DAV Class 3 English Practice Book Solutions Chapter 11 Writing Skills

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DAV Class 3 English Practice Book Solutions Pdf Chapter 11 Writing Skills

Question 1.
Read the following paragraph:
My Birthday Gift
Last week, I celebrated my tenth birthday with my friends and parents. I got many beautiful gifts on the occasion. But the gift that I liked the most is a bicycle. It was presented to me by my grandfather. It is a blue coloured bkycle with steel handle. it has a pink basket for keeping my things. Its height is just fine for me. it has two gears also, so it is easy to ride. I ride my new bicycle daily. It is the best birthday gift I have ever got.
For self-attempt

Question 2.
Now write a paragraph on any other birthday gift that you liked [e.g. a wrist watch, a story book, a games CD, a dress, etc.]
Last week on 25th April, I celebrated my birthday. It was a memorable event. All my friends enjoyed much. I got a lot of presents. I was happy. This time I got a very valuable gift from my uncle. It was a pack of story books. It contained story books of different writers. It had some classical stories, stories from Panchtantra etc. I liked it very much. Each book is a treasure in itself. I have started reading one by one. I really thank to my uncle for this gift.

Question 3.
Imagine that you went to a zoo last week as part of a school outing. Taking hints from the questions given below, write a paragraph describing your visit.

  • When did you start from the school?
  • How many of your friends/teachers accompanied you?
  • How did you go there?
  • When did you reach the zoo?
  • How was the weather?
  • Who bought the tickets?
  • Which birds/animals did you see?
  • Were there any birds/animals that you expected to see but could not see?
  • When and where did you have lunch?
  • Did you, or any of your friends, feed or tease the caged birds/animals?
  • Did your teacher scold you/your friend for this?
  • When did you come back to the school?
  • Did you enjoy this visit?

A Visit to the Zoo
Last Sunday our school organised a visit to the zoo. We travelled in a bus. There were 40 students accompanied by 4 teachers. We reached the zoo at 10 A.M. Weather was cloudy and so pleasant. We bought tickets and entered the zoo. Animals were also enjoying the weather. We saw lions, bears, deer, rhinoceros, zebra, snakes, birds. All these animals and birds were of rare species. We also saw how they play, how they are fed, how they follow the instructions of their masters. It was really a nice trip.

DAV Class 3 English Practice Book Solutions Chapter 11 Writing Skills

Question 4.
Write a paragraph (on similar lines as the previous one) on A Visit to a Circus.
A Visit to a Circus
Last week I along with my parents and my younger brother went to visit a circus. Circus is a unique show of wonderful activities, aerobics, etc. performed by animals like elephants, lions, monkeys, bears as well as human beings. The show started at 6 pm. First we saw bear riding cycle, then a lion performing dance, bears riding motorbikes. After the shows of animals started performances of men and women. Girls walking over hanging ropeways, doing other dangerous acts. It was really enjoying as well as amazing. The show ended at 9 pm.

Question 5.
Ruchi’s examination is over. She wants to invite her cousin Neelu, who Lives in Sonipat, to spend a week with her. Complete Ruchi’s letter by filling in the blanks.
123/ABC, Krishna Park
27 February 20
Dear Neelu
Finally, our exams are over! I can’t tell you how relaxed and happy I am feeling today. After the hard work of almost 10 months, it’s now time for us to ____________. Why don’t you ____________ for a week? I bet we’ll have lots of fun! I’ll take you for a joy ride on the Metro ____________ to the zoo, the National Science Museum and Nehru Planetarium. I have also requested my mother to ____________ educational toys for us so that ____________. I am already feeling so excited about this programme.
I hope ____________
Your loving cousin
enjoy; come here; from Rajiv Chowk; buy; we can play and learn with enjoyment; you would like to come and enjoy.

Question 6.
Neelu has accepted Ruchi’s invitation to stay for a week. She now writes a letter to her friend Pooja telling her about her plan. Write the letter on Neelu’s behalf.
456-XYZ Colony
Sonipat, Haryana
3 March 20
Dear Pooja
I am really excited after reading Ruchi’s invitation. I shared her plan with my parents and they have allowed me to go to spend my vacation with her. My younger sister is also ready to go with me. In fact my parents will also come with me and will stay for a few days. It would be really a fun vacation. I am excited to see Metro and its ride. I have heard Delhi is known for its flyovers and wide roads.
We will reach on Sunday morning. I wish you come to Delhi too. We all will enjoy this vacation.
Yours lovingly

Question 7.
Write about ten sentences on My Best Friend.
My Best Friend
David in my best friend. He joined my school last month. In a very short time he has developed friendship with me. Prior to this school he was in Jammu. His father has been trasferred here. David is not only intelligent but also very soft spoken, helpful, kind and submissive. He is always nicely dressed. He behaves well even with peons and gardeners. Bus Staff are also very happy with him. I like such a nice friend and really feel proud to have David as my best friend.

DAV Class 3 English Practice Book Solutions Chapter 11 Writing Skills

Question 8.
Describe the following scene in a short paragraph.
DAV Class 3 English Practice Book Solutions Chapter 11 Writing Skills 1
It is the Krishna-Radha Park of my locality. It is a big one in the area. So people prefer it for their outings. Some boys and girls like to play ball, hide and seek. There are many trees. Some people come with their pets. During ‘ winter we enjoy sunshine and during summer we enjoy shades in morning and evening. It is really nice place and a place for get-together.