DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure

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DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 7 Question Answer – A Stormy Adventure

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
Have you ever experienced a sea voyage? Do you think it is
(a) enjoyable
(b) exciting
(c) frightening
(d) difficult
Why? Discuss the reason for your choice with your friends. You may tick only one choice or more than one.
Yes, I have experienced a sea voyage. It is enjoyable and exciting. It is an adventurous journey. Sea journey is difficult too because no one knows the mood of the sea waves and water in the sea.

Question 2.
Work in pairs and write a few words related to the sea.
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DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 2

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Question 3.
What does the title ‘A Stormy Adventure’ suggest about the story?
The title ‘A Stormy Adventure’ tells about the story of a storm which made the journey adventurous for those who were on board.

I. Understanding the Story
A. Complete the following statements by filling the blanks with one word only:

Question 1.
The name of the Captain of the Trishna was _________
Captain Kumar

Question 2.
The Trishna weighed _________ tons.

Question 3.
Mr Bose held the post of _________ on the Trishna.
Chief Engineer

Question 4.
The boating incident, where the boat that Vishal and his friends were travelling in developed a leak, happened in _________

(B) Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words:

Question 1.
Where was the Trishna going? Why was it going there?
The Trishna was going to Philippines. The ship was carrying a special cargo of food for the people of the small islands in the South China sea which had been stuck by a devastating typhoon, a few days earlier.

Question 2.
Why was Captain Kumar worried?
Captain Kumar was worried because the barometer reading had fallen steeply and rough weather seemed to be engulfing.

Question 3.
What was the effect of bad weather on the Trishna?
The Trishna rose high and was tossed down mercilessly. Every punch from the waves seemed to send her reeling. As she shuddered and groaned it seemed as if she might break up.

Question 4.
What suggestion did Vishal have to offer to his father?
Vishal suggested to his father to list the ship to expose the hole in her side. This would make it easier to plug it.

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Question 5.
How was the Trishna saved?
The Trishna was saved by tilting it to expose the hole in her side. The Chief Officer and his men made a wooden plug. Five people held it in position with their might. They blocked it with cement. At last, it held tight. Pumping operations began to dry out the Engine Room.

C. In the story ‘A Stormy Adventure’ some situations and actions lead to certain results. Complete the table given below by writing in appropriate columns the action or the result that the given situations produced:
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 3

Action Result
(a) Rohini felt seasick. Knocked out by sea sickness pills.
(b) Typhoon Elsie was deepening in the Pacific Ocean and moving in a north western direction. Capt. Kumar ordered the men on the deck to lash the cargo.
(c) A steel angle from the going way had pierced the ship side. Water gushed into the Trishna.
(d) Vishal remembered a similar boat incident. He gave the idea to his father.
(e) They listed the ship to expose the hole in her side and plugged it with wood and cement. The Trishna was saved.


Do you think it was easy for Captain Kumar to accept the risky suggestion given by Vishal? What might be going on in his mind? Why do you think he finally accepted the suggestion?
No, it was not easy. Vishal was talking about a boat whose leak was plugged in this manner. This was a big ship. There was every chance that in the stormy weather ship will turn over. But that was the only way left. He finally accepted the solution because no one else could offer a better one.

III. Life Skills

You’re quite a seaman really .. .’ says the chief officer about Vishal. Would you call Vishal a seaman? Give reasons.
We can’t call Vishal a seaman but his presence of mind saved the day. It was coincidence that this incident had happened earlier also but then they were in a boat and they decided to apply the same technique in this case also.

IV. Values

Imagine that the ship you are travelling in gets caught in bad weather. How would you react? Would be frightened, anxious or excited? How could you be of help to others in such a situation?
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 4
In such a risky situation, I would try to keep calm and pacify others also. I will try to keep my own fears and anxieties under the wraps. It is extremely important that in such a situation, one doesn’t lost his patience and presence of mind.

V. Writing Skills

Imagine yourself to be Vishal. Write an article for the school magazine describing your adventurous journey.

A Voyage Full of Adventure – Vishal

Sea voyage was my dream. When I got an opportunity to go on my father’s ship Trishna, I was thrilled. I was on board with my sister Rohini enroute to Philippines, which was carrying cargo for the victims of typhoon in the South China Sea. We enjoyed the voyage but one day my father Captain Kumar was worried because the barometer reading had fallen steeply. Panic developed on the ship when the Radio officer informed that the Typhoon Elsie was deepening and would pass 70 miles away from our ship, within 24 hours.
It was important for our ship to reach Mindao as people were starving there. By noon the weather deteriorated. Our ship rose high and tossed mercilessly. My father gave instructions to reduce speed and change direction. Soon alarm bells rang on board. People rushed towards Engine Room. It was a matter of great worry that water was gushing into the Trishna.

