. O and P are brothers. The daughter of M is the sister of P. How is N related to O?
a) mother
b) aunt
c) sister
d) wife
b) aunt

Question 2.
A is the father of B, but B is not the daughter of A. How is B related to A?
a) brother
b) uncle
c) son
d) father
c) son

Question 3.
A and B are brothers. C is the sister of A. D is the brother of A and E is the daughter of B. Who is the paternal aunt of E?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
c) C

Question 4.
B is the husband of A. A is the daughter of D. D is the husband of C. E is the father of B. How is E related to A?
a) father
b) father-in-law
c) son
d) son-in-law
b) father-in-law

II. We have just answered a few questions related to various relationships that exist in a family. However, many relationships exist beyond the limits of a family also. List any four such relationships that you see around yourself.
(a) friend
(b) servant
(c) employee
(d) teacher

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

A.1. Read the following Clipping.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 1

A. 2. List four relationships that you value the most and explain why.
(a) Parents : They have brought me into this world and look after me properly.
(b) Teacher : He helps me to build my character and career.
(c) Friends : They support me in all circumstances.
(d) Grandparents : They love and guide me.


The Wonder of Grandparents Summary

Grandparents keep as much importance as parents in a child’s life. They not only encourage the children but also guide them with their wisdom and experiences. They inspire the children to face life’s challenges. They pay extra attention towards the children and make them careful. They give the children a sense of belonging. They provide the vital connection with the past where the younger generation has come from.

These days family structures have completely changed. Grandparents offer their children adult companionship. Today’s grandparents are creative and energetic. They don’t fear the ageing process but learn how to age gracefully. The old and young relationship is beneficial to both. Children develop a sense of belonging and security from grandparents. Unconditional affection is the gift of grandparents to the children.

बच्चों के जीवन में दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी का उतना ही महत्त्व है जितना माता – पिता का। वे न केवल बच्चों को प्रोत्साहित करते हैं बल्कि अपनी बुद्धि एवं अनुभवों से उनका मार्गदर्शन भी करते हैं। वे उन्हें जीवन की चुनौतियों का सामना करने की प्रेरणा देते हैं। वे बच्चों के प्रति अतिरिक्त ध्यान देते हैं और उन्हें सावधान करते हैं। उनका पुरानी यादों व रिश्तों से एक महत्त्वपूर्ण संबंध होता है जहाँ से नयी पीढ़ी आती है। वे बच्चों में अपनत्व की भावना का विकास करते हैं। आजकल आधुनिक परिवार का संगठन पूरी तरह बदल गया है। दादा, नाना, दादी, नानी बच्चों को व्यस्क साथी बनाने में सहयोग करते हैं।

आज के परिवर्तित और आधुनिक दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी अधिक सक्रिय और उर्जावान हैं। वे बढ़ती उम्र से नहीं घबराते अपितु यह सीखते हैं कि कैसे जीवन जिया जाए। वयस्क युवा संबंध दोनों के लिए लाभदायक है। बच्चों में अपनत्व और सुरक्षा की भावना का विकास दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी से ही होता है। बेशर्त का प्यार भी बच्चों को दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी के वरदान स्वरुप प्राप्त है।

Word – Meanings:

Emotional = strong feelings – भावुक;
Bestow = to give – देना;
Praise = to appreciate – प्रशंसा करना;
Encouragement = to give courage – प्रोत्साहित करना;
Support = to encourage – समर्थन करना;
Wisdom = quality of being wise – बुद्धिमान;
Wade = walk – टहलना;
Nurture = to bring up – पालन-पोषण
Heritage = that which is inherited – विरासत;
Vital = important – प्रमुख;
Dramatic = exciting – उत्तेजित;
Mobility = being mobile – गतिशीलता;
Stabilized = to make stable – स्थिर करना;
Hectic = busy – व्यस्त;
Perspective = ardent relationship between two aspects – परिप्रेश्य;
Security = safety – सुरक्षा;
Unconditional = not conditional – बेशर्त

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

A.4. The author says, ‘Grandparents bring warmth and affection in family life.’ On the basis of your reading of the above passage, list at least six ways in which grandparents bring joy to the family.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 2


DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 3

A.5. Complete the following statements:

(a) The grandparent-grandchild relationship is the __________ important emotional relationship, the most important emotional relationship being __________
The grandparent-grandchild relationship is second important emotional relationship, the most important emotional relationship being warmth and affection in familu life.

