Argumentative Essay Topic – Our Forefathers Were Luckier Than Us

Our Forefathers Were Luckier Than Us. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay Topic – Our Forefathers Were Luckier Than Us

Our forefathers were not luckier than us.

  • Advanced in political and social field.
  • More advanced in the field of science and technology, transport, communication and entertainment.
  • Advance in space technology
  • Giant strides made in medical sciences and health care
  • Education has brought with it enlightenment

Our forefathers were less fortunate than us

To agree with the statement,‘Our forefathers were luckier than us’ would be a travesty of the truth. We are definitely luckier than our forefathers in every sphere – political, social, economic, medical and educational or any field of human activity. The quality of life that I we enjoy is far superior to that enjoyed by our forefathers.

In the political field our forefathers suffered under the yoke of autocratic rulers, with no human right whatsoever. However, living in a democratic society we enjoy equal rights. The constitution of the country grants us fundamental rights and the robust judiciary ensures its safeguard. Socially too we are better off with no caste or creed barrier, which made the life of socially backward people of yore, worse than animals.

Spectacular progress in the field of science and technology has made life in every f sphere easy and comfortable. Travelling from one place to another by bullock cart or horseback is now done by cars, buses, train and aeroplane. Journey that took days and even months now take hours.

In the field of communication, sending messages using pigeons has made way for telephone and mobiles, and now the Internet which offer immediate communication. Entertainment and news that were previously confined to chaupals and announcements are now accessible through radio, television, and cinema.

These provide news updates and entertainment that our forefathers could not imagine. The new millennium saw great advancement in the field of information technology. The computer and the Internet ushered in an information boom, which made numerous services available on the click of a mouse. It also effectively bridged the geographic and social divide.

The advancement in space technology has enabled us to explore celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars. Satellites now enable us to predict natural calamities and explore natural mineral resources using remote sensing satellites.

Impressive progress has also been made in medical sciences and health care. Diseases that wiped out entire villages like plague and smallpox have been eradicated. The discovery of new drugs has enhanced the average life expectancy from 45 to 75 years.

Education has brought with it enlightenment, making us more compassionate, humane and sociable. Children today have more avenues for good education, in well-equipped schools, colleges and universities. They do not have to take up the profession of parents, but are free to choose a career of their choice.

Our forefathers were undoubtedly less fortunate than us. We are indeed lucky to have been born in the 21st century. This is for the new millennium brings with it hope for a more bright and better future. It is our moral obligation, to ensure that our children also enjoy a better life than us.


  • ‘Our future generations would be luckier than us. ’ Give your views for or against the statement.
  • ‘Our forefathers were happier than us.’ Give your views for or against the statement.