Chief engineer Bose announced that the engines have to be stopped as water would enter into the machineiy. I suddenly remembered an incident in which we had saved the boat from drowning by tilting it. I suggested same idea to my father. Though it was risky but my father decided to do the same as there was no way left. Trishna was tilted to one side, the hole in that side exposed and the chief officer and his man plugged the hole with wood and cement. Pumping operation began to dry the Engine Room. The ship was saved. Weather also turned calm. It was an adventurous journey for me.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 7 Solutions – A Stormy Adventure

I. Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Why Capt. Kumar’s wife couldn’t accompany him on this trip?
Capt. Kumar’s mother was unwell. So, she stayed behind to look after her.

Question 2.
What had happened to Rohini?
Rohini was unwell. She was experiencing seasickness. Therefore, she was vomiting again and again.

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Question 3.
Why was it important for Trishna to reach Mindao by Monday?
It was important to reach Mindao because there was less food on board. People were starving already.

Question 4.
What happened to the ship as storm started?
A Bedlam seemed to have broken loose. Drawers and books came crashing down on the ground with every lurch. Tables and chairs started shifting on their own. Huge waves crashed on the board. There was water and water everywhere. All joined in to clear the engine room of excess water that was just gushing in through a gaping hole.

Question 5.
What do you think about Vishal as a small boy?
Vishal is a small boy. But he is the real hero. He does not lose his nerves even in adverse circumstances because it is he who gives an idea and saves the ship from drowning.

Question 6.
What do you mean by adventure? How should it be faced?
An adventure is an exciting experience. Adventures include some extraordinary activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, river rafting or sports. It should be faced with strong will power and courage.

Question 7.
Do you think adventurous activities are not only full of recreation but also full of knowledge? Comment.
According to Helen Keller, life is either a daring adventure or nothing’. Without adventure, life is dull and monotonous. It not only gives us recreation but also excitement. In many cases, adventurous activities can lead to gain knowledge such as those which are undertaken by explorers. It also provides knowledge and experience.

Question 8.
How far was the sea-voyage to Philippines ‘adventurous’ for Vishal and Rohini?
The sea voyage to Philippines was ‘adventurous’ for Vishal and Rohini as their ship was nearly caught in a typhoon. It had developed a leak. Water was pouring into the Engine Room. There was a risk of its being overturned. There was nervousness, tension and panic in Vishal’s mind as he experienced the enormous sea waves. Rohini, on the other hand, felt seasick and nearly missed all the excitement as she was completely knocked out by seasick pills saving the Trishna from drowning. It proved adventurous for Vishal.

Question 9.
You are Captain Kumar. You felt proud on your son whose idea saved the ship and life of everyone on the ship. Write a letter to your wife appreciating your son.
25, Broadway Street
25th November, 20XX
Dear Karuna
I hope everything will be fine there. Today we have reached Philippines. By the way for a moment I thought that everything is going to finish, as our ship was stuck by a typhoon. It broke many parts of the ship and water was gushing inside the ship. When our all efforts proved worthless our little hero Vishal came forward with an idea of repairing the leak. I thought for a moment and applied his idea. It not only worked but also proved effective. Thus our little hero saved the life of every one on the ship.
We should feel proud on having such a brave son who has a lot of courage and wisdom at this age. May God bless him with success in every field! We would reach back within 15 days. Take care of yours and mother.

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II. Word Power

Find words from the text which are similar in meaning to the following:
(a) extremely destructive : _________
(b) to go into, penetrate : _________
(c) to alter direction, swinging around : _________
(d) frightening : _________
(e) with great energy : _________
(a) extremely destructive : devastating
(b) to go into, penetrate : pierced
(c) to alter direction, swinging around : veered
(d) frightening : terrifying
(e) with great energy : ferociously