(b) List two extracts from the passage that tell that grandparents also provide knowledge to their grandchildren.
(i) __________
(ii) __________
(a) They can tell of changes in medicine, technology and community.
(b) They are active, intelligent, interesting with a wealth of information and knowledge.

(c) Modern children need the companionship of their grandparents more than ever because __________
Modem children need the companionship of their grandparents more than ever because of their hectic schedule.

(d) It is good for the children to observe the elderly people living actively because __________
It is good for children to observe elderly people living actively because theu don’t fear the aging process, learn about how to age gracefully.

(e) Interaction between the elderly people and the youngsters is beneficial for both. While the youngsters understand the elders’ __________, the elders get to know the __________ of the young.
Interaction between elderly people and youngsters is beneficial for both. While the youngsters understand the elders’ humanity’. the elders get to know the goodness of the young.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships


(a) A dual income family is the one in which both husband and wife work outside the home to earn, and support the family financially. This trend is fast gaining ground in India. It has its own pros and cons. Enlist a few in the space given below:

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 4


Family income increases Give less time to kids
Extra income can be used for education Mother always busy
Comfort level increases More dependence on domestic helps
Both parents well aware and well read If no grandparents then managing kids is a problem
Families can go on expensive vacations Long working hours pose a problem

(b) How has the role of grandparents become all the more important in the families in which both parents are working?
Grandparents are the source of undconditional love bestowing praise, adoration, encouragement and support on their grandchildren. They provide a sense of security when parents are away to work. They also manage the domestic help and keep the house in order.

A.7. Values

‘Grandparents are cheerleaders in life.’ But with emerging socializing trends, the young generation tends to ignore the elderly. They spend most of their time on phones, tabs and laptops.

(a) As a grandchild what are your responsibilities towards your grandparents?
My responsibilities towards my grandparents are manifold. It’s my duty to see that they are comfortable. They get their food, medicines on time. They do not feel lonely and neglected. I am also spending some quality time with them.

(b) How can you fulfill your responsibilities?
Most of the time it is seen that in old age people feel neglected. So, it is important to spend sometime with them and listen to their woes. I will also accompany them on their morning or evening walk routine. I will see that they have their food and medicine on time.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

A.8. Find the words from the text which mean the same as the ones given in the clues and complete the following puzzle.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 5


DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 6

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

A.9. In para 3, the author says, ‘They (grandparents) can tell of changes in medicine, technology and community.’

(a) Work in groups of four and prepare a questionnaire to interview your grandparents about the changes in life and society that they have seen. You may concentrate on the following aspects:

  • Food
  • clothes
  • customs
  • professions
  • medicine
  • technology


  • What type of food was preferred by the people of your generation? What sort of changes do you notice in food style now?
  • What kind of clothes did people of your generation like to put on?
  • Did the people of your generation believe in customs?
  • What kind of profession did people of your generation engage in?
  • What sort of medical facilities were in practice in your age?
  • What kind of technology was there in your times? Do you think now it is more advanced?

(b) After the interview, you should fill the following table.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 7


Then Now
Food Simple Indian food. Fast food, Chinese dishes, pizza etc.
Clothes Traditional clothes Western type of clothes.
Customs Rigid, time consuming. Simple and easy.
Professions Typical professions, women mainly house wives. Computer jobs, girls in IAS, Police, engineering, etc.
Medicines Herbal and domestic remedies popular. Latest medicines, pathological labs.
Technology Not so advanced. Computer advancement, nuclear warfare technology.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

A.10. You are Manu, who reads the following newspaper clipping about nuclear families. Taking hints from the passage ‘The Wonder of Grandparents’ and using your own ideas, write a letter to the editor of the Voice of Humanity,
highlighting the importance of living with grandparents and other relatives in a joint family.

