Reflective Essay Topic – Choice Of A Career

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Reflective Essay Topic – Choice Of A Career

Introduction: Perplexing decision

  • Many new avenues have opened up; Opening new career opportunities
  • Cardinal principle to follow in making the choice
  • Take a decision giving due weightage to advise of parents and peers

Conclusion: Having taken a decision work upon it sincerely

The dawn of the new millennium has thrown up a plethora of new career opportunities that were hitherto non-existent. This has made the task of choosing a career for the youth more confusing and perplexing. Often the decision is fraught with suspense and anxiety as faced by a gambler. However, this is a vital decision, which has a direct bearing on our life and hence should be taken with due deliberation, consultation and advise.

Fortunately there are many avenues for getting information on different career opportunities through newspapers, electronic media and the internet. Various career options are now available in new fields like Information Technology, E-Commerce and health care.

One can take up assignments as Web designer, network administrator and developer in information technology. In the field of science and technology there are avenues in biotechnology, environmental sciences, genetic engineering, etc. These careers are in addition to the traditional options of doctor, lawyer, engineer and teacher.

However, in making the choice one must observe a basic cardinal principle, that is to objectively identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and other inborn propensities. Keeping this in mind, one should identify careers which are most appealing. It is common to find people, enamoured by the glamour and razzmatazz of a particular profession, to have their dream shattered, as it does not suit their temperament.

They end up highly dissatisfied and frustrated. Some take to the legal profession, on being infatuated by an eminent lawyer. After spending considerable time and money, they discover that it is not only oratory skills, but also a sharp and incisive mind, that is essential for a roaring practice. They end up doing anything, to keep their body and soul together. Obviously their decision was made on purely extraneous and illogical factors.

While taking such a crucial decision one should also give due consideration to the views of parents, friends and peers. They can help, provided their advice is objective and dispassionate. Students often study for a career bowing to the wishes of parents, but end up disillusioned and frustrated. Thus the son of an eminent doctor, takes to the medical profession to please his father. He may become a doctor, but in the absence of a right aptitude and inclination, he can never achieve his father’s eminence.

The right choice of a career is important, for as they say ‘well begun is half done’. The right career option makes one work more assiduously in realising the dream. It does not matter if one does not get admission into the best of institutions. What matters, that after getting the requisite qualification, one excels in it.


  • Career option for the youth in the new millennium. Discuss
  • Youth and Career. Discuss