A Stormy Adventure Summary in English

Vishal and his sister Rohini boarded the M.V. Trishna. His sister was feeling seasick and Vishal thought, they would touch land only after two more days. The ship was on a voyage to the Philippines, carrying a special cargo of food for South China sea people which had been struck by a devastating typhoon.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 5
Vishal and Rohini had accompanied their father that summer but their mother had stayed behind to look after their grandmother. They had enjoyed the video movies and books on board. But now the sea looked choppy. Vishal climbed on the bridge to see what his father was doing in the wheel house. Capt. Kumar was upset because the barometer had fallen steeply and weather seemed to be getting rough. Sparks, the Radio Officer gave the weather report to the captain. As he had suspected; Typhoon Elsie was moving slowly in the north westerly direction and would pass their ship too closely within the next 24 hours. He said it was necessary to reach Mindao with food stocks by Monday as the people were already starving there.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 6
By the afternoon, the wind had whipped upto a speed of 65 knots an hour. The sky became cloudy and waves started to leap ferociously. The captain ordered his children not to leave the cabin. Rohini was fast asleep, tucked in the pillows. Vishal was also feeling seasick. Everything came down crashing in the cabin, including the fridge. The typhoon was coming in full fuiy. Forgetting his father’s instruction, he raced upto the bridge. Mr. Kumar was giving order to reduce speed and change direction.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 7
He told Vishal that cargo was damaged and the gangway had broken loose and the ship was being hit hard. Vishal found it difficult to stand. Soon alarms and bells rang, and the Emergency Stations were informed. People rushed towards the Engine Room. A hole had been pierced into the ship side and water entered the Engine Room. They tried to plug the leak, but it was useless. There was the risk of the ship overturning. Chief Engineer Bose reported if the water was not stopped from entering the ship, within the next ten minutes, he would have to stop engines as water would enter the machinery. Suddenly Vishal remembered that recently in the boating incident in Okhla they had tilted the boat to expose the leak. He gave the idea to his father.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 8
The captain thought it was risky, but there was no other way out. They tilted the ship to one side. The Chief Officer and his men made a wooden plug. Five people blocked the hole with cement. Soon the Engine Room was dried out. Mr Kumar told Vishal that his idea had worked, the typhoon Elise was moving away and the wind was reduced. They were again on their course, though 12 hours late. Vishal still felt his feet wobbly and he thought that he would tell his friends at school; the tale of storm. The wind had died down, as it was miracle, it was smooth sailing for them now.

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A Stormy Adventure Summary in Hindi