New Delhi, 30 Dec: A survey conducted in the four metropolitan cities indicates that most urban people prefer nuclear families on the lines of western culture. This trend, however, has found no favour with elderly people, who feel that joint families provide a better living environment.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 8

24, Vasant Apartments
New Delhi
05th Jan. 20XX
The Editor
Voice of Humanity
New Delhi

Subject: The Wonder of Grandparents


Urban people’s growing inclination towards nuclear families has become a major cause of worry. However, elderly people feel that joint family is beneficial to both the children as well as parents. Grandparents provide emotional security by their extra caring and attention to children in busy shedule. They guide the children by their wisdom, knowledge and experience. They wipe out the ageing fear from the children’s mind. It would be very grateful if you spread this message among urban people and enhance the joint family system where children would get wise company of their grandparents.

Thanking you

Yours truly

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

B.1. Of all the relationships, a bond between siblings is always special. A sibling can be a guide, a friend, a mentor, a competitor, a teacher — all rolled into one.
To read only.

B.2. Write at least three words that would describe your brother/sister. Also give the reason for your choice.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 9


Words Reasons
(i) Caring Bring gift for me.
(ii) Friendly Play with me.
(iii) Protecting Protect me from enemies.

B.3. List three things that you like a lot about him/her.
(a) She pays attention to my needs and requirements.
(b) She never hits me.
(c) She inspires me to do the best in my life.

B. 4. List three things that you do not like about him/her.
(a) She does not let me go out alone with my friends.
(b) She does not let me see the T.V. till late at night.
(c) She does not allow me touch her things.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships


Nikki’s Sitter Summary

Nikki hated Wednesday because her mother used to do her work till late at this day. She was left by her mother under the guidance of her sister Cara who just kept on bossing over Nikki. One day, Nikki complained to her mother but she told her that she had to grow up like that only. When Nikki reached home, she found Cara had not returned from the school and the door was locked. She saw Cara coming from behind the house. She asked her why she was not inside the house. Cara replied that Nikki had the key but Nikki said that she had given it back to her at which Cara said that she was not going to wait sitting there. She will go to Tina’s house. When Nikki tried to stop her she told that she had heard her complaining to mother about her. Nikki told her if she would treat her like a sister, instead of someone to boss around on, may be she would not get angry. Cara went behind the house to check the windows and cellar door, if these were open so that they could get inside.

Nikki kept sitting on the stepping stone outside the house, trying to measure Cara’s hand print with hers which they had marked on the stone a few years ago. She could cover Cara’s hand print and thought she had grown up now. She remembered that mother used to place key in a plastic bag under the stepping stone. She lifted the stone and found the key. Nikki wiped her tears and gave the key to Cara. Cara said that Nikki was not a baby anymore and she was not a baby sitter. Both said they were sisters and Wednesday seemed to be better.

निक्की को बुधवार के दिन से घृणा थी क्योंकि उसकी माँ इस दिन देर तक काम किया करती थी। वह अपनी माँ के द्वारा अपनी बहन कारा की देखभाल में छोड़ दी जाती थी । कारा उस पर हुक्म चलाया करती थी । एक दिन निक्की ने माँ से शिकायत की। परन्तु माँ ने कहा कि उसे इन्हीं परिस्थतियों में बड़ा होना पड़ेगा। एक दिन निक्की स्कूल से लौटी तो उसने देखा कारा अब तक स्कूल से वापस नहीं लौटी थी और घर के दरवाजे पर ताले लगे हुए थे। उसने कारा को घर के पिछवाड़े से आते देखा और उससे पूछा कि वह घर के अन्दर क्यों नहीं थी। कारा से निक्की ने कहा कि चाबी उसी के पास थी। परन्तु कारा ने कहा कि चाबी उसके पास नहीं थी। साथ ही कारा ने कहा कि वह वहाँ बैठकर प्रतीक्षा नहीं करेगी बल्कि टीना के घर जायेगी ।

निक्की ने उसे रूकने के लिए कहा तो उसने कहा कि उसने माँ से उसके बारे में शिकायत करते हुए सुन लिया था। अब वह उसकी देखभाल नहीं करना चाहती । निक्की ने अनुरोध किया यदि वह उससे बहन की तरह व्यवहार करे और उस पर रौब न जमाये तो वह उस पर नाराज नहीं होगी । फिर कारा उसे छोड़कर पीछे चली गयी और खिडकियाँ और तहखानों के दरवाजों का निरीक्षण करने लगी जो शायद खुले हों।

निक्की रोती हुई घर के बाहर पत्थर की पौढ़ी पर बैठ गयी और अपना हाथ कारा के हाथ के निशान पर रखकर नापने लगी जो उस पत्थर पर छपा था। उसका हाथ कारा के हाथ से मेल खा रहा था। उसने सोचा कि अब वह बड़ी हो गयी है । अचानक उसे याद आया कि माँ पत्थर की पौढी के अन्दर घर की चाबी एक प्लास्टिक की थैली में प्रायः रखती थी। उसने पत्थर उठाकर चाबी निकाली। आंसू पोंछकर चाबी कारा को थमाई। कारा ने निक्की को धन्यवाद दिया और कहा कि वह चाबी के बारे में भूल गयी थी। दोनों ने एक दूसरे से माफी माँगी। कारा ने कहा कि निक्की अब बच्ची नहीं थी। दोनों ने कहा कि वे बहनें थी और अब बुधवार का दिन उन्हें बेहतर लगने लगा।

Word – Meanings:

Accustomed = habitual – अभ्यस्त;
Accomplish = to succeed in doing something difficult – किसी कठिन कार्य को करने में सफल होना;
Impression = a feeling that you get about someone – प्रभाव, छाप;
Stomped = walked heavily – धम-धम करके चलना ;
Pounded = beat or throb with heavy regular rhythm – धमा-चौकड़ी मचाना;
Sneer = a scornful smile – कुटिल मुस्कान;
Cellar = an underground apartment used for storage – तहखाना;
Quivered = trembled – कांपना;
Knelt = sat (resting on the knees) – झुकना।

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

B.6. On the basis of your reading of the story, tick (✓) the correct options:

(a) Nikki didn’t like Wednesdays because ______
(i) mama came late.
(ii) she had to stay with Cara.
(iii) both the above reasons.
(iii) both the above reasons.

(b) Cara studied in ______
(i) senior school.
(ii) middle school.
(iii) primary school.
(ii) middle school.

(c) Nikki and Cara made a stepping stone for their mother while ______.
(i) Playing.
(ii) painting.
(iii) planting flowers.
(iii) planting flowers.

(d) They made this stepping stone in ______.
(i) summer.
(ii) spring.
(iii) winter.
(ii) spring.

(e) Nikki found the key under ______.
(i) the footmat.
(ii) the flowerpot.
(iii) the stepping stone.
(iii) the stepping stone.

B.7. Complete the following statements:

(a) Nikki had expected Cara to be inside the house because __________
she had given her the key on Sunday

(b) The two sisters couldn’t go inside their house because __________
they did not have the house key

(c) While sitting on steps, Nikki observed __________. It reminded her __________
hand prints on the stepping stone, about key

(d) The incident made her realise that __________
she and Cara had both grown a lot

(e) Cara and Nikki resolved their differences and decided __________
to be loving sisters.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

B.8. On the basis of your understanding of the story, write what complaint did the two sisters had against each other.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 10


DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 11

B.9. Life Skills

Emphasising with others help us in building life-long relationships with them.’ Nikki and Cara should understand each other’s perspective. It will help to improve their relationship. Discuss in group of four.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 12

B.10. Find the words from the text which mean the following:

(a) tread heavily : ______

(b) hit with great force : ______

(c) shouted : ______

(d) having a rough surface : ______

(e) came up : ______

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

B.11. After resolving their differences, Cara and Nikki decide to write separate diary entries expressing their feelings. Divide the class into two groups. Students belonging to Group I should write the diary entry on Cara’s behalf and those in Group II should write it on behalf of Nikki. Some students from each group should then read out the diary entry in the class.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 13

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships 14


Wednesday, 27th August

9:00 pm

I am glad that Cara has decided to act like a sister and not like a baby-sitter. I am feeling guilty why I complained to mother about her. After all, she plays with me and looks after me when mother is away. Now I have decided to live with Cara.

With love

Wednesday, 27th August

9:30 pm

I am pleased that Nikki has realised her mistake and has decided not to act like a baby any more. I will take care of her, not like a boss but like a sister. After all she is my baby sister and I should take care of her.

With love

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

C. Nurturing Friendship

C. 1. Attempt the following self-check questionnaire. (For every first response give yourself 0, for second response 2 and for every third response award yourself 5 marks.)

(a) In the morning you prefer to have your breakfast in
(i) your room,
(ii) the kitchen,
(iii) the living room with other family members.
(iii) the living room with other family members.

(b) How often do you say goodbye to your family before going to school?
(i) rarely,
(ii) sometimes,
(iii) always.
(iii) always.

(c) The thought of going back home after a day’s school makes
(i) you sad,
(ii) no difference to you,
(iii) you happy.
(iii) you happy.

(d) If you are happy/sad over something, you’d
(i) keep it to yourself,
(ii) not bother about it,
(iii) share it with your friends and family.
(iii) share it with your friends and family.

(e) One of your friends/relatives wants to meet you urgently, but you are busy. You will
(i) tell him that you don’t have time,
(ii) tell him youll try,
(iii) take out time for him.
(iii) take out time for him.

(f) In your free time, you would
(i) watch TV,
(ii) stay in your room,
(iii) meet friends and relatives.
(iii) meet friends and relatives.

C.2. We are all blessed with relatives by birth. But we make our friends ourselves. How many friends do you have? Do you think making friends and maintaining their friendship is easy? Discuss with reasons.

Listen to the audio CD titled Listen & Comprehend (Class-VII). After listening, answer the questions asked in the audio CD verbally. Listen to the tape script once again and attempt the given question. The tape script is given on page no. 59.

Nurturing Friendship

It is truly said that prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. A true friend will be there for you in your difficult times. Cultivating friendships is an art. A lot of effort goes into nurturing friendships.
Here are some tips for cultivating and maintaining friendships.

  • A good listener is more likely to have friends. Listen attentively and respect your friends’ views even if you differ in your opinion.
  • Make an effort to keep in touch even if you are busy. Make phone calls, send e-mails, greetings, etc.
  • Make time to meet your friends at least once a month.
  • Be there for your friends in their adversities as well as in their celebrations.
  • Never forget to greet your friends on their birthday or anniversary, even if they are not hosting a party on the occasion.
  • Do not gossip about your friends behind their back.
  • Love and caring lose their meaning if there is no respect in a relationship. As Cicero has said, ‘He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who removes from it respect.’
  • Keep jealousy and competition away from your friends. Jealousy kills the best of relationships.

I have many friends. But four friends are very close to me. It is very easy to make friends, but it is rather difficult to maintain friendship because it demands sacrifices and unconditional love, lot of understanding and faith in one another. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend stands even in adverse circumstances. One can share secrets with friends and guide each other. They share their woes and give moral support to each other.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

C.3. Being with a friend is a great stress-buster. In today’s stressful and fast paced life, friends are the best way to release tension. With your friends you can share your woes, clear your doubts and get first-hand guidance. The best way to rejuvenate yourself and get moral support in a difficult situation is through good friends.

Listen to some tips on nurturing friendship. As you listen, write T for true and False for false statements.

(a) Prosperity tests friends. ______

(b) A good listener is not likely to have friends. ______

(c) We should respect others’ point of view even if we don’t agree with it. ______

(d) Greet friends on their special days only if they are celebrating. ______

(e) Light gossip does not harm friendship. ______

(f) Besides love and care, respect too is important in friendship. ______

(g) Competition is good for friendship. ______

C.4. Friends are integral to our life. It is difficult to imagine a day without friends. We share our sorrow and happiness with our buddies.

Think of a friend who is very special to you. Make a presentation in front of your classmates sharing what makes him/her special. Enliven your speech with a vibrant PowerPoint presentation made with pictures of your friend and the moments you spent together.
Good morning to one and all. Today I, ___________ of class VII is here to tell you about my best friend. Sneha is my best friend.

I still remember the day when I joined this school. I was feeling very nervous. Also, many things were new to me. At this point Sneha approached me.

She calmed me down and removed all my doubts. She also helped me with all my pending work. I found her to be very compatible and easy going. I also found that she was extremely popular in the class due to her positive attitude only. Now, we all are in class VII. Our friendship has grown stronger over the years. And also I am pretty sure that nothing can break this bond. In the end, “You are always there for me when my spirits need a little lift I cannot thank you enough for that you are truly an extraordinary gift.”

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

C.5. Be a Sonneteer

Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines. It is usually divided into three quartets (four-line stanzas) followed by a couplet (English Sonnet) or, the first stanza contains eight lines and the second six lines (Italian Sonnet).

Unleash your creative talent and compose a sonnet dedicated to your best friend.
“Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;”
Statues and monuments will not last as long as this poem;
“But you shall shine more bright in these contents
Than unswept stone, besmeard with sluttish time.”
And you will last longer, immortalized in this poem, than the stone statues and
monuments, which will fade and become dusty over time.
“When wasteful war shall statues overturn,
Arid broils root out the work of masonry,”
War and other disturbances will destroy statues and monuments,
“Nor Mars his sword, nor war’s quick fire shall bum
The living record of your memory.”
But poetry, which memorializes you, cannot be destroyed by these means.
“Gairist death, and all oblivious enmity
Shall you pace forth; your praise shall still find room”
You shall outlast death and all other forces that seek to destroy things
“Even in the eyes of all posterity
That wear this world out to the ending doom.”
Even for future generations. .
“So, till the judgment that yourself arise,
You live in this, and dwell in lovers eyes.’
So you will live in this poem until judgment day.

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships


A Song For Friendship Summary

The light was off. Two girls Tara and Vasanthi banged into each other as they searched for their tents in the dark. Both introduced themselves to each other though, Vasanthi spoke in different language. Both had come to participate in the interstate cultural festival, at Madras. Tara was from Bulandshahr in U.P., and had won many light music competitions. She only missed a competition of her age. Both entered the auditorium and smiled at each other. Tara told Vasanthi that she was from Bulandshahr, U.P. and Vasanthi told that she was from Warayoor. Each participant sang a folk song of her state. The audience praised vigorously for Tara’s ‘Kajri’ and Vasanthi ‘Kummi pattu’ Meera made Tara alert that she had a stiff competition with Vasanthi.

Vasanthi realized that Tara was her arch rival with whom she wanted to be friends. Both practiced for long hours in their tents, though they met each other in dining hall but they avoided each other.

One day before the grand finale, all the participants went on an excursion to Mahabalipuram. Tara left behind Meera and her teachers and suddenly fell into Vasanthi’s grip, as she was going to stumble while admiring the temple’s pinnacle. She thanked Vasanthi and Meera came running. She told Tara that she should be careful and patted Vasanthi’s head and thanked her. As Vasanthi waved and said thank you, her laughter sounded like temple bells and Tara thought how she could repay Vasanthi for saving her life. Tara was not willing to participate in the contest so that Vasanthi would win. But Meera persuaded her that it was connected with the prestige of her school as well as state. Both Tara and Vasanthi sang at the contest and both were declared winners.

बत्ती गुल हो गयी थी। तारा और वासंती नामक दो लड़कियाँ अपना तम्बू खोजते हुए आपस में टकरा गई। दोनों ने एक-दूसरे से अपना नाम बताया यद्यपि वासंती अलग भाषा बोल रही थी। वे दोनों अखिल राज्य स्तरीय सांस्कृतिक विद्यालय उत्सव में भाग लेने आयी थी। तारा उत्तर प्रदेश के बुलन्दशहर से थी और उसने कई शास्त्रीय संगीत पुरस्कार जीते थे। उसे अपनी हम उम्र मित्र की तलाश थी। अगले दिन श्रोता कक्ष में पुनः दोनों टकरा गई। दोनों ने एक दूसरे को देखकर मुस्कराया एवं अपने परिचय दिये । तारा ने बताया कि वह बुलन्दशहर से थी एवं वासंती ने बताया कि वह बारायूर से थी। प्रत्येक भागीदार ने अपने राज्य की भाषा में लोकगीत सुनाए, श्रोतागणों ने तारा की ‘ कजरी’ और वासंती की ‘ कुम्मी पट्टी’ गाने की बड़े उत्साह से सराहना की क्योंकि दोनों ही अच्छी गायिका थी । मीरा ने तारा को सावधान किया कि वह वासंती से सतर्क रहे क्योंकि वही उसकी प्रतिद्वन्दी थी।

वासंती ने भी महसूस किया कि तारा से ही उसकी प्रतिस्पर्द्धा थी जिसके साथ वह दोस्ती करना चाह रही थी। दोनों अपने तंबू में अभ्यास करने लगी। भोजन कक्ष में आमना-सामना होने के बावजूद दोनों एक दूसरे से कतराती थी।

निर्णायक दिन से ठीक एक दिन पहले सारे प्रत्याशीगण महाबलीपुरम घूमने गए। तारा मीरा और अपनी शिक्षिका को पीछे छोड़कर आगे निकल गई। अचानक वह गिरने लगी क्योंकि वह मंदिर की चोटी को निहार रही थी परन्तु वासंती ने उसे पकड़ लिया। तारा ने वासंती को धन्यवाद दिया। मीरा भी आ गयी और उसने भी वासंती की पीठ थपथपाई और उसे धन्यवाद दिया । वासंती हाथ हिलाकर हंसती हुई चली गयी। उसकी हंसी की आवाज ऐसी लग रही थी मानो मन्दिर की घंटियाँ बज रही हो। अब तारा सोचने लगी कि वासंती का एहसान कैसे चुकाया जाय ।

तारा प्रतियोगिता में भाग नहीं लेना चाहती थी ताकि वासंती जीत जाए । परन्तु एक बहस के बाद मीरा उसे समझाने में सफल हुई कि स्कूल और राज्य की प्रतिष्ठा के लिए उसे प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेना चाहिए। तारा और वासंती दोनों ने अच्छा गाना गाया और दोनों ही विजेता चुनी गयीं।

दोनों ने प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त किया। तारा ने तमिल और वासंती ने हिन्दी गाना गाया। ऐसा इसलिए कि वे एक-दूसरे को जीत दिलाना चाहती थी परन्तु निर्णायक मंडल ने दोनों को ही प्रथम स्थान के लिए विजयी घोषित कर दिया और दोनों ने परस्पर मित्र बनकर पदक ग्रहण किए।

DAV Class 7 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 2 Relationships

Word – Meanings:

Gazed = to look steadily – टकटकी लगाए देखना;
Encounter = an unexpected meeting or event – आमना-सामना, आकस्मिक भेंट या कोई घटना;
Enrapture = filled with delight – आनन्दित करना;
Reassure = to assure again – फिर से विश्वास दिलाना;
Regain = to get again – फिर से प्राप्त करना;
Giggle = laugh in silly manner – फुहड़ हँसी ;
Glorious = splendid – गौरवपूर्ण ।