What is a Player? (Poem) Summary in English

A player is an individual who participates in a game or activity, whether physical, virtual, or imaginative. They can be human or computer-controlled, and they can be involved in a wide variety of games and activities, including board games, card games, sports, video games, role-playing games, and live-action role-playing games.

What is a Player? (Poem) Summary

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Jessica is a young poetess who speaks about a true player. According to her a true player is one who never gives up in.the event of a defeat because success and failure are common in games and sports. They should play in the true spirit of a game. A player should forget his/her mistakes and learn from every mistake and correct himself/herself. They should not give up at the sound of the buzzer.

The poetess says that the players should not complain about their play time because it is an unacceptable crime. They should be ready to play at any time and under any conditions. Every game has certain speed. So they should practise the game speed.

Though a player is not the best he/she has to play to the best of their ability to win the game. They should not compromise and settle for anything less than the victory. She strongly feels that the player has to practise any time, day or night. They should admit that they are fine even though they are injured. They should take the injuries lightly.

The poetess is of the opinion that a player should be strong and sensible. They should not think about their failures of the past but focus on the present game. The true player is one who is never afraid of anything. Irrespective of distractions he should not get disturbed and lose confidence.


In conclusion, a player is an active participant in a game or activity, driven by a variety of motivations. They bring their skills, strategies, and creativity to the game, and they contribute to the overall experience of play. Whether they are competing against others or simply enjoying the game for its own sake, players play a vital role in the world of games.