विशाल और उसकी बहन रोहिणी पानी के जहाज एम॰ वी॰ ‘तृष्णा’ पर सवार हो गए। उसकी बहन सागर में कुछ दिन सफर करके बीमार हो गयी । विशाल ने सोचा कि उनका पानी का जहाज धरती को अभी दो दिन बाद ही छू पायेगा। जहाज फिलिपीन्स की ओर खाने का सामान ले जा रहा था। यह पश्चिमी सागर देशों के लिए था जो तूफान का शिकार हो गये थे।
विशाल और रोहिणी जहाज पर अपने पिताजी के साथ थे
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 9
परंतु उनकी माँ दादी की देखभाल के लिए घर पर थी । विशाल और उसकी बहन ने पानी की जहाज पर काफी वीडियो फिल्में देखी तथा किताबों का मजा लिया। परन्तु अब सागर अशांत सा लग रहा था। विशाल ऊपर की ओर पुल पर चढ़ा और देखने लगा कि पिताजी क्या कर रहे हैं? उसके पिता कैप्टन कुमार परेशान थे, क्योंकि वायुदावमापी का ताप तेजी से गिर गया था और मौसम खराब होता जा रहा था। मौसम विशेषज्ञ, स्पार्क्स ने कैप्टन को मौसम बिगड़ने की जानकारी दी। प्रचंड तूफान एलसी पूर्वी – उत्तर दिशा में चल रही थी तथा अगले 24 घंटे के अंदर उनके जहाज के पास से गुजरने की आशंका थी। उन्होंने कहा कि खाद्य सामग्री का सोमवार तक मिनडाउ पहुँचना जरूरी था क्योंकि लोग पहले ही भूखे मर रहे थे।
दोपहर तक हवा की रफ्तार और तेज हो गयी तथा 65 नॉट प्रति घंटे तक पहुँच गयी। आकाश बादल से भर आए तथा लहरें तेजी से उठने लगी। पानी जहाज के फर्श तक पहुँच गया। कप्तान ने बच्चों को निर्देश दिया कि वे अपना केबिन न छोड़ें। रोहिणी तकिये में मुँह छुपाये गहरी नींद में सो रही थी। केबिन के अन्दर सब कुछ टूटने लगा। फ्रिज भी धमाके के साथ गिर गया। अपने पिताजी की आज्ञा का पालन न करते हुए विशाल जहाज के ऊपरी हिस्से की ओर भागा। तूफान प्रचंड रूप में आ रही थी। उसके पिता जहाज की रफ्तार कम करने और दिशा बदलने का निर्देश दे रहे थे।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 10
उन्होंने विशाल को बताया कि सारा सामान खराब हो रहा है। और जहाज का काफी हिस्सा गीला हो गया है। जहाज तेजी से लहरों से टकरा रहा था, विशाल मुश्किल से खड़ा हो पा रहा था। शीघ्र ही अलार्म और खतरे की घंटियाँ बज गयी। नजदीकी आपातकालीन स्टेशनों को सूचना भेजी गयी। सब लोग इंजन कक्ष की ओर भागने लगे। इंजन कक्ष में एक छेद से काफी पानी आ गया था। उन्होंने छेद बन्द करने की काफी कोशिश की, परन्तु विफल रहे । जहाज पलटने का खतरा था । मुख्य इंजीनियर ‘बोस’ ने सूचित किया कि यदि पानी का प्रवेश न रोका गया तो जहाज का इंजन बंद करना पड़ेगा ।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 11
अचानक विशाल को याद आया कि हाल ही में ओखला में नाव दुर्घटना में उन्होंने पानी रोकने के लिए नाव टेढ़ी कर दी थी। उसने अपने पिताजी को अपने इस विचार के बारे में बताया। कप्तान ने सोचा कि यह खतरनाक है परन्तु और कोई उपाय भी नहीं बचा था। उन्होंने जहाज को एक ओर झुका दिया।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 12
मुख्य अफसर तथा उसके आदमियों ने एक लकड़ी के प्लग के द्वारा छेद रोक दिया। पाँच व्यक्तियों ने उसमें सीमेंट लगायी। जल्द ही इंजन कक्ष सूख गया। पिताजी ने विशाल को बताया कि उसका तरीका कामयाब रहा। तूफान एलसी दूसरी ओर जा रही थी और हवा की रफ्तार कम हो गयी थी। वे फिर अपने रास्ते पर थे हालांकि वे 12 घंटे लेट थे। विशाल को लगा कि उसके पैर अभी भी लडखड़ा रहे थे। वह सोचने लगा कि वह स्कूल जाकर अपने मित्रों को तूफान का किस्सा सुनायेगा। हवा मानो जादू से धीमी हो गयी थी ।

  • Lurch – to roll on one side – एकाएक एक ओर लुढ़कना;
  • Inarticulate – not expressed clearly – अस्पष्ट;
  • Exasperation – annoyance – क्रोधित होना;
  • Bridge – uppermost part of the ship where it is navigated – जहाज का ऊपरी हिस्सा जहाँ से उसका संचालन करते हैं;
  • Cargo – the goods that are carried in a ship – विमान या जलपोत द्वारा ढोया जाने वाला माल;
  • Typhoon – violent storm – प्रचंड तूफान;
  • Devastating – that destroys something completely – विध्वंसकारी;
  • Trat – to drag behind – घसीटना;
  • Destruction – ruin – विनाश;
  • Unsteady – unstable – अस्थिर;
  • Accommodation – lodging – निवास;
  • Brewing – about to start – आरम्भ होने वाला;
  • Barometer – Instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure – वायुमापी यंत्र;
  • Whipped – to move a person or an animal hard with a whip – कोड़े या, हंटर से किसी मनुष्य या जानवर को पीटना ;
  • Monster – giant – विशालकाय;
  • Trapped – to keep somebody in a dangerous place – किसी को खतरनाक जगह में फंसा कर रखना;
  • Alarmingly – surprisingly – खतरे की सूचना;
  • Shuddered – trembled with horror – काँप उठना;
  • Veered – changed direction – दिशा बदलना;
  • Buffet – to knock or push in a rough way from side to side – दोनों ओर धक्का देना;
  • Hurled – fling with violence – उछालना;
  • Pour – to rain heavily- जोरदार वर्षा करना;
  • Imperative – urgent – अनिवार्य;
  • Panic – sudden feeling of fear – अचानक भयभीत हो जाना;
  • Wobbly-moving unsteady – लड़खडाना;
  • Expose – uncover – प्रकट करना;
  • Battering – to hard somebody many times – बार – बार जोर से प्रहार करना;
  • Turbulent – disorderly – विक्षोभपूर्ण;
  • Soothe – calm – शांत