Argumentative Essay Topic – It Is Better To Be Born A Genius Than Talented

It Is Better To Be Born A Genius Than Talented. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay Topic – It Is Better To Be Born A Genius Than Talented

What is a genius and talent?

  • Would like to be born a genius, for it is inborn while talent is acquired;
  • Genius thrives in an adverse environment
  • They are rarely born after centuries, leave a legacy for posterity.

Would like to be born a genius, and make innovative contribution to society.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see,” said Arthur Schoperhauer. Thus while talent can be acquired by constant practice, genius is inborn and cannot be acquired. The word ‘genius’ implies very extraordinary native power, especially as displayed in original creations, discoveries and achievements. The originality of the work of a genius is an inborn inspiration, independent of instruction or training, which drives a person to do something with original excellence.

A genius is not born every day. They are as rare as the blue moon. Talent on the other hand, is an ability which can be acquired by learning or instruction. Thus while talent is a capacity to learn to do a thing well, genius is an inborn inspiration, an instinct that drives a man to excellence. In other words while a ‘genius’ does what it must, a talent does what it can.

Given a choice I would like to be born a genius, for imagine having to bestow something new and inspiring in science and literature like Newton or William Shakespeare. They were trailblazers who left behind a rich trail for others to follow. A person blessed with a specific talent in any field of human activity is also great, but what set a genius apart is the originality. It is because of this that the painting of Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is referred to as the work of genius, though there are many good paintings by talented painters.

Geniuses have been known to thrive in the most unfavourable of environment. Illustrious personalities like William Shakespeare, Mirza Ghalib, Tulsi Das and Munshi Premchand were born in acute poverty, but blessed with genius they rose to the pinnacle of glory, which made them immortal. They did not have the privilege of a formal education, but the literary wealth they bequeathed makes the so-called educated men blush with ignorance. Their words loaded with wisdom and truth, are as relevant today as they were then. A few of them like Mirza Ghalib, was unaware of his genius. Had it not been for his patrons, who painstakingly compiled his utterings, the world would have been much poorer.

Geniuses are God’s gift to mankind. They have blazed a new trail in various fields like Beethoven’s in Music, Albert Einstein in Science and Mahatma Gandhi in Social Welfare to name a few. They have left behind a legacy so rich and varied, which would continue to inspire generations. They have set benchmarks, against which ordinary mortals set about acquiring talent, basking in their reflected glory.

I would therefore like to be born a genius and make some innovative contribution to the society, rather than be reduced to a mere copy. This is not to demean talented people, for they are also great men. But when it comes to a choice, why choose a replica, when you can have the unique.


  • Talent and genius.
  • ‘Geniuses are born not made.’ Give your views for or against the statement.