Essay on Nature | Nature Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Nature: It is true that nature is the greatest gift of God and man his most wonderful creation. Nature is infinite and, in its infinity, is the greatest teacher. Man has the ability to think and reason, therefore he must use those powers to learn from his surroundings with positivity. Nature can teach and inspire man, but it is up to man to understand its teachings correctly and thus make the world a heaven, as God had intended.

Nature is the living, visible garment of God. -Goethe

In nature, all is management for the best with perfect progality and just reserve, profuse to none but bountiful to all. – Shaftbury

Nature pleases, attracts delights and inspires. -W. Humboldt

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Long Essay on Nature 500 Words in English

Below we have given a long essay on Nature of 500 words is helpful for classes 7, 8, 9 and 10 and Competitive Exam Aspirants. This long essay on the topic is suitable for students of class 7 to class 10, and also for competitive exam aspirants.

Nature consists of hundreds of big and small things ranging from the mighty oceans to the tiny morsels of sand. It covers the Universe, Flowers Rivers, Mountains, waterfalls, Rain, Winds, Clouds, Rainbow and many more wonderful things. Nature is a silent teacher. It does not scold but if man does not pay attention properly, it does not hesitate to punish.

First and foremost, nature teaches us that each individual is very important for the world. It inspires us to have confidence in our ability and desire to make the world a better place as nature itself does. A drop of water makes the mighty ocean. This example of nature teaches us that every individual human being is important and can make one’s own contribution.

Nature inspires man through its simplicity and beauty. As Keats has said. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and Wordsworth inspired by ‘nature’ beauty wrote.

For oft when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude
And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the daffodils.

If you can appreciate beauty of nature and enjoy it, you need no company, you are never dejected, and you will have solace, rest, peace and happiness. What else is needed in the world.

Essay on Nature

Nature also teaches us to respect time and make best use of our time, because time is fleeting, and life is short. Sun rises every day. Cycle chain of nature goes on without break teaching us punctuality and discipline.

It teaches us to flow on like a river, never to stop, toiling hard to reach our goal. It also gives us the message of hope and courage. Nature also suffers but it goes on. As after the darkest hour of night, the sun rays come up, in the same way with patience we can go on and are bound to be successful.

Nature inspires us in many ways. God has created man and nature for each other. But unfortunately, with the advent of 20th century we became more and more selfish. With the rise of population and greed, woods were cut, factories were constructed, pollution increased in land and water making many species extinct. Man because of his greed for money and power has neglected the basic rules of nature and forgotten its teachings and also to keep balance between nature and his aspirations.

‘Live and let live’ is the maxim which should have been adopted but is totally forgotten. The result is destruction of both nature and man. What we have done is this. Look at the holy river Ganga its water can not be used without purification. It smells of the rubbish from tanneries and sewers.

It is quite possible that after some time we will not be able to see green grass or flowers. It seems the predication of Nostradamus is going to be true that by the end of century, the world- will also come to an end. It is quite possible also, if the deforestation, indiscriminate killing of animal’s birds and sea creatures, pollution global warming ozone layer depletion go on at the present speed. Thus, we will lose our greatest teacher inspirer and saviol, and, in the process, we will destroy ourselves also.