Descriptive Essay ICSE 2015

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2015 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2015

You had booked a ticket on an early morning train. However, you woke up late and missed it. You then decided to run to catch a bus to the next station where you hoped to catch up with the train. Narrate the entire event, how you felt, the effort you made and how you finally caught the train. What did you learn from this successful experience? (ICSE 2015)

My carelessness made me wake up late for catching the train to Delhi

  • Raced toward the railway station but missed the train
  • Brother suggested to catch a bus to Kanpur
  • Tantalizing one and half hour, as the bus raced towards Kanpur

Caught the train, promising never to be careless for ‘Experience is the best teacher.’

“Wake up. Wake up”, shouted my mother gently nudging me. I got up with a start and looked at the clock, it was 5 AM. I had just half an hour to catch the Gomti Express for going to Delhi, to attend the interview for the Birla Meritorious Students Scholarship. Cursing myself, I checked my mobile alarm, to find that I had in my carelessness switched it off, before going to bed.

I freshened up quickly and with my mother’s help packed my bag. My brother offered to drop me to the station on his motor bike. It was 5.20 AM by the time we raced toward the railway station. The early morning winter fog hung heavily on the road. Small droplets trickled down my face making me cringe with cold. Running towards the platform, I prayed fervently for the train to be late. To my horror, I saw the guard wave the green flag as his cabin passed me.

Crestfallen I slumped on the bench. My brother who had come trailing behind me kindled some hope by suggesting “Bhaiya take a bus to Kanpur which is the next stop of the train.” His suggestion immediately galvanised me into action and we rushed to the nearby bus station. Gasping for breath I boarded the express bus, just as it rolled out of the station.

The next one and half hour was tantalizing. As the bus raced towards Kanpur, I shared my misery with the conductor. Fortunately he was very sympathetic and promised to do away with the half an hour halt at Nawabganj. Reassured, I settled down on my seat, watching the trees and the field rushing past me. The fog had by now thinned and people were out on the road going about their daily chores.

As each milestone passed, I glanced at my watch, trying to mathematically calculate the time required to reach Kanpur. Cold sweat tricked down my neck, at the thought of the ridicule I would have to suffer in school and at home. My teachers and mother had pinned a lot of hope on my getting the coveted scholarship, that would bring laurels to the school and the family.

Lost in such gloomy thoughts I heard the conductor yell,“ Kanpur, Kanpur”. Quickly picking up my bag I disembarked and took an auto for the railway station. To my relief I saw Gomti Express rolling in. Sitting on my berth, I wiped the sweat from my forehead, promising never to be careless, for as they say ‘Experience is the best teacher’.


You have gone on a school picnic by bus. While passing through a forest area a gang of robbers attack your bus. Describe what happened and how you were saved.

Describe in detail the view from your bedroom window. Does your room overlook a park? A busy street? What are the sights, sounds and smells that you would typically see, hear and experience at different times of the day? When do you most enjoy the view? Early in the morning, in the evening or late in the night. (ICSE 2015)

Peering out of my window early Sunday morning

  • Window overlooking a park, cool breeze, sweet aroma of plants and birds chirping
  • Scene at daybreak
  • Activity of adults and children.
  • Scene in the afternoon with the streets wearing a deserted look
  • The picturesque scene at sunset

The view changed my perspective toward Nature.

“It’s an earthquake!” I screamed, jumping off the bed. The culprit however was the vibrating mobile alarm placed under my pillow. Switching off the alarm, I realised that it was a Sunday and not another hectic day of school. Grudgingly I stood up like a languid zombie, with my eyes half closed stifling a yawn.

Drawing the curtain of my window, I saw a steady beam of bright sunlight, stream into my room, located on the second floor overlooking a park. As I opened the window the enchanting aroma of the Rajnigandha wafted in, with the cool morning breeze which invigorated me instantly. I stretched my body heaving a sigh of relief, for being spared the daily routine of preparing for school.

“It’s going to be a great day” I said to myself, as I looked at the clear blue sky. The sunlight was softly illuminating the street below, piercing the thin layer of the winter fog that floated on the horizon. The chirping of the gauriya bird and the fluttering of pigeons, from one tree to the other, was divine music to my ears.

Looking beyond the trees that bordered the park, I saw people doing their morning exercises. It was fun watching elderly men and women doing yoga in one comer of the park. The instructor’s counting “One, two, three, inhale, exhale”, made me also count unconsciously. In the middle of the park children were playing badminton. The tiny tots were having the time of their life, just shouting, running around and rolling on the grass. They were however in for a rude shock, when the yoga group as part of their laughter therapy, burst into bouts of laughter, which concluded their morning exercise.

In the afternoon the sun shone brightly overhead. The street beyond the park wore a deserted look. Occasionally few cars passed by blowing the horn to ward of the children cycling on the road. The serenity was occasionally disturbed by hawkers hawking their wares.

At sunset the sky in the horizon turned deep orange, as the sun hid itself behind the tall buildings, handing over the sky to the moon. With the shadow of darkness fast approaching people switched on the lights in the flats on the other side of the park. The streetlights and twinkling glow signs on the street, made the sight beautiful and sublime. The dark sky was looked mysterious, with bright shining stars stretching till eternity. A sudden gust of cold wind made me reluctantly close the window and draw the curtains, to a wonderful day spent on savouring the beauty of nature.

I have never been a great admirer of nature. However, the view from my window that Sunday morning changed my perspective. It was the most unforgettable experience of my life. I would forever cherish the scenic beauty of dawn, the fluttering tree, the chirping birds and the general bonhomie spirit of the adult and children, that was contagious and inspiring.


Describe the onset of monsoon in your area depicting the happiness of the people after the hot dry